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  1. There's only one battle and some cutscenes between the beginning of the game and choosing a house, so there wouldn't be much of a point.
  2. This came at a good time, since I just found information that conclusively proves my idea for the Attack Speed formula. It's in this GameInformer video. At 7:02, we can see that Byleth has 6 AS when using an Iron Sword. At 8:13, Byleth levels up and we see that before leveling up her Str was 14 and her Spd was 9 (and this alone proves that the "Con" is dynamic, because she has 2 here opposed to 4 in the King of Beasts footage). During her level up, she gains 1 Str and 1 Spd, and we see later at 9:56 that her AS went up to 8, 2 more than before. By plugging in the numbers, we can see that AS=Speed-(Weapon Weight - Strength/5) works perfectly if you round down. This isn't related to the formula, but we can also see that an Iron Axe has 8 mt, 65 Hit, and 7 wt.
  3. A comment from a reviewer in this video implies that Shamir and Petra can have a support. I assume that others can too. Search "Petra" if you want to find it (it's a reply), but the comment is also kind of spoilery, so be warned.
  4. The stat charts for classes on the Japanese Website don't include Charisma (or Luck). There might be classes that impact it, but it does not seem likely.
  5. I doubt that it's going to be particularly bad. If it was, I'd think that the previews that describe the tea time as creepy would have mentioned this too.
  6. Is there a reason why you chose Mortal Savant over Wyvern Lord? I would say that using a Budding Talent and a strength while gaining a mount would be better and easier than using a strength and a neutral skill and not gaining one.
  7. What's the third? I don't think it's confirmed if Dancer is gender locked, and it seems to be in the unique tier like Noble and Commoner.
  8. She was adopted by House Edmund, so we don't know where her crest is from. The shape is different to Byleth's, so I'm pretty sure that they're just named "Mystery Crest" because they are, well, a mystery. I don't think it means there's a connection or anything.
  9. Unless the Lords get their crests upgraded somehow, it seems that all crest bearers can use them. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Major bearers get bonuses when using their Relic.
  10. I don't think they would have Riding be a requirement (let alone the main requirement) when it's not even one of the proficiencies of the class, especially since 2 of the 3 students with a strength in Heavy Armor have a weakness in Riding. My guess would be C in Lance and A in Axe and Heavy Armor.
  11. They have the strengths and weaknesses on the character pages. You can go to Bernadetta's page by going to Edelgard's profile and selecting the next arrow on the bottom.
  12. I guess that would be a possibility. A patch would be cool, but I'm not going to get my hopes up or anything. One thing I do have a bit of hope for is maybe there being one or two timeskip exclusive men who are same-sex options, and maybe the extras menu only shows the part 1 characters until after the timeskip.
  13. I don't know, it might take a bit of time for a mod to be created, especially considering that Supports are fully voiced and use 3D models. Of course, the mod wouldn't be able to add in voice acting, but I assume that something would have to be done in order to make the Supports load properly. Besides, I wouldn't want to risk anything happening to my Switch (especially since it's not just mine). Thanks for the suggestion though.
  14. Now that we have more information about who's actually an option, I've narrowed it down a little bit. For the Black Eagles, I'll be going with Edelgard, Linhardt, or Petra. For the Blue Lions, I'll romance one of the neutral characters (probably Catherine, Shamir, or Alois). For the Golden Deer, however, I'm debating on whether I want to play as male Byleth or female Byleth. I really want to be able to S Support Claude, but I also feel a little awkward when I play as an avatar that's not my gender. If I do go male, I'll romance either Marianne or Leonie. Of course, this can change a bit depending on post-timeskip designs and supports. I agree. Even if S Supports aren't an option, I really want paired endings to exist for characters other than Byleth. Heck, doing it this way would also allow for platonic paired endings, which would be nice.
  15. It's Byleth's base stats that are wrong. We saw in one of the gameplay videos that Byleth starts with 27 HP, 13 Str, 6 Mag, 9 Dex, 8 Spd, 8 Luk, 6 Def, 6 Res, and 7 Cha.
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