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  1. The major difference between advanced classes and master classes is just that they require more skills to be a high rank to get there. The only thing that would break whether or not this is the case is if the stat caps or stat growths are grossly different. Which we won't know until they're confirmed.
  2. Time to dig around and find out. I thought it was interesting she had highest strength but I figured it fit with her promotions
  3. It's already confirmed you cannot recruit Lord's, Hubert, dedue, or Hilda. They are too loyal/lazy to change houses
  4. OK so after scrapping EVERYTHING and starting over to make it look nice this is what I've got. I plan on making more for the other characters that may or may not be recruitable without any stats filled in and then when I get to them in game I'll just write them in myself. All the students plus byleth so far let me know if I screwed up bad on your favorite character so I can fix it. I can also make this public somewhere later in case you want to edit it yourself. THREE HOUSES SSG.pdf
  5. So I've made a bunch of them now. If anyone wants them I'll post them even if they aren't perfect yet. I'm no graphic designer
  6. This is like a quick idea of what I want without taking the time to make it look nicer. Only thing I'm missing now that I want to be able to see is the strong and weak skills. It's mostly to track stat growths. Also all the info I'm getting is from IGN. As far as I can tell they're the first place to list all the starting info along with what the crests actually do in one spot. https://www.ign.com/wikis/fire-emblem-three-houses/Edelgard#Default_Skills_and_Proficiencies EDLEGARD.pdf
  7. NOBODY STOPPED ME THEY'RE DONE https://imgur.com/gallery/sBipLiD I'm dying waiting for three houses to come out. Decided I'm going to make sheets to print out for when I started playing the game including their bases, portrait, proficiencies, weaknesses, budding talents, personal traits, and crest description. Leaving room for tallys by the base stats so I can get an idea of how lucky I'm getting with the growth rates for each character. And a section at the bottom for extra notes where I can write notes for what their goals are and what classes I want them to get to. And yeah I'm doing this because I'm crazy and plan on using it during the school section heavily as like my teaching portfolio thing. So before I do this I just wanted to ask. Has anyone already done this work for me? If not I'll be posting what I make here.
  8. You weren't going to be wearing the teacher garb for f byleth past level 5 anyways. Only during monestary section and cutscenes.
  9. My thoughts are the school phase will be 12 months. Some paralogues expire around February. Assuming April is the first month then that'll be around 10 months in. I assume towards the end of the school phase things get pretty crazy like the black beasts breaking into walls at what looked to be on school grounds. That's why I believe the school phase will not be three years on top of what Gamespot and the tree house demonstration stated. Feel free to come back and laugh at me if I'm wrong.
  10. Dlc mentioned costumes as one of the things you can buy. I'd assume outfits would be out of combat rather than reskinning over combat costumes. Might make fbyleth playable for the people who really aren't feeling it.
  11. Byleth + class of 8 + 2 students from other houses (possibly more) is 11ish. Is 11 or so students enough for the first half of the game? 12 chapters in I'd guess we will have like 20 units considering permadeath is still a thing and paralogues would have up to 10 units pre time skip. Also I believe that in the February direct they stated that field missions would sometimes be along side the knights of seiros which I believe many of the faculty will consist of.
  12. I think Claude is the best lord. Then for the guys I'd have Rafael, Hubert, and Felix. For the girls it'd be Marianne, Lysithea, Petra, and Bernadetta. I'm going golden deer unless personality can sway me otherwise
  13. I am someone who enjoys playing the game on harder difficulties and when I lose units I live with the consequences. Never hard reset ever and that is how I get my replayability out of all the games. If my avatar or Lord dies I delete the save file and start over. Call me crazy but that's how I enjoy the game. So I require at least 20 units but even that would be rough for how I play. If it's actually smaller than that I'll be very sad. And I likely won't be using Mila's turnwheel if that's going to be added in with a different name. My best case scenario would be you get your customizable starters. You recruit a unit from every class in the game aside from that but they don't become students. So you still get an archer, a cavalier, a priest ECT. It'd be cool if you got different ones based on starting class but I'd be fine with nuetrals that you get in all 3 paths.
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