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  1. As the title says, list of 5 reasons why you're least favorite online community is your least favorite. Feel free to go in depth as much as you like. MODEDIT: i am vandalizing this because fuck that noise
  2. Fire Emblem Geneology of The Holy War: 5 Tharcia 776: 8 Binding Blade: 6 Blazing Sword: 6 The Sacred Stones: 5 Path of Radiance: 7 Radiant Dawn: 7 Shadow Dragon: 3 Awakening: 9 Fates Birthright: 8 Fates Conquest: 8 Echoes Shadows of Valentia: 6 Three Houses: 8
  3. Eh, as far as I’m concerned, these two don’t interest me at all. Dragon Quest? Really? And Banjo’s cool and all, but I have zero history with him. So, I guess call me when Phoniex Wright, Nightmare, or Edleguard gets in. I’d say Sora too, but well....
  4. Not to try and sound like an ass here, but what do differing opinions of Awakening's writing have to do with the Church leak again exactly?
  5. If you had to put the main Fire Emblem games, not counting spin-offs, into a tier list, what your tier list look like in your opinion? Re:Born's FE Tier List: All Time Favorite: The Sacred Stones Great: Awakening, Fates, Binding Blade Okay: New Mystery of The Emblem I'm Sorry, But You're Overrated: Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Blazing Blade Not a Big Fan: Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Ouch: Shadow Dragon Not Played Yet, So No Comment: Geneology of The Holy War, Thracia 776
  6. The Tellius duology is overrated. Path of Radiance's story may be fine, but I didn't really care for like half of the cast, and the gameplay of Path of Radiance is honestly kinda weak. And Radiant Dawn's story is much weaker, it's unit balance is the one of the worst in the series, and the maps in part 4 are awful.
  7. For me, the best artstyle is Awakening and Fates's art. It's very dynamic. As far as graphics go, Echoes.
  8. It's been at least 2 years since Fire Emblem Warriors was released. To those that have played it, have your thoughts on the game changed any since then? I personally have the game. I loved it back then, and I still do now. Though, I wish History Mode had some replayablity to it.
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