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  1. I don't hate her at all. Why I might not be on her side for it, as I believe the war wasn't the right choice, I can understand her choice. She is a very well written character with good stats and a good design. Main reason I could see someone hating her is because they disagree with her, but I feel that a lot of people still appreciate her character. Also, about her being the most hated female seems wrong, and even saying she's more loved than female Byleth, who, like most avatar characters, has the personality of cardboard. Byleth is mainly more shippable, due to the outrageous amount of supports they get, which means off the bat they get a lot of shipping art. That's what I have to say on a whim honestly. While Edelgard is probably my least favorite of the 3H lords, I still love her character, as all the lords are good in their own way.
  2. So many amazing responses! Thank you all~
  3. As someone new to the fire emblem series, at least new in the sense that i'm interested in the series as a whole, I haven't fully developed my opinion on lords. So far I like the Blazing Sword lords, though some are not as great in fighting as others are. Feel free to state favorites character wise or combat wise, or even both if wanted. I'll give my current opinion as to my favorite, subject to change due to still being new. Character wise: While Eliwood and Hector are really close, I love these guys so much, my favorite is probably Dimitri. His development was well done and he truly made the BL run special, aka my first run. BLUE LIONS FOR LIFE! Combat wise: I can't really say much about combat since I've only completed a few games... tho, I'd probably have to go with a three houses lord, and, while they are all close, Claude probably slightly outs the others. He is 100% the best bow unit in the game from what ive experienced, GD is my current and last run I need besides dlc. That's my opinion for now, but i'd be happy to see how everyone else feels. I hope to play more games in the future, and that these these forums help me when I truly need them, which they have so thanks~
  4. Dang, I'm happy I joined the blue lions first. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought~

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