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  1. First of all, what's th edeal with the "teehee"? Second, how did this silly forum game turn into some kind of let's play?
  2. Well here's my theory. At some point the protagonists will need to open a gate to another world (maybe to rescue Alfonse from another dream), but they can't use Alfonse to do it since their Alfonse is actually Kieran. It will then turn out that Peony has this ability, and in the epilogue she will use it to allow the fairies to visit their original worlds.
  3. Question: Did Sharena ever dispaly the same gate-opening ability as Alfonse does?
  4. I mean, Lysithea's neutral ending doesn't actually claim that she dies.
  5. In fact, CF already feels like a DLC route. Everything from the extra requirements to unlocking it, how radically different it is to the other three fairly uniform routes to its shorter length feels like something you'd expect from a route that was made and sold separately from the base game.
  6. If you want to make any route into DLC then CF is the obvious choice. CF is already the only route that isn't unlocked by default at the start of the game, so it's the only route that could really work. The game already forces you to side against Edelgard if you don't fill the special requirements so making it into dlc wouldn't actually change things. CF is also the only route that I feel would be compelling enough as a separate dlc due to how drasticaly different it is from the other routes. Imagine people getting used to the story beats and characterizations of the existing three routes and then a trailer drops that showcases Byleth siding with the empire, the Church of Seiros as enemies, Dedue transforming into a Demonic Beast, a Dimitri that didn't go berserk, a Rhea who has gone completely bonkers and Bernadetta outside of her room? The hype would go absolutely through the roof. This would not just give more time to the obviously underdeveloped parts of CF, but also free up development time to improve the other routes. I feel SS would have been acceptable as the only BE route before DLC if AM and VW had been more differenitated from it and it had given more focus on the conflict between Byleth and Edelgard.
  7. Yeah, definitely. If you look at the 3H page there are several sections that simply lack articles. Not to mention the complete lack of stuff relating to Abyss.
  8. I don't think the fact that they developed Silver Snow first means that they didn't intend to make CF from the start, just like it doesn't mean they didn't intend to make AM and VW from the start.
  9. I remember when the first trailer came up and people complained that Edelgard was gonna be a clone of Lucina and the white church lady would be the next Emmeryn/Mikoto. Even back then I assumed that those people were full of shit. Lucina didn't spend the first trailer of Awakening ranting about how the Awakening ritual was actually evil, and Emmeryn and Mikoto would never be so nonchalant about people dying all around them. One of my predictions after the February Direct that I'm sad didn't come to pass was that Kostas would be recruitable (what other reason would there be for a beginner bandit boss to appear in two different chapters, and there was a Brigand class in the game so obviously there would have to be a recruitable Brigand).
  10. Several equipped items, like the shield Nader has to protect him from bows, are perfectly stealable.
  11. Several special items are literally unstealable eve nthough they're not weapons. Seteth's Ochain Shield and Felix's Aegis Shield are both examples of this.
  12. So according to the patch notes, the text has been changed in some of the epilogues. Could anyone volunteer to comb through them and try and spot what the differences are?
  13. We're sharing our theories on what the big plot twist will be? Well I've had a certain theory of who the final boss of the dlc side story would be ever since I learned that would take place somewhere beneath Garreg Mach and that it was represented with a picture of a giant wolf. But it got strengthened a lot when we got that screenshot of Alphard saying that the named the Ashen Wolves after "the beast that protects the Blue Sea Star" (the Blue Sea Star being the star that the Goddess is said to have come from).
  14. Actually Dorothea is the illegitimate daughter of an asshole noble who abandoned her.
  15. Whisky dude, you're not supposed to take hp and such literally. Characters taking a sword directly t othe chest and continuing as if nothing happened is meant to be an abstraction for gameplay purposes. Also, the half a doze nunits you see on the map are in most of the games abstractions for much larger fighting forces.
  16. Citation needed Citation needed again. How sure can you be that a dragon can take a direct hit from another dragon's blast? Especially a blast from someone like Kurthnaga, who is the biggest and most powerful dragon around. Mantis shrimps and pistol shrimps can output some ridiculous force, but that doesn't mean that can survive a hit of that same force. Dragon breaths are mostly heat and force, both of which large creatures who breath fire would be naturally resistant towards. Most human characters in Fire Emblem (who don't use magic) will use piercing weapons meant to pierce the targets's skin, blood vessels and organs. These are very different things. A good analogy is how a bear can easily shrug off hits that would kill a human, but if you put a blade in its gut it will die just like a human. A tiny hammer is relatively harmless, but a tiny knife is lethal. Very few characters are ever shown attacking dragons one on one, and those who are will generally have some kind of superpowers through their blood, weapon or outside force. Many legendary weapons are indeed shown as increasing a character's strength, speed and dexterity. Good examples are how Roy's animations changes when he gets the Binding Blade or how the Jugdral holy weapons will straight up buff a character's stats. Once again, citation needed. What makes you think Kurthnaga is able to survive that blast any better than the castle did? And even if his scales were as hard as rock, they are a thin layer over softer flesh while a castle would be solid stone all the way in. Not saying that Ike can't cut through rock, he probably can seeing how he wields Ragnell and gets blessed by Yune later on. But him theoretically being able to kill Kurthnaga doesn't really prove it.
