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  1. Yeah what’s up with that? I saw chapters 69-73 on Mangakalot and yet there were no updates on the Serene’s Forest thread for the manga beyond Chp 68. Is this a different translation team
  2. If they were to make an fe4 remake, I wouldn't mind having ambiguity when it comes to pairings or ages/timelines. I only wish they would add more character interactions, more specifically with the Gen 2 child units and Oifey/Shannan. I feel like these latter 2 really got shafted because of Gen 2 Lewyn.
  3. The ages from what I've seen from Kaga's dream notes for the Gen 2 children units were: Altena was around 20, Ares is18, Ced/Seliph/Lene are 17, Julia/Larcei/Ulster/Diarmuid/Arthur/Faval/Lester are 16, Julius/Leif are 15 Lana/Nanna/Fee/Patty are 14, Tinny is 13 AND CAIPRE IS 10. SELIPH HAD A 10 YEAR OLD IN HIS ARMY
  4. But one thing that confuses me is how Arthur is only 1 year older than Tinny. I thought in game he said that she was baby sister which would imply she's much younger. I guess it's because Kaga never truly specified the ages of any characters due to how conflicting it might get with the time skip which was about 15 years not counting how much time goes by in each chapter of the game.
  5. Never thought I would see the day Ares was clowning around especially with that scene where he was stretching Diarmuid's face. Or the fact that they touched upon how Tinny was an actual general. Also which chapter covers the fact that after Lisa dies, Ishtore is captured rather than killed?
  6. I'm very glad the translator for the Fe4 novels is also working for the manga translation now too. Good luck lads! Btw this image of Ishtor morning Lisa is right after the cliffhanger in Chp 66 correct?
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