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  1. Item was sold on Ebay since i got it working on there the other day, sorry to dissapoint but i dont know if i can delete this post
  2. Ive been thinking of selling my Good Smile Cordelia figure for a while now. Ive tried putting it up on Ebay in the past but it always ends with me not knowing how to work things out. Because of this i feel my options are few and i was hoping this would be a way to make this situation easier. The figure isnt in the best condition sadly since ive had to glue back one of hair feathers in her hair and cover glue marks with red paint used for figures, other than that its as it should look. Because of the fixing i had to do, i´ll be selling it for cheaper than usual. So if you´re intrested, send me a message ^-^ This post was asked about and accepted to be posted by a moderator named Eclipse
  3. Grandmaster is the obvious choice with access to both Swords and Tomes, great skills and the awesome look, so im going with the second favourite instead. Everything about Hero in Awakening just appeals to me. The design, Sword and Axe combo plus the skills are all great, that´s all i can say. Runner up is Sorcerer as third
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