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  1. The thread you linked explains how seeded growth work on lunatic, which I understand. The only new thing I learned from it was that apparently you can reset seeds on a units join chapter, which doesn't seem to work for me? Whatever I had managed to do with my save file in the past caused every branch of fate reload to not only reseed each unit, but to count them as new units which didn't overlap each others log book entries. Ordinarily trying to buy a character from the einherjar shop that you already bought from a branch of fate would overwrite the previous entry unless you started from a new game. So to get two Corrins from a single system in the log book you would need to get to chapter 12, buy Corrin, then restart the whole game from new game as opposed to the branch. I somehow could get every branch reload to make the game think I had restarted the game, and every unit would count as a new entry in the log book, and get new stat growths. I'm not sure if it was a glitch that was patched out or if there is something that needs to be done to get the branch to reset every seed, so I was wondering if anyone had something similar happen to them?
  2. So from what I've seen when it comes to growth rates on lunatic every time you make a new game all character's level up gains are seeded to stop you from save scumming great stats. Now my lunatic branch of fate gives all my characters the same growth, but there was a time when reloading from the branch gave my units a new seed every time on lunatic. I don't mean it would break the lunatic seeded growth rates and just allow me to save scum, but rather it would give each character a new level up seed even if I reloaded from the branch rather than starting over a new game. These new seeded characters even counted as separate log book entries, so I could make a Corrin from the branch save them as a logbook unit and repeat this from the branch to get an easy Corrin army. I can't seem to remember what I did that caused the growth seeds to reset upon loading the branch and was wondering if anyone else had ever encountered this (possibly fixed glitch?) and knows how to replicate it.
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