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  1. It's interesting that all of the crests "long lost to history" are about to have Major holders just pop up out of the blue, haha. It also begs the question of whether their ancestors are going to be "saints" or "elites", or something else completely.
  2. I strongly preferred the original Serenes interpretation of Nightcrawlers. At least that sounds like an actual name for an organized group.
  3. - In trying to recruit students, raising their support via a month’s temporary aid, dining and tea time is basically a waste of time efficiency. It’s way easier to just buy their love with their cheapest preferred gifts from the southern and eastern merchants, and with lost items and flowers, getting them up to C and B is a cake-walk that doesn’t consume activity points. - The RNG for class certification exams resets every week, so with a little save-scumming you can get into even Master Classes with 30-50% pass rate in only just a few tries. Didn’t ever take me more than 2-3 weeks to roll a pass.
  4. Healing has a pre-determined trigger, and it tells you if you X-button over the adjutant when they're equipped. If the lead unit falls below 50% hp, the heal will activate at the beginning of the next turn. Attack and Guard it doesn't specify anything. But tbh, I don't think I ever had anyone in an armored glass, so Guard was never an option for me to equip. And for the most part I've been killing enemies efficiently enough that I don't think there's been many opportunities for the Attack ones to trigger...
  5. Yeah, I also learned during this event that Golden and Platinum Fish can spawn any time as well, not just during the specific Golden Fish event. By waiting for the "golden fish" icon as much as I could, I not only launched my professor level, I raked in a lot of extra cash as well!
  6. Haha, I was going crazy for a minute cause every article or site always mentions gauntlets don’t work on mounted units, but I haven’t seen anywhere report that an infantry magic class can’t equip them. And traditional magic units probably wouldn’t have a use for them, but considering Byleth has an aptitude for brawling and a boon for faith, you’d think utilizing those together throughout his class progression would be doable.
  7. Are gauntlets locked out of all mage classes? I knew mounted units were locked out, but when I swap my Byleth into the Monk class he can no longer equip gauntlets at all.
  8. Ah, I see. If anything, I would have figured one of the leakers / early players would be able to confirm that or not by now. By the way, a little off topic but I've been a lurker at this site for over ten years, and this is the first time I've closely followed a build up to release of a Fire Emblem. Just want to say that your coverage of every detail to come out over the last few months was absolutely beast mode! It definitely made the wait a lot of fun, for me at least. Really appreciate the effort you put in.
  9. Do we know yet if each character has a unique learnset for each Skill, or whether it's just magic spells which are unique per character? Like, I had assumed the Prowess abilities all grew the same for everyone, but I can't recall ever seeing it spelled out whether all the Ability and Combat Art gains are exactly the same or different per character.
  10. Oh yeah, I forgot we already had a look at the statues, haha. But yeah, considering you're going to put a regular weapon on most mages anyway, I'm sure there's plenty of good ways for us to mash up a magic-sword like that.
  11. But a relic sword with a powerful reason spell would jive pretty well with a Mortal Savant, no? Maybe Macuil was even the historical archetype for that class.
  12. I had already theorized the post-timeskip outfits would replace the default school uniforms in the Commoner / Noble classes, and this convinces me even more that that's the case. Or is it possible that each student will get a Unique Tier class after the time skip, and that unlocked classes carry over to NG+?
  13. Did it seem to anyone else like Nemesis wasn't going all out against Seiros? Like that opening move with the whip-sword seemed as if it just whiffed intentionally. What if Nemesis is actually Seiros' father? (and she may or may not know that) Which could mean that Byleth and Rhea are also related, maybe distantly.
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