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  1. I had my 5* Nino ready... only for the bonus to be flying Nino! 😞 I guess I’ll use Marth, though he has his vanilla skill set on... I suppose it won’t be an issue. L Lucina usually does everything wih Eir Anyway. The seals look great, I’m excited for Jaffar... let’s go!
  2. I like armors. They’re fun to play with. I’m thinking about whether I want to try for Zephiel or try for Robin this year. I love Zephiel, he looks so cute, and I have major FOMO over Marth/Elice... I didn’t get Halloween Hector cuz I focused entirely on Halloween Mia, but I DID get Ephraim/Lyon! I just hope I get really lucky with my early pulls! I’ll prpbably no dive into my orb stash right away... waiting until the last days of the banner might be a better choice for me until I decide what to do.
  3. This is a perfect banner, and I am happy to see so many people loving on Twitter! I love that they kept us off guard. I’m happy Tellius and Fates in general weren’t included in retrospect. Zephiel is adorable! Jaffar looks cute too and I am happy he is free!! Overall HYPE because this is great!
  4. Super cool banner!! No one guessed a single unit correctly, we really can’t expect IS to be predictable. Young Zephiel is cute!!
  5. Christmas Owain?!?! PLEASE!!!! I will whale for him!!!!!
  6. I realllllyyyyyyy hope that none of the new winter units entice me! I plan on diving in for Winter Robin first and foremost, followed by saving up for NY Hrid. If I get Robin early, I’ll spend a few orbs on the double seasonal banner currently going on. I don’t have either of the green units, Bride Sanaki and Dancing Elincia, so either one of those would be amazing to have—Elincia in particular! Other than that, I’m excited for all the orbs we are getting! I also really hope they bring back the free random 5* seasonal thing again. It was really cool getting my first VA Lyn that way. Hopefully my Y1 is bit luckier though lol. Fallen Delthea is a GHB I completely ignored beyond the first difficulty, so I’m ready for that as well. Also, grand conquests is like my least favorite event lol. So I’m sad to see that, but I’m pumped for hall of forms!!
  7. Ooh, I have at least one unit of each color except for green. I spent 5 additional orbs on top of my free pull before I stopped. It’s not worth it! as cute as Elincia would be to have, I must save up for Xmas! Anyway, I wonder if this means we won’t get Flora, Pent, Tanith, etc. in a future mythic or legendary banner? What if this is their way of knocking them out? We were expecting P Lukas this month, anyway... and S wolt... I guess this means they’re coming for sure.
  8. I just want a female character as smash DLC, that's all!
  9. Revival banners hit especially harsh because you go in expecting to get a focus unit every other circle 😞 I still shudder at my third -Atk Mikoto when I was trying for Jaffar... at 6% focus and like 2.6% for nonfocus >.< Speaking of which, there are hardly any revival units I desperately want now that I got Lucina... I would love a Lyn, but she is not repeating again... maybe a Linde, Genny, Faye, Eldigan or try again for Jaffar. There are a lot of units I don't have yet lol.
  10. I tried looking for Osian's VA, Brenden McKian, and I found a singer who does a lot of singing / vocal work for TV shows. His real last name is McCreary, but his TV name is McKian, and he goes under McKianMusic on socials.
  11. I got my first Ross!!! I’m glad he didn’t take a long time. I hope I get Chad, Tethys and Echinda(?) soon. I STILL don’t have my first 4* Mordecai... lol Anyway, I have no intention of pulling for any of these new units, thankfully. Thracia banner before Xmas is perfect, I have all these new orbs to save up!!
  12. My random appreciation post for male Corrin; Male Corrin is really cute. I love how Maiponpon draws him in heroes—his OG form, the NY and Adrift versions all make him look super pretty boy. He is not overly macho passing, and Cam Clarke’s voice for him is rather sweet, innocent and rather naive sounding. I think he gives him the easily impressionable characteristic very well through his acting. Anyway, I like Hrid as a unit, and the fact that his banner gave us him, I am appreciative of him. Fjorm is good too though!
  13. Maiponpon’s art is amazing, I love their Male Corrin! Adrift and NY... I would love to see a lengedary form, or a summer one from them!
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