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  1. I don't know much about the discord, but this forum is pretty frequently used.
  2. Yeah, it wasn't mentioned, though I may do more in-depth polls, focused on specific types of songs, like Lord Themes, Map Themes, Battle Themes, Cutscene Themes, etc.
  3. True, by all extents of the word Lorenz cut his own hair in White Clouds, which is why it looks like a joke.
  4. It's now time to poll the full forum on what your favorite music from Three Houses is! I've included separate polls for the Final Map themes, because it's quite variable on which is preferred by you all, so I've included them as separate polls! The songs are as follows: The Edge of Dawn: The Game's main theme, used in the opening movie, as well as several pivotal story moments. Blue Skies and a Battle / Between Heaven and Earth : Chapter 7 (Battle of the Eagle and Lion) / Chapter 17 (Blood of the Eagle and Lion) Map themes As Fierce as Fire: Post-Timeskip preparation theme Chasing Daybreak: Early Post-Timeskip battle theme The King of Lions: Dimitri's theme The Leader's Path: Edelgard's theme Dwellings of the Ancient Gods: Chapters 2, 6, 11 (Holy Tomb) battle theme Shambhala (Area 17 Redux): Verdant Wind chapter 21 (TWSITD Battle theme) Tempest of Seasons: Default Paralogue theme Tearing Through Heaven: Chapters 8, 9, 10 Battle themes (TWSITD, pre-timeskip) Awakening: The cutscene in which Unfulfilled: Battle theme against the unchosen Lords Roar of Dominion: Chapter 12 (Garreg Mach Invasion) Battle theme Scales of the Goddess: Post-Timeskip Monastery theme Any of Annette's songs: The little songs that Annette sings in Supports with Felix, Petra, and others Final Battle themes: Sorry about the long post, but I hope you enjoy the poll!
  5. Alright! Thanks for your feedback, everyone, I'll get started on that poll now!
  6. Wait.. where's the debate coming from about Byleth's age? Depending on the chosen birthday, their age is 20-22 pre-timeskip, and 25-27 post timeskip. Unless the timeskip was draconic hibernation for Byleth, keeping them at 21-22
  7. Another quick Q. What even are the lyrics to God-Shattering Star? I know that you were able to make some clever translation with Id: Purpose, have y'all worked your magic there yet?
  8. I liked Seteth & Manuela's support though, but Rhea was robbed of support potential
  9. @Edelgard1902, Does that bode ill for the other 3 paths? I've only done Blue Lions at this point.
  10. Hello everyone, I'd like to know what you all think the best music in Three Houses is (maybe setup for a poll later?)
  11. Maybe a ship with a fellow noble, like Ferdie?
  12. Ch 16, only if you cleared his paralogue. Good, thanks, I haven't missed a paralogue, so he should be back soon!
  13. Which chapter in Blue Lions does Dedue come back? I miss my man.
  14. If I recall correctly, his main change is after but his personality doesn't go back to his pre-timeskip outlook.
  15. I can help fill in any blanks from the BL route, if you need any of those, I have most of Annette's supports. How should I attach the transcripts?
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