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  1. All of the links I could find are either dead, or a newer patch without the deliciously broken convoy Zeiss.
  2. I've missed 4 94% hits and a 99% by chapter 4. Seems like 1RN but idk I could just be unlucky. I wonder if it's possible that it could be 1RN on hard and 2RN on normal?
  3. I got spoiled by this thread cause the spoiler tags didn't load fast enough. Ah well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. And don't forget you can always turn down the difficulty (but not turn it up) half way through the playthrough.
  5. ...You made that up in your mind. 😛 But it's not too unlikely a scenario. Actually there was someone, Playeressence i think? He said there was lunatic but denied it later iirc.
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