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  1. 6 no contest - ambush reinforcments - majority of the cast is useless - stupidly gigantic maps begging to be warp skipped (and unlike fe4, it doesn't do anything interesting with them) - terrible music - most of the characters are bland and the plot just rehashes parts from 1 and 3. - removed all the cool features from 5 (fatigue, dismounting, non seize objectives, etc) - Roy is the worst lord in the series - extremely annoying low hit rates - bizarre promotion item availability (by chapter 12, you have THREE whips despite only having two who can use it at that point, but only 1 knight crest and guiding ring despite having plenty who need it) - presentation wise, it looks like an unfinished beta compared to the later GBA games all of this just creates an exercise in tedium and frustration.
  2. Part 2 is finally done. Sorry I took so long, i was just extremely lazy. Unless I made a mistake somewhere, the grand total should be 71,357G. That's enough for two white gems.
  3. I know most people avoid going through nomad hell on hard mode for good reason, but Kel seems like he'd be a lot more intimidating than Henning. he has an absolutely ridiculous 88 avoid, 29 atk and 43 crit. Melee is not really an option since anyone strong enough to survive can't touch him, and anyone who can hit him has a high risk of being doubled and critted to death. Fortunately, the light sword sucks at range in this game, but you will still have to rely on coin flip hits from nomads & mages. I guess if you're really desperate you can make him was his sword as it only has 25 uses and he will double pretty much everyone.
  4. My preferred names are the second ones I listed which are my own uneducated interpretations of the kana lol. Those 3 official names are pretty bad though. I won't go into Ced since everyone else already has, but Osian is a bizarre reading, and Raydrik reads like Engrish, so does Asbel. I've never seen Callion used as a name, is it a real one? (sounds like just wanting to understandably avoid carrion), though I have seen Carleon before (specifically in the English version of Langrisser 1 (Warsong). Though that's one where the stupid translators changed the names for no reason, so take with a grain of salt) which is where I got that idea from. Pan is correct though, wiki said Pahn was what was currently being used so my mistake. But it's no big deal, I can hold my nose and bear it.
  5. No, I'm not asking for idiocy like Yurius lol, just little things like Asbel instead of Asvel, Osian instead of Orsin, Callion instead of Carleon, Pahn instead of Pan, Raydrik instead of Reidric, Augustus instead of August, and CED annoy me a bit (have no idea how many of those are official, but those are notable ones). Just wish fan translations wouldn't be so slavishly devoted to the translations of people who didn't even work on the original game. Improvised stuff like Safie is pretty nice (much better than whatever Safiya was lol).
  6. Interesting, that sounds exactly like what I was looking for. Too bad I just finished the game untranslated lol. How purist are we talking about here? Just vanilla with text? Are we still using the slot machine names? (I can live with it, but eh). Are the villages properly translated without fanfic inserted from the original PE patch?
  7. It doesn't. I am forced to do it because of the tutorial. normally Dorcas would crit the bandit nearby, however as I skipped that, I need to attack something or the game will softlock, and I also need to get a unit up to the top corner to perform enemy control before time runs out, so the wall is the best target.
  8. that same game also changed Kamui to Corrin and Leon to Leo to avoid duplicates so it's best not to prescribe any logic to their translations, they certainty didn't lol. it's not really Caesar though. The kana for Caesar is シーザー (Shiizaa). This guy is called シーザズ (Shiizazu).
  9. Yeah it's TAS, though unoptimised. All of this is possible in real time, I just TASed it so the video isn't an hour long. I believe glitchless would reach somewhere in the 50,000G range. though half of the fun is the glitches imo. might be faster though. And yeah, the money cap is 999,999. You can get there by grinding the arena forever and I don't think that would be very interesting to see. the game would record 999,999 even if you have more assets anyway.
  10. There's Allen & Lance, though their large movement differences would make it annoying to keep them together with Roy.
  11. Have you ever wondered what the maximum possible asset score (gold + weapon value) for Lyn mode is? No? Well I did. (Hint: It's more than double the S rank fund requirement). Most FEs have arenas where you can grind for money, however as Lyn mode does not, the max possible money is finite. Lyn mode also has a lot of unique quirks that makes maximising value an interesting challenge. If you're interested in a run where Dorcas is one of the most useful units, this is for you. I made a demonstration run for this challenge. do note that I am making heavy use of glitches. Part 1 video below (up to ch7), part 2 should be out when I bother to fix a mistake I made at one point.
  12. Accuracy is not even a big deal. unlike axes, magic has good hit rate (fire is tied for most accurate weapon in the game), she has a super fast roy support (+5 hit each level) and you get a secret book that no one else really needs in her join chapter. and the most of the enemies she is attacking during the grinding phase are slow fighters weighed down by steel axes. and you don't need to double if you can one shot 😉 . there is absolutely no way lilina reaches A rank staff lol.
  13. He never talks about FE on his blog and Nintendo has pretty much unpersoned him. He's probably worried about potential legal troubles.
  14. I don't understand, is this just raising everyone to max stats? that's going to take a lot of RNG abuse lol. Kind of arbitrary including MOV but not CON as well though, if you're going to do it, might as well go all the way with it. and the JP version of FE8 sells stat boosters (no boots, body rings or talismans (talismen?) though) in the secret shop so, in addition to better growths and small cast, doing this kind of challenge there might actually be feasible. (although there's only 2 arenas per route so you might have to do skirmishes.)
  15. huh, you're right, never realised how few chapters he gets. Probably because there's a lot of combat in those last chapters and a lot fewer seize chapters you have to drag him through beforehand. Though his growths are almost the same as Roy's. Just +5% Str, Def, Res and -15% luck. He seems like he was designed to fill a similar role.
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