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  1. Another contradiction! I do like the sound of 'zerker azura more than paladin Shigure... Dark Knight Xander it is! This still leaves 3 slots open.
  2. Thank you all so much! Only slots 12 through 14 are left. (sky knight soleil and berserker selena aren't compatible, i'm afraid.) I'm already looking forward to Big Bird's Jolly Romp.
  3. Apothecary -> Merchant Beruka, starting skills Life and Death + Locktouch. Give her a Seraph Robe and a Goddess Icon. I'd love to hear how life and death plays with spendthrift.
  4. Hey, I'm looking to broaden my tryhard horizons. I'm looking for some Goof Emblem. - I'm gonna need a Corrin + 14 other units. Any unit obtained before chapter 17 (capturable, child unit, etc) is fair game. (If you pick Corrin, you're gonna have to pick their name as well) - Nothing within the base class. The more unorthodox, the better! Friendship seals, partner seals, throw in a ballistician if you must, just keep it unusual. - No physical units in a magic-based class. Magical units in a physical class are ok, as long as they have access to a magic weapon (shining bow, levin sword, etc). - If you give me a royal, it better be extremely funny. "14! Wow. A veritable smorgasbord of options." - Pleased Anonymous Forum User This should go without saying, but the results will be fully reported for your entertainment. Thank you, and have a blessed day. Corrin: Big Bird - Great Master through talent, picked by Sooks Malig Elise through heart seal, picked by Goddess Serra Berserker Selena, thru S rank Keaton, picked by Eltosian Kadath Master of Arms Ophelia, picked by Maof06 (I adore this pick) Adventurer Camilla, thru S rank Niles, picked by Deskita (very curious) Priestess Nina, thru S rank with Big Bird, picked by Shadow Mir Sniper Effie thru A+ with Mozu, picked by Josh 776 (a classic, this is turning into bow emblem already) Master Ninja Silas thru A+ with Kaze, picked by Dayni Lodestar Laslow, picked by JAZ_2002 Berserker Azura, thru S rank Arthur, picked by starburst Mechanist Anna, picked again by starburst (looking forward to this one) Dark Knight Xander thru A+ Leo, picked by Eclipse (open) (open) (open)
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