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  1. eh I'll try but it's going to be terribly broken. Passive A(?) Brave Bow Mastery (Unit Exclusive) - If unit is equipped with a Brave Bow(+), reduces the status penalty to -2 SPD Passive B(?) Brave Bow Synchronize 3 (Unit Exclusive) -Allows unit to make a follow-up attack even in enemy phase while equipped with a Brave Bow(+)
  2. hoodie fighters? now how about hoodie pretty much all generic enemy eks dee eks dee
  3. Like the title said, is there a way where the anima rank won't mess up the melee animation of a character? I want to make a class with sword + anima (with custom animations that came from other artists or other fe romhacks) if possible.
  4. i love them so much no homo to the boys. [edit: if you see any other things, you're imagining it.]
  5. Well seems like I'm not the only one having this issue Anyways, so far I'm having fun with the patch you made. Everything just looks pleasing and fresh like Kyle as a Champion or Ephraim as an unmounted Great Lord. But I had a sick and twisted idea of making a version of the patch where I edit enemy units randomly from level,stats, class or their weapons but not their positions. A simple Lvl. 5 Halberdier can literally kill a Great Lord Ephraim and Baguette being a really meaty boy and the only one who can defeat him is Eirika with a rapier or other units with an armorslayer. But I'm not too sadistic to myself. I also buffed playable units.
  6. I'm interested. Might give it a try when I have the freedom.
  7. "Corrin, you're gay." -Rinkah
  8. i came here to look for some romhacks or any in progress projects.
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