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  1. Maybe you are thinking of a robe? And the dread fighter is something I didn't think about but I see your point it does seem a bit sudden given the more... i guess grounded movement of the classes before it, maybe too ninja like. Also if anyone knows what their back thing is please let me know i have to know.
  2. Something that has seen changes in various games would be the designs of the classes such as the mercenary, lord, myramidon, mage, cleric, etc etc... what do you thing of the looks for classes present in echoes? what are your favs, what do you not like, any thoughts you have on their looks at all! for me I dont have much that i dont like about the design for the classes... exept for the dread fighter. to be honest its that... not sure what it is but the thing on their backs the big ol' mega chakram fire doodad I can see how it would add to them (makes them less bland or somtin like that) but it looks so weird! it really bothers me, but I'm no good at designing. As for a class I do like the design of would be the bow knight, if I have to choose one to talk about its bow knight. not much reasoning but I just find the armor and sleeve really pleasing to look at, doubly on Kliff and his victory animation!
  3. A characters growth rates generally give an idea as to what a character will become as that is the most likely outcome for these characters when they level up correct? Well having random growth rates at all can lead to some interesting character stats. I wanted to make this topic so as to share some of my neat little character stats and hear about interesting levels other people got for their units while they played the game. Me some of them include RES going up on various characters multiple times, cleric faye having the second highest defense in my army, python having not terrible hit rates, and Forsyth becoming rather equal if not better than Lukas.
  4. Well everyone will pick my units for me. put simply lets say three different posts include different classes for one unit then I will roll a dice for who's class to assign to that specific unit so if you want everyone can post a full list of reclasses. the only thing i myself will change is if 99% of my units are becoming one class then I wont select that class for other units in further rolls maybe I'll give 5 to 7 units one class before not using it again not including both armies. one more time ALL classes are available from necrodragons, mogalls, children, brigands, and skellys. just not the boats which last I checked will crash the game or unknown for that matter, also you may, if you want to, pick a specific weapon for that unit to use during the playthrough. also im using the all classes cheat for class selection. Female class vers of a class may be selected separately such as fem cav clive or male mage delthia.
  5. I'd like to try making a randomized playthrough of Shadows of Valentia but there doesn't seem to be a randomization tool for it (not that I could find) so shoot me with what you would like me to make my units (within reason as I'd rather not have an army of only children). Also I'll keep alm as a fighter to hero so that I can break things in dungeons. If you want me to use a specific weapon for a character I can replace one of my items using FESOV Hexeditor so thats also an option (not not all weapons are in the Hexeditors saved data so if I could get a tip for manually replacing items that would be cool as I'd rather not make a thread for fear of necroposting somehow). So after all is said and done I"ll try recording and posting to my youtube if anyone wants to watch, twitch too although I probably might have something go wrong during that. So one last time Give me a post as to what you would like to see and I'll roll a dice for each character and who's post on that characters class. Also I'll take on Thabes with this army and this too will be decided by you on who's going into Thabes
  6. Well last I remember I think I kinda got burnt out after doing a nonstop run and stopped at chapter 16 after one of my units got crit killed by an archer (i think, I know a unit was critted and died it might have been Zihark who i remember being rather good) so i guess I just had some fatigue from going all radiance and trying to use all my units equally instead of choosing to bench a few and focus other which made things harder if I remember correctly. so I guess what happened was I kinda just didn't have the energy or times i would have to try at it again. it has been a while though and I might have some extra time on my hands so I might give it another round from where i left off so that I can finally finish this game (BTW just to be crystal clear I really love this game its just that I might have had too much all at once so yeah).
  7. Hello people of Serenes. I dont know what to say other than my experiance with Fire Embem, so here we go. My first fire emblem was either path of radiance or shadow dragon and radiant dawn shortly after. next i played awakening and sat on the series for a while before i tried playing the snes and gba games (emulation). lastly and most recently i picked up shadows of valentia and fates beat SoV and Birthright and am currently playing Conquest. so thats what i have to offer though i havent beaten any of the snes, gba games, or path of radiance which I cant seem to play for more than 2 or 3 chapters at a time. I look foward to hopefully being a decent enough member of the community.
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