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  1. As of today, 2/12/2020, it has been 161 days since the last Nintendo Direct presentation in September of last year, and Nintendo's fanbase is in a furious state. How do you all feel about this great "Nintendrought"? Are you among those sending angry tweets begging for Directs, or are you content with the current drip of news.
  2. I'd totally get any Persona Port for the Switch, along with SMT remakes.
  3. Alrighty: Justinian, Crest: Daphnel (minor) Father: Dedue Mother: Ingrid Strengths: Heavy Armor, Cavalry, Lances Weaknesses: Flying, Reason Hidden Talent: Authority Personal Skill: Bunker; Justinian passively boosts adjacent units defence.
  4. For low magic units my loadout is: Main class weapon (Steel/Silver) Same weapon type but Iron/Special/Relic type Different weapon for another class (Iron) Healing Item Support Item/Shield For mages my loadout is: Potion Stave equipped Relic Weapon (if applicable) Basic weapon (bow/sword)
  5. Marianne, because if you don't... And that's not a fate I would wish upon best girl.
  6. Hello, I'm BoatCat, I'm an aspiring voice actor, and I've played Fire Emblems 7, 13, 14, 15, and 16. I hope to help out in the Serenes Community as things develop in the series.
  7. While I haven't played the Jugdral or Tellius games, Three Houses is honestly the best Fire Emblem out of the ones that I've played
  8. I've seen Golden Deer Shirts on display at my local store, but they haven't had them on sale. I'm totally checking again though.
  9. I have a feeling that you'll love where the story goes from here, it's really an excellent narrative.
  10. more disappointed than offended, Ignatz seems like a chill guy.
  11. If Rhea did plan to replace Byleth with Sothis, that would certainly put her in a more evil light.
  12. Sorry 1st Mate, I could only put in 5 questions for this poll. I may make another poll later with those included.
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