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  1. I wonder what sort of impressions I give out with Clint Eastwood up there...
  2. I work as a Draftsmen for a Government Contractor. I have my own office and get paid a hell of alot for my age and experience. It is the best job ever.
  3. Hanz

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Seth or Percival myself...
  4. I have to agree. It just seemed to lack the spark of previous games. Didn't exactly get any better in 10, which is why I have such a hard time getting into it.
  5. Hanz

    Desktop thread

    I made one of these on the old forums, so I will do it again here. Here is mine. I am a Bond fan so...
  6. I love Paladins myself...and I also have an obsession with Peg Knights.
  7. Played all of them, completed all but 10. I just can't seem to get into it.
  8. He killed Leila. I didn't even like Matthew up to that point, but that just seriously pissed me off.
  9. I usually go out of my way to kill Jaffar. Does that count?
  10. 7 for me and I just branched off from there. Seems like that is how most people got their start.
  11. I like Eirika, and it has nothing to do with stats or anything. I usually don't let gameplay mechanics get in the way of who I like and don't like anyway.
  12. Well, glad someone remembered. And I just realised I am member number 42...that is awesome.
  13. I seen the second National Treasure a few days ago...but I didn't like how he had to explain everything. Seemed like he was dumbing it down or else it would go over everyone's heads.
  14. I had posted on the old forums before they went MIA, and have been wondering when these would be back up. So...hi there. Now I am running late for work so I will be off.
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