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  1. The difference with hector hard mode is that it is unlocked after you complete the game. so naturally, you would already know how the game works and what to expect. And they actually changed things around instead of just buffing stats and weapons by vague amounts. I just played the first chapter of H2 & H3 and honestly I could barely tell the difference. the only one i noticed was gordon is doubled now.
  2. I usually just turn them off, but if I'm going to listen to bad voice acting, I'd rather listen to it in a language I can't understand.
  3. All it says is more stars means stronger foes along with vague names for the difficulty levels. How is someone supposed to know which difficulty is suitable without going through chapter 1 five times? And every other game at least gives you a good idea who it's for. Even FE10 where the idiot translates messed up the difficulty names still tells you that Easy(U) is for new players and Normal(U) is for people who know their way around the game. They really should've just cut down the difficulties to Normal, H2/3 & H5. Though they really should've done a lot of things with this game, but lets not get into that.
  4. Now I'm wondering why none of this is explained in game, and why they even bothered with H2-H4. Does anyone ever play those? Though dumb decisions is the standard for this game it seems.
  5. I know that enemies have higher stats and better weapons the higher you go, but is there a detailed breakdown anywhere of the specific differences between each mode?
  6. Tried a small edit (just changed Roy to Marth) and it seemed to work now. Maybe the problem was I exported all the text, edited in notepad, and imported it back. Perhaps it broke something during the import. I don't know, I'm not going to bother changing anything now it's causing too much headaches lol.
  7. Tried it on the latest version, same error. Something definitely breaks if you change strings.There's also a lot of text in place of unused classes and items like female mercenaries and the watch staff. Perhaps it's because of all the junk data FEditor added as was mentioned before. Also, is there a changelog anywhere? Or are the only changes just names?
  8. I did some changes but whenever a magic user levels up with animations on the game either softlocks when level up is supposed to appear, or shows a weird stat screen. I guess I'll just hold my nose and bear it with the untouched patch. At least none of the names are Caeda level bad (well Gwendolyn is but that's not in the patch yet thankfully, and Raigh & Shanna are pretty stupid but whatever). And the base game is untouched unlike a certain other "translation" patch.
  9. One question, I don't like some of the names and was planning to change them using FEBuilder. Is this ok or will it break something later on the game? I tested the first level and it seemed fine (though I used an older version of the patch from ~2017, and it seems character and story text are stored separately so that's going to be a pain.)
  10. Chrom Lissa Frederick Robin Cordelia Lucina Corrin Ryoma Hinoka Takumi Sakura Xander Camilla Leo Elise Marth Caeda Tiki Anna Celica Lyn Azura Oboro Niles Navarre Minerva Linde Owain Tharja Olivia
  11. The game treats it as it's own chapter, it's got it's own story card, and turns are counted for it in the epilogue. It's the first map you play in that game and you have to slog through it every time you want to play the prologue from a new game.
  12. I added a question for which one is the worst, as a lot of those simple ones obviously won't get votes in the best of poll lol.
  13. Which first map do you think is the best? Which is the worst? you can vote for any version of the chapter (so each version of Marth embarks is valid for example). My thoughts on each if you care to read them:
  14. thankfully, you can turn off those annoying grunts by going to the options menu and setting story voices to off.
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