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  1. well I finished it. chapter 26 was as tedious as I thought it would be. I thought the spy shuriken was in the mage room but the game decides to troll you and put it in the monster room instead, where it would've been extremely useful. fantastic weapon when you get it though, and with replikaze you get two of them. such a shame they give it to you so late. took about 24 turns 27 was much better than i remembered it, mostly because this time wolfie was fast enough to 2hko the spearmen with a spd tonic. If everyone gets warped to a suitable room this goes by quite smoothly. took me a refreshing 6 turns. completely idiotic that you can't save after this chapter though. endgame took a lot of turns (about 18 i think?) but did not feel tedious for some reason, even when getting debuffed into the ground. probably because everyone gets to contribute a lot more, since theres not alot of enemies, the monsters are weak, and I splurged on silvers and staves (I probably should've bought more for earlier chapters). I'm not sure how you're supposed to do it if you don't have any staves though. if you're quick about removing the maids it's not so bad. so yeah, I can see why it took me a few years to come back after going through hard the first time. not coming back to this for a while lol.
  2. I personally hate the forge system and wish it would go away forever. devalues normal weapons for no reason. pretty much almost never use it on principle. Ironically, the only forge system I don't mind is FE14, which everyone else seems to hate lol. Stats boosts are low enough where it doesn't change too much, and you won't get to the really high levels unless you grind. I would prefer if it capped at +2, though you won't realistically get much further unless you grind for cash and resources. Since weapons have unlimited durability, it's a good way to get rid of spares you get from the lottery. The forge point system in FE10JP sounds interesting too, sounds like a great way to limit the amount you can do.
  3. well i cooled down and cleared it, managed to do it by splitting up but still took longer than I'd like. used shelter strats to safely kill the paired samurai, and sent belka to the north to distract the other samurai (30% risk of death though). took another 5 turns to prepare to breach the wall and kill the puppets. overall 17 turns, not so happy about that. Forgot noble can use tomes lol because why would you ever use them when you have the stones and the lightning sword? on 26 now and i can tell this will be annoying since nobody moves until you open the doors. see you in 30 turns i guess. Those 3-4 extra enemies per squad makes a huge difference. it's the difference between clearing them all on the next turn, or spending multiple turns luring them out. Not if you want the extremely valuable treasures. Then you have to suffer through "up 5 spaces" (which secretly means up half the map). The fact that i'm only making things harder for myself if I play through the map the intended way is my big issue with it. This one actually didn't cause me any problems thanks to the MU one shotting half the guys up there with the +stone and luring the basara out of the way with minimal damage
  4. That's one thing I find so absurd about non-FE SRPGs. having simple, easy to calculate damage formulas is extremely useful. Do any others actually use a proper formula, because I haven't found one yet. Most of the time it feels like im just rolling the dice and hoping i do enough damage. Have you seen the SRW damage formula for example? It's absolutely insane and you have no hope of calculating it yourself lol.
  5. Especially in the late game, on lunatic at least, i remember hard mode felt much more reasonable. This game seems to want you to play as slow as possible, as most of the time you can't deal enough damage at once to kill all the enemies in range. and if you do manage to cut through and sprint along to the objective, a ton of reinforcements will come out that hit half of the map while you're out of position and trap you. the game also seems to want you to divide your forces, which is a death sentence as your guys usually can't deal enough damage divided, so the best strategy seems to put everyone on one side and phalanx across the map, taking twice as long to complete as it should. examples of some of these annoyances: 9: aka the killer of blind runs. go near the boss room? out come a ton of reinforcements covering the whole map and will kill your likely out of position dancer. through the mid game is actually reasonable, which is why it's the best part of the game. 17: cleaned up everyone and now sprinting for the chests? reinforcements will come and trap you 18: red light, green light makes everything take twice as long since only a few units can stand up to the foxes without getting killed, so you have to park your 2-3 non horse tanks and press end turn 20: everyone knows all about the wind bullshit, and every enemy has a seal skill just to make things even more annoying. and just like chapter 9, get near fuga and in come a lot of reinforcements while you're out of position and lol do this garbage map yet again. 22: This one really made me notice this. My west side was much stronger than my east side, so they got to the top of the map quite quickly. because of that, my east side units were completely trapped between a ton of sudden reinforcements. pegs and mages to the north, puppets to the south. absolutely no warning that this would happen when you reach the top. 23: Hinata's squad will not move unless you're in range of most of them, so you will have to spend a couple of turns dragging everyone into position to get ready to attack. good thing my MU was very mag blessed so he could once shot most of them with the +stone. Flying over to the other side early will also trigger reinforcements, which is annoying. 24: This one is pretty reasonable, though the oni's that come after attacking hinoka could be a pain. 25: This is where I got fed up. ninjas everywhere with stack debuffs and poison. the duel is impossible to win unless you specifically prepare for it, so you will have to do it the hard way. splitting up is suicide thanks to the west side. infuriatingly, no one will move in the centre part unless you are in range of the 3 range puppets that no one can counter, with seal def and lunge. anyone caught by them is 100% dead. if you forgot to get a freeze staff and you're out of money (like me lol) you have no choice but to wait for the east side to finish up and waste another 10 turns crawling ALL the way around to the other side so you can actually do enough damage to kill everyone without dying. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems slow is the way to go unless you want to be frustrated. perhaps my play style is too restrictive (no reclass, story chapters only).
