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  1. Oh, this is kinda not that exciting after all the exhausted TH love. Character wise, I like them all, but summer Ingrid is much more exciting to me because I prefer envisioning her on a pegasus rather than a horse. Deude is nice! But he looks just like Gustav haha. Linhardt is heart breaking. The art is kinda meh, the base kit is ATROCIOUS. I was thinking if we were ever gonna get another Pain wielder after like 100 Gravity users clogging up FB and TT, and here he sadly is lol. I might slowly build him... but I have Brady, Forrest and partially Rhys already built, and I am waiting on Dwyer. Who knows. Marianne... lol everyone expected her to be added next a la Lysithea, but I guess this is fine. Sword version for the Brave then? B Eirika might be the healer on the banner after all! Solon... um, no thanks lol. I would rather have had Metodey. Might build HIM instead 😛
  2. I took me about... 150+ orbs, but I got a +HP-Spd L Claude! Also a +Atk-Spd Leif i merged to +1 and 2 extra Milas, both +Spd-HP. Idk whether to merge, fodder, or just enjoy them. We shall see... OG Xander might want Bracing Stance 3... Anyway, I also got a dupe free V Hector! He is again +Atk like my first! LOL and he was free! I might merge... or else it’s DC fodder!
  3. According to the notification board, Valentine Hector is getting a second rerun in April. He IS next for a refine in terms of seasonal units with PRFs after Nowi and if we skip Performing Azura. Interesting! Bunny Sharena and Catria might have to wait until May and June respectively.
  4. He looks so good!! I'll pull. Man, I really wish the braves were some other weapon more than ever...
  5. They’re not afraid to do male dominated banners with Sacred Stones, so I wish they would do the same with Echoes. If we do get it as the midpoint banner later on, I wouldn’t be surprised if they skip over Tatiana in favor of Palla + New OC, followed by a grab bag pick of males. Tatiana is ensured to be a hit whenever she pops up, whereas saving presumably Est for the last playable female Echoes character on a banner is a bit... questionable lol. Anyway, I’m not gonna say Echoes this time around either. I would prefer Fates, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got TH. Bleh. I really just wanna see if Dwyer is coming this year. He is the second most wanted Fates character not in the game yet after Nyx! They could easily do a banner with Nyx, Charlotte, Dwyer and... well, I would want Kiragi, but they could easily just put anybody else. I would want Benny, too, but gut says he might not show up this next Fates banner. Either way, I expect a grab bag between Conquest and Birthright. Someone mentioned for Blazing the characters of Sain, Kent and Erk. YES! I want them!! But o also feel like that is somewhat dull and safe. I can’t see them all together without some hard hitter to balance it out, and I don’t quite know who. Louise and Pent?
  6. Azelle is cute but I don’t like color sharing, and I am not familiar with the ladies this time around. Funny how demote Lex is featured on the YouTube thumbnail over the premium waifus this time around 😅 Anyway, it looks like a skip banner... I have my eyes peeled for next month though 👀
  7. If it’s Valentia... a part of me feels Tatiana is gonna get skipped once again if they decide to throw in an OC and Lance Palla
  8. I hope we get Kamui as demote to join Valbar and Leon
  9. Tana! She looks cute! I guess she is up to +2. But 4* when?! Her art wasn’t bad before either, but I do think it’s a needed fresh take.
  10. Interesting BHB! I wonder if we will get OCs... although I will remind us of this: last August, we got Python+Forsyth BHB but, of course, the New Heroes were the Braves. Echoes is also MIA the longest in terms of new heroes. They could totally just squeeze in a fun OC themed BHB instead of running another Echoes one. Anywho, I am happy other modes are returning! Even if it is Phalanx lol. I was get tied of Loki’s constant appearances but nothing else haha. Nothing too crazy for the rest of the month, at least when it comes to my orb stash. Next month I plan on going Spring Marisa hunting, but... until then, I hope the next New Heroes bring forth some good stuff!
  11. I walked away from Hero Fest with a spooked Ephraim (what a cool animation!) and a dupe Lilith. Both okay IVs—Ephraim got merged, I might get Jakob Joint Drive Attack because my original Lilith is really good as is. As for the new seasonals, I got pretty lucky... 100 orbs in: 2 Alfonse’s at 4* rarity, 2 Gustav’s, a spooked Lyn and Duo Lif! Not too bad at all. Think I’ll save orbs for next new heroes, and perhaps the AHR banner...
  12. Man... I want them all! I hope the tickets are nice to me. Alfonse would be a nice merge project, but I gotta save for the AHR banner...
  13. I got a repeat, but its' probably the "best" repeat I could have gotten in green: -HP +Def Duo NY Peony. I wanted either a Young Merric to patch up his -Atk, but I mostly wanted someone new: either Bride Nailah, Ninja Laevatein... I think there's a few more, but anyone new would have satisfied me.
  14. CYL - Man, I wish Eirika was first, but I will not dwell. She is getting a pretty Brave alt and that is all that matters! Wada, please be the artist!
  15. Green or colorless! Same for March. Both colors feature Triandra and Freja’s first respective reruns... and colorless isn’t bad at all either month. In particular, March is especially strong in the colorless department. Could go either way! Xander as an axe cav or a healer Micaiah. Maybe green tome Micaiah #2 to powercreep her Brave form lol. Dagger Sothe?! :’) April... a lot of folks are speculating Claude, but anyone else think we might see Creator Sword Deluxe Byleth instead? Claude sharing a lineup with Eir and Duma, who are ancient by now, is not very tempting. Compare red and blue, which have Lilina and Seiros in their first rerun banner. I think a red or blue legendary is more likely then, but it might be too early to speculate.
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