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  1. They seem pretty good. Bows unlock Close Counter at around C Rank, I believe, which eliminates their main weakness of not having 1 range. With Combat Arts and Class Abilities, they will be able to attack from 6 spaces away, making it very easy to avoid counter attacks.
  2. Thanks for doing all this. And yeah, I saw the stats for some of the gauntlets, and guessed it would be the case for Magic. One small thing, but I always had the AD formula as rounding down. I'm not sure if I mistyped it somewhere or if you misread it, but it doesn't really matter. We know of a few Abilities that use Dex and Luk for activation rates. Is the Magic Hit formula Dex + Luk/2, or (Dex+Luk)/2, and is the crit formula the same? Also, is Crit Avoid just equal to Luk? And one last question, do you know anything about Crest activation rates or whether the ones that increase might are just +5 mt?
  3. Mastery abilities aren't considered Class abilities- they're grouped with the Skill Level abilities (the ones you can equip up to five of).
  4. Yes, they just don't have any classes that specialize in Gauntlets specifically (so no Gauntletfaire). It wouldn't be too hard for F!Byleth to train up Gauntlets, especially since she has a Strength.
  5. Do you know if everybody who can reach an A Support can get a paired ending, or only some of them?
  6. They have Byleth's stats wrong, not Edelgard's. Well, Edelgard's Dex is actually 5 rather than 6, but still.
  7. Linhardt seems to specialize in both Wind and Fire.
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