  6. I tried changing the avatar's default class but it seems to keep spawning him in the default noble class. is there a way to make it so that his talent is the default class? or if not that, have him spawn as cavalier for example.
  7. where are enemy characters stored? I wanted to make some changes to garon but i can't find him anywhere. the character list seems to only show playable and capture characters.
  8. 6 no contest - ambush reinforcments - majority of the cast is useless - stupidly gigantic maps begging to be warp skipped (and unlike fe4, it doesn't do anything interesting with them) - terrible music - most of the characters are bland and the plot just rehashes parts from 1 and 3. - removed all the cool features from 5 (fatigue, dismounting, non seize objectives, etc) - Roy is the worst lord in the series - extremely annoying low hit rates - bizarre promotion item availability (by chapter 12, you have THREE whips despite only having two who can use it at that point, but only 1 knight crest and guiding ring despite having plenty who need it) - presentation wise, it looks like an unfinished beta compared to the later GBA games all of this just creates an exercise in tedium and frustration.
  9. Part 2 is finally done. Sorry I took so long, i was just extremely lazy. Unless I made a mistake somewhere, the grand total should be 71,357G. That's enough for two white gems.
  10. I know most people avoid going through nomad hell on hard mode for good reason, but Kel seems like he'd be a lot more intimidating than Henning. he has an absolutely ridiculous 88 avoid, 29 atk and 43 crit. Melee is not really an option since anyone strong enough to survive can't touch him, and anyone who can hit him has a high risk of being doubled and critted to death. Fortunately, the light sword sucks at range in this game, but you will still have to rely on coin flip hits from nomads & mages. I guess if you're really desperate you can make him was his sword as it only has 25 uses and he will double pretty much everyone.
  11. My preferred names are the second ones I listed which are my own uneducated interpretations of the kana lol. Those 3 official names are pretty bad though. I won't go into Ced since everyone else already has, but Osian is a bizarre reading, and Raydrik reads like Engrish, so does Asbel. I've never seen Callion used as a name, is it a real one? (sounds like just wanting to understandably avoid carrion), though I have seen Carleon before (specifically in the English version of Langrisser 1 (Warsong). Though that's one where the stupid translators changed the names for no reason, so take with a grain of salt) which is where I got that idea from. Pan is correct though, wiki said Pahn was what was currently being used so my mistake. But it's no big deal, I can hold my nose and bear it.
  12. No, I'm not asking for idiocy like Yurius lol, just little things like Asbel instead of Asvel, Osian instead of Orsin, Callion instead of Carleon, Pahn instead of Pan, Raydrik instead of Reidric, Augustus instead of August, and CED annoy me a bit (have no idea how many of those are official, but those are notable ones). Just wish fan translations wouldn't be so slavishly devoted to the translations of people who didn't even work on the original game. Improvised stuff like Safie is pretty nice (much better than whatever Safiya was lol).
  13. Interesting, that sounds exactly like what I was looking for. Too bad I just finished the game untranslated lol. How purist are we talking about here? Just vanilla with text? Are we still using the slot machine names? (I can live with it, but eh). Are the villages properly translated without fanfic inserted from the original PE patch?
  14. It doesn't. I am forced to do it because of the tutorial. normally Dorcas would crit the bandit nearby, however as I skipped that, I need to attack something or the game will softlock, and I also need to get a unit up to the top corner to perform enemy control before time runs out, so the wall is the best target.
  15. that same game also changed Kamui to Corrin and Leon to Leo to avoid duplicates so it's best not to prescribe any logic to their translations, they certainty didn't lol. it's not really Caesar though. The kana for Caesar is シーザー (Shiizaa). This guy is called シーザズ (Shiizazu).
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