  17. The entire reason Sothis fell asleep to begin with was because she had completely exhausted her energy to revive Fodlan. She should be pretty weak relatively. if nothing else it should be possible for a regular human to kill her because a regular human did kill her, unless Nemesis used some kind of special trick. Something I haven't seen mentioned is that Three Houses has a way higher baseline than most other games in that literal superpowers is common in much of the upper class. Dimitri's crest is the most notable when it comes to pure force alone, but there's a lot of crests that can give you superior strength, speed, durability and magic ability. Being famed in such a setting is way more notable than being famed in a setting with more normal humans. If Ike went up against Edelgard or Dimitri he owuld likely be way more skilled than they are, but he would be heavily outclassed in pure strength (except when souped up by Yune). In general, a lot of the arguments here are just baffling. Robin surprise stabbed Chrom with a knife once which means Robin is somehow "stronger" than him. If a lord's army can defeat a certain boss it's treated as if that lord can defeat said boss in 1on1 combat. And then there's all the arguments to the effect of "this dragon can destroy buildings by breathing fire on them and if this guy sticks a sword into the dragon it dies which means this guy is "strong" enough to singlehandedly destroy buildings somehow" What?
  18. Currently the icon used for Three Houses on the main page is just a Switch icon. All the other games have their resident main weapons as their icons instead. I understand why this isn't the case for Three Houses since there aren't any real weapon sprites, but maybe you could use the Crest of Flames instead?
  19. The Church Grim is a being from English and Scanidnavian folklore that was created by burying an animal, like a goat or a dog, under the foundation of the new church you're building. it was believed that whoever was the first to be buried in a church would have to guard it, so in order to not force that duty on a human you would sacrifice an animal and bury it first. The Church Grim would then protect he church at night from various human and demonic intruders, and there's also stories of it chasing the spirits of wicked people out of their graves, forcing them to fly around in the air as ravens until morning when the Grim goes to rest. What I've found so fascinating about The Church Grim is that despite being a terrifying pitch-black revenant of a sacrificed animal that will likely kill you without mercy if you trespass on its territory it's technically a holy guardian that protects the local church from evil.
  20. Jeritza joins automatically on CF (he even joins with extra levels if you already have an ongoing CF save from before the update). He has supports with Byleth and Mercedes but noone else.
  21. So with the recent update it seems that Mercedes and Jeritza's dad planned to kill his wife, marry Mercedes use her to breed more crest babies. I think that puts him in the running for the worst parent yet.
  22. I think one of the biggest problems is that dragons simply get repetitive after a while. There are so many different kinds of monsters to use for your big boss yet IS keeps going for dragons time after time. This gets even worse due to how practically every other fantasy setting also overuses dragons way too much. They have gotten better at diversifying their dragon designs, but there's no reason they should need to stick to tha creature tempalte to begin with. Look at the Demonic Beasts in 3H for a taste of what Fire Emblem monster bosses can look like, and even that game only scratched the surface.
  23. Crimson Flower is honestly the only route where a sequel really makes sense. The recent Jeritza stuff hints that they won't be doing that though.
  24. Flayn dresses as Seiros. Rhea dresses as Cethleann. Seteth dresses as Macuil or Indech. Ashe and Ingrid dress as their favorite chivalric heroes. They're the only ones to recognize each others costumes. Edelgard dresses as Nemesis. Ferdinand and Edelgard end up having the exact same costumes, but Ferdinand put way more effort into it. Bernadetta is a carnivorous plant. This just happens to mean wearing a big green hood so she can't make eye contact with anyone. Marianne is a beast because she thinks that's what she should be 😞 Leonie is Jeralt. Dorothea and Manuela are both famous opera roles, though Manuela kinda half-assed it. Dimitri goes as Loog, but failed to make Felix go as Kyphon. But it's okay because Dedue can be Kyphon instead. Byleth dresses as Sothis. Nobody seems to know who they're supposed to be, and Rhea, Seteth and Flayn especially seem to give some weird looks.
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