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  1. Hello everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post, but I'm making a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set about 20 years after the events of Fire Emblem Fates, and a part of the campaign that I've just introduced is remaining Faceless, causing destruction after Iago's defeat. I'm not too good at creating homebrew for this game, so I was wondering if any of y'all down here had a stat block for Faceless that I could use in the campaign. I should probably also mention that they're up against a 4th level party.
  2. Hey all, not sure if this is the best place to post it but it's been stuck in my head. I was thinking back to the pre-reveal era of Three Houses speculation, in which there were tons of "leaks" that were actually just made up stuff for attention. I specifically remember one on the GameFAQs forums that declared that the Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch would have a gothic aesthetic, a customizable Lord named Dracul, 2 different factions, and a bunch of new classes like "Knight-Errant" and "Impaler". Anyways, its kinda crazy in hindsight, given Three Houses' darker tone, but I wonder what kind of game would come of it if IS committed to a Gothic Fire Emblem like the one leaked.
  3. Yes @Dragoncat thank you so much
  4. Hey, does anyone have a higher definition version of the map from the section covering the 8 legends? I need it for a project of my own, thanks all.
  5. Hi everyone, I've set up a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign set in Elibe before and during the Scouring, following the 8 Legends as the player characters. I was wondering if any of you here had an HD map of Elibe, to make the worldbuilding a bit easier. Thanks everyone, I'm sorry if this violates board rules, I'm just looking anywhere for help with this.
  6. The Demo for Valkyria Chronicles 4 from last year really got me, I guess.
  7. While the game's story could work without Byleth, half of the mechanics still require a player to control, i.e. the monastery and teaching sections. Still, these are really cool story change ideas.
  8. As of today, 2/12/2020, it has been 161 days since the last Nintendo Direct presentation in September of last year, and Nintendo's fanbase is in a furious state. How do you all feel about this great "Nintendrought"? Are you among those sending angry tweets begging for Directs, or are you content with the current drip of news.
  9. I'd totally get any Persona Port for the Switch, along with SMT remakes.
  10. Alrighty: Justinian, Crest: Daphnel (minor) Father: Dedue Mother: Ingrid Strengths: Heavy Armor, Cavalry, Lances Weaknesses: Flying, Reason Hidden Talent: Authority Personal Skill: Bunker; Justinian passively boosts adjacent units defence.
  11. For low magic units my loadout is: Main class weapon (Steel/Silver) Same weapon type but Iron/Special/Relic type Different weapon for another class (Iron) Healing Item Support Item/Shield For mages my loadout is: Potion Stave equipped Relic Weapon (if applicable) Basic weapon (bow/sword)
  12. Marianne, because if you don't... And that's not a fate I would wish upon best girl.
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