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  1. I wish there was some newgame+ item that lets you use magic in nonmagic classes. Everyone would be an armored mage, then... Holy knight Dimitri sounds perfect, so I think i'll do that for him. If only there was some kind of male gremory in the game. Dark mage raphael is one big one I wanna try. Either that or regular mage raph. Either way its a very uphill battle. Same for Dedue.
  2. I remember making Ignatz a swordmaster and with the Wo Dao he would just not stop getting crits, so with the killer bow I'd imagine he'd be doing much the same. I wonder how Dimitri would fare as a mage? He's so broken as a physical unit maybe magic is the only way his godlike powers can be controlled.
  3. oooh, I loved armored bows from the DS games! I think in my first playthrough I made cyril an armored bow unit, but I feel like armored bow Claude would be pretty awesome. War master or Fortress Knight Linhardt sounds pretty funny to me.
  4. Hopes: Fire emblem path of radiance remake Mario Odyssey 2 Bethesda fallout or elder scrolls game on switch Animal Crossing New Horizons major update Anything about Project Triangle Strategy Master Chief in smash (alternatively: Jonesy from Fortnite in smash because of the internet's reaction) Master Chief collection on the switch Non-nintendo hope: I really hope Halo infinite will be good.... Predictions: New Fire Emblem Remake Project triangle strategy An announcement of Pokemon direct like a week afterwards Cinderace or Toad in smash Non-nintendo prediction: Halo infinite will look good, but not amazing Fears: Master Chief will never be in smash. We get Edelgard instead Animal Crossing update adds something horrible like microtransactions No triangle strategy at all Non-nintendo fear: Halo infinite will look HORRIBLE
  5. mage hilda and dedue sound fun. I dont really have an idea for Hubert or Edelgard tbh. maybe I could make Hubert a fortress knight?
  6. my favorite lord was definitely Dimitri, but I already went through Blue Lions twice
  7. im thinking of doing Newgame+ hard mode because I wanna have breathing room to do weird stuff with classes
  8. "HERE IS SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN!" -Byleth I don't even like Byleth that much, but that quote is just so cool
  9. I haven't played Three Houses in a WHILE. I got so burnt out on it that I haven't touched it since last summer. But i've been in the mood to play it again, so tell me what route I should do (for clarity, I've done them all)
  10. Thanks for telling me! I added a poll to the topic now!
  11. This is my first time posting a topic to this site, so hopefully I didn't mess anything up I didn't see any topics about this, so I thought I'd make one. My first game was Birthright. I remember hearing about Fates through Corrin's smash reveal, and I thought I'd try the game out. I somehow never knew about Awakening, despite only having a 3DS at the time and being very into Nintendo. I remember downloading birthright and playing it the moment it unlocked at midnight, I played the game nonstop until I beat it. I loved everything about it. My favorite character was by far Azama. I loved how much of a jerk he was. Soon after I bought Conquest and Revelations, and my fate was sealed. I became a Fire Emblem fan! I'd love to hear about your stories with your first Fire Emblem!
  12. How I rank on a 1-10 scale: 1-5 (bad or mediocre) 6-8 (good!) 9-10 (Favorite) FE1: 6/10 I'd rather play Shadow Dragon, but I think it still holds up well. Sacred Stones: 7/10 It's alright, probably the most average game in the series to me. Path of Radiance: 8/10 Top 5 for sure! I loved alot about the game, especially the bonus exp system. I just wish I could play it on something that can emulate Gamecube reliably... Shadow Dragon: 7/10 Very fun! I'd just rather play New Mystery, though. New Mystery of the Emblem: 9/10 Personal favorite in the series. I love the reclassing, and the graphics have grown on my alot. Awakening: 7/10 I thought it got kinda boring after Gangrel, maybe because I was too overpowered at that point... Conquest: 9/10 Most fun maps + most fun gameplay system = the most fun game Birthright: 8/10 Its like Conquest, but a little less. Ryoma is awesome though! Revelations: 6/10 I mean, Fates gameplay is still fun. Echoes: 9.999999/10 The map design is the only bad part about this game other than that it is perfect amazing game. Three Houses: 7/10 It is pretty good! My only complaints are the pretty lame graphics and the reuse of maps.
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