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  1. I think its pretty good and a great deal.
  2. I just started playing Xcom and I am on the first mission after the tutorial and the game told me to move one of my units onto the roof, so I did (ofc), but after I finished the turn I couldn't move him anywhere, I couldn't Press Q or E to rotate the camera and I couldn't switch unit using Lshift or Tab. Any solution to this or should I just restart?
  3. I was hoping for 3ds compatibility, but I guess the d-pad is cool.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey? Xenoblade Chronicles 2?
  5. Snes}Gamecube}Switch}N64}Wii U}Wii}Nes
  6. I'm sure it is a much better experience with mods, but I shouldn't need to use mods to enjoy a game.
  7. Shadow Dragon (DS). The game just too basic, still a good game though.
  8. Fallout 4 is just bad. (it wasn't really considered amazing by anyone but still.) Warioland 4 is a good game, but not really my cup of tea. (probably because I hate being timed in videogames.)
  9. Divinity Original Sin 2. This game is amazing (One of my favorites) I got to the 3rd or 4th area (Around 60hr) and I was playing through the game with a friend online, and since he started the game he had the save file, one day he called me to tell me he accidentally had deleted the save file. I really want to replay the game, but every time I start I just remember everything i'll have to redo.
  10. I agree, units like Priscilla make units without a mount (Like Serra) almost obsolete.
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