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  1. Would Vocaloid Tiki be mythic or legendary? Well I guess they can make any rule they want. What if February brings some new type of unit next to Legendary and Mythic? I don’t know what, but they could always throw something new on us. I can see Sigurd or Male Corrin in December. Both would most likely be swords, anyway. Byleth will probably be next October, or at least that’s my guess. Edelgard was in April, 6 months later we got Dimitri in October, and many of us predict Claude in April, 6 months later again.
  2. Yeah, I am thinking IS might pull a cheap one and just run the same Hero Fest again with Sothis and Duo Ephraim, etc. Hopefully no summoning glitch this time, eh? 😉 Anyway, red for legendary indeed seems likely. I wouldn’t mind Catherine in there, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we got Say’ri either. Also, with the Book 5 Freebie, I totally can see them adding them to the pool as well. Red might be stacked? I really want Sothe the most for legendary. Xander as well. We shall see! Will try for Joshua merges and a Brigid as well.
  3. I’ve been picking the second place finishers for a while now... wanna go Kaze, maybe Hana if he loses.
  4. Alfonse x Bruno becoming official in Book 5 is all I want!
  5. 8 orbs got me my first Hel, +Spd -Res. I’ll hold off until the next banner, but I’m happy already nonetheless!
  6. So bittersweet... I want him but I want an OC break haha
  7. Indeed, glad we’re knocking them out. Hopefully next book chills with the OCs... I also hope that perhaps IS isn’t shy with doing double Legendaries in the future. Anyway, Freyr when? He was my most wanted from Book 4 and I’ll be upset if he doesn’t get in after all of this... I feel like they could’ve done Triandra and him and have Freya carry her own banner. I will probably just pull on green until something pops up. I don’t have Hel, and I wouldn’t mind one of the new girls. Freya moreso, but I will definitely have a use for the Emo Fairy. Green > Colorless > Blue > Red i have all red and don’t care for a second copy, though more Time’s Pulse and fixing my Eliwood’s -Atk wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Don’t know about a second Lysithea... Blue I am missing Anna so that would be nice. Tiki and Azura though... just merges I guess... *shrug* Colorless I still need Corrin. I wouldn’t mind a Leif and Shinon merge, as I actually would be content. let’s see...
  8. Omg I hate when some sprites don’t function correctly with their weapons lol 😢 I gave my Forrest Witchy Wand and the staff isn’t big enough so he has his hands attempting to hold the whole staff but there’s nothing there...
  9. Resplendent Niles!!! YAY!!! I am so happy!!! Finally a unit I have +10’d getting a new outfit. And his skin looks a LOT better lol
  10. I love Dieck. I don't know much about him, but I love him more than ever! Especially the familial dynamic with Klein, Clarine and co. Merlinus's FB was funny, I did enjoy the "Oh... Merlinus" part LOL. Baby Zephiel is so adorable... it was nice to hear Sharena's speech though, so bittersweet. Melady is cool. That's all~
  11. Got lucky with DSH - Free summon circle - Duo Byleth, +Atk-Res so I merged them into my +Def-Res copy. First ticket - Neutral Bridal Fjorm. Idk what to do with her, my first copy is neutral too lol. Second ticket - 5* +Res-Atk Summer Sylvain. I got best boy to +10 already, so I guess he’s just a trophy~ Third ticket - Baby Caeda!! Yay!! Someone new!! I got 12 copies (enough to +10 and one extra) of Baby Marth and never got a Caeda. She is +Atk-Res too so I’m lucky!! Fourth ticket - nothing of note! Fifth ticket - Again nothing. I only need Summer Dorothea from this line up... idk if I want to pull for her, especially with Flying Nino and Karla’s revival coming up. I am missing them from the purged hero list and I think I will prioritize them.
  12. Omg I came into the new heroes banner ready to spark for Dieck (and hopefully pick up Guinivere along the way), but... 1st ticket got me -HP +Def Dieck, last ticket got me -Res +HP Guinivere!! Woohoo!! I was already happy with getting the super sexy Dieck, but getting Guin is the cherry on top. Back to saving! I hear that...
  13. I plan on pulling for Dieck... that art is EVERYTHING! Haha Merlinus... well... I don't care for him, but more reposition is always nice. Also DG3!! I wouldn't mind picking up a Guin on my way to Dieck. Melady is whatever. I probably wouldn't use her much if I got her. Excited to see Galle's art!
  14. I haven’t shared this very good boy yet!! Might go back and give him 5 more flowers, might not... too many people want them, and I just got Odin to +15!
  15. The first round was fun but omg yes I had to change my ranged brigade!! I am doing the popular magic and dragons run. I am also playing on intermediate because some of these players teams... yeah... no lol. I got over 10,000 points playing on intermediate with these:
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