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  1. pfp probably makes it pretty obvious. I'm not too sure who I'll go with on Blue Lions, and I kind of need to decide soon since I'm well into the final third of that route. I like the Blue Lions gals but not as much as any of the gals I had with the Eagles. Ingrid maybe? For Deer, whenever I play a male for that one, I'll likely do Leonie or Hilda. But I made my first Deer run a female to change things up and I think I'll just put that Byleth with Claude.
  2. Edelgard was mine, and I didn't regret it. Had a blast with that first run.
  3. I think you want to use seals to unlock new class asap for the little stat boost you get from unlocking a class. That said I also think you want to stay in a class until you unlock its mastery skill. So unlock asap but dont necessarily USE asap.
  4. I'm guessing its a New Game+ feature or something. The map looks VERY EARLY GAME and they are all Level 1 Nobles/Commoners. Yet those are for sure the timeskip models and outfits, yet not the timeskip portraits. If so that's a REALLY COOL FEATURE and I wonder how far it extends. However it is super funny to me that he probably wasn't supposed to show this off.
  5. attractiveness Dictionary: The quality of being attractive or engaging. The state of being attractive or engaging. The result of being attractive. sexualization Dictionary: to render sexual; endow with sexual characteristics. The difference One is found, the other is made. You don't have to be sexualized to be attractive. You don't have to be attractive to be sexualized.
  6. Haven't a lot of people done the math to suggest that attaining a C is pretty easy, but getting anything higher than a C is significantly more difficult?
  7. In this spanish preview we see not only the portrait and class of who I PRESUME to be Sylvain's brother, but also what the Gautier Hero Relic looks like. It is VERY easy to miss, but I took the best screenshot I could.
  8. Aye. At worst he's a bit too focused on how -HE- can help her without fully considering Bernadetta's side, but he is actually trying to help her for her sake - at least it seems that way. For all his hamminess and cockiness, he doesn't seem like a disingenuous dude.
  9. Yeah wasn't trying to downplay the shock, it kind of just occurred to me is all. Crest of Gloucester could be supportive like that. Others seem to give effects to the user, adding damage or lifesteal (Fraldarius and Flames), boosts to Healing (Mercedes' iirc). Other have been procc'd on screen and done neither so I wonder what those ones do.
  10. While I'm not going to say for certain that what we've seen AREN'T all the classes save uniques for the lords, do keep in mind that the class reel we saw was STILL pre-timeskip, and we did see characters hitting Advanced while in the student phase. There could be another tier, or other additional classes like Dancer. It isn't probable, but it is possible.
  11. ...What if that's what Lorenz's crest does. X% chance of adding 5 damage to anyone targeting an enemy Lorenz is in range of.
  12. At least dismounting is always an option. I think they recognized how op mobility is and instead of trying to worry about balancing it fully they decided to make more mounted classes with dismounting available for aesthetics. A dismounted Bow Knight, for example, is basically a Halberdier.
  13. The customization, the world building, the semi-raid boss like battles vs the beast enemies, and story potential.
  14. We can see Flayn as a Noble/Commoner for the Black Eagles as well. I think we saw her in a cutscene with the Deer, too. I'd wager she's always playable - just joins a touch later.
  15. Shade from Tellius basically lowers enemy priority. They may still target you, but they are more likely to target others provided they are nearby. I wonder how similar Stealth Steps will be to that, or how different.
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