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  1. Her design is really nive to look at. It makes me laugh that she knows Ann was with her before but with Lorentz it seems like "Oh yeah, he was here too".
  2. @Dorothea Joestar Arnold Ah I see (too bad for the list). I kinda want to see the supposed Setes appear just to see if the leaks are on point or not, but knowing more about the knight's lore would definitely be more interesting.
  3. How do you know that "Setes" will be on Saturday ? Is there a list of upcoming character reveal somewhere ?
  4. I hope it isn't true, I don't want to have wait more than 2 months while avoiding spoilers. But if it is, does this mean that the devs aren't working to improve it anymore ? I don't know how game development works, are games usually not touched upon anymore 2 months before release ?
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