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  1. Yeah, the Ogre games have some obscure class requirements, for sure. I don't think I saw even half of them without a guide.
  2. I played it a lot (and bought a bunch of boxes) wayyyy back when it first came out. I didn't have much luck with my units, aside from a unique Parasite which was pretty cool. The rule differences from the SRPGs I was obsessed with at the time (e.g. Final Fantasy Tactics) threw me for a loop, but it was still a lot of fun. I lost all of my units in a move, RIP.
  3. I read the full Wall Street Journal article — all >850 words of it. Unless there is hidden text after the paragraph ending in "developers to ignore" and the author's contact info, the article does not cover pricing of the PS5. Like Glennstavos said above, the $800 figure is totally fabricated.
  4. $800 is not mentioned anywhere in this article.
  5. Shortcut method to make a hate-able villain: give them an expression like Zaebos in their portrait, and have them say absolute nonsense that is totally the opposite of what the audience has seen. This is quite good.
  6. Way too many good games being listed in this topic. Try out Ghostbusters for the NES if you want to know my pain. This was the second game I owned, after Super Mario Bros. and I didn't beat it until college. Ugly, ugly art. The music is an endless, fuzzy, beepy version of the Ghostbusters theme song. The majority of the game is made up of easy & boring activities (don't run out of fuel while driving to your next job!) to grind out money for a period of time until Zuul shows up, and then it gets worse. Remember how they have to walk up the stairs all the way to the top of the building? Here, have a simulation of that, where you have to alternately press A and B to move your legs, while ghosts are flying towards you and if you get touched three times, game over. Also you get knocked over for a frustratingly long time when they touch you and you barely have invincibility frames during it. After you finally sweat your way to the top, you get a boss fight with Zuul and its dog buddies that involves totally different gameplay than anything that came before (and not in a fun or forgiving way). Kill Zuul and you get a disappointing, misspelled ending message and the game goes back to the title screen.
  7. Haha, whyyyyyyy. Also, having seen both of these guys' portraits — why the heck would he call Volac "gramps"? Why is everyone so pissy in this script??
  8. I agree that Chrom & Robin are effectively equals in driving the main story. The level of focus varies between them, but never so significantly that I'd say either was less important than the other. If I had to put the characters into roles, then this is what I'd go with: Protagonist: Chrom — leader, inheritor of a divine legacy Deuteragonist: Robin — vital to Chrom, inheritor of… another plot element Special Guest Star: Lucina — important, but not quite a keystone for most of the events in the story
  9. Vice has been such a first-draft Delita so far, but it's beyond outrageous in this part. Chaos the heck outta this choice. "That's why I killed a bunch of our own civilians and threatened to cut my old friend in half!" He's like the "unreasonable opposing character" trope from political cartoons, but louder and with more middle-school insults.
  10. And all of the ones in the remakes are literally Est.
  11. Something about the specific beefiness of that arm and the shape of the wristband really give me Bartre vibes. The woman could be almost anybody; there's barely anything to go on.
  12. I think we can all agree that any future DQ character should be Alena, anyhow. 😉
  13. I expect this game to have a long tail of DLC and updates; the Switch is only two years old and there's almost certainly not going to be another Smash game on the system. Heck, a lot about how it was originally announced gave me vibes of it being the "final" Smash game. Of course it won't be, but I wouldn't be shocked if the followup takes a "back to basics" route of some sort, because this huge scope would be outrageous to do again — incremental changes over time via updates and DLC are way less intensive.
  14. DQ3's hero seems to have overtaken DQ1's as the overall series representative, almost guaranteed to be the one to show up in any guest role, reference, or cameo, over the years
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