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  1. L Leif literally cleared the whole left side with D Ishtar’s support, Shannan was brought along as a reposition bot for OG Mareeta who held onto the right side~ easy, peasy!
  2. Alright, so I sparked on the revival and... +Spd-Res Nailah dupe +Atk-HP Brave Roy dupe +HP-Res first Ewan (I love him but I’m sad about the bane! Oh well) Sparked neutral Ephraim Alright, I wanted Gerik too but I have to save orbs for my final 4 copies of Sylvain... hopefully he gets placed on a good skill banner soon! Also, speaking of, I pulled a bit more on the Summer banner and I finally got my first Duo Byleth! +Def-Res, so I can officially stop sniping red and just focus on green now~ I hope I can get those last copies soon... might be able to sneak in a try at Gerik after all
  3. I never feel one way or another about New Heroes. It's nice knowing they will always be around, so I don't panic as much as I do when my faves get seasonals. That said, I do have so many units I wanna build up. If it's TH, which it might, I want Ashe or Caspar, though I expect Felix, Marianne, Dedue and Linhardt first and foremost. The summer units may indeed just be a way to tide their fans over for the NEXT next banner. Tellius... there are a couple I want. I would love Rhys, but his summer form is cute and really satisfies me /for now/, but I would love regular Rolf and, of course, Boyd. Geoffrey and Lucia are also welcome. Of course, I suspect Jill at long last and Shinnon and Marcia right behind. But yeah, like most everyone here, my bets are on these 2.
  4. Totally agree with Tsubasa and Lysithea. I am actually leaning toward Python not being on this banner because he has the BHB with Forysth coming up. I have noticed, however, that Book 2 5-star exclusives have been making their appearance on random banners, so I'm leaning towards either Flying Nino or Ishtar.
  5. I love it!! Male Robin looked fine tbh but the outfit is nice!
  6. I really want Rennac to be on the Halloween banner. It’ll be like he tried to escape from L’arachel and delayed his arrival on purpose.
  7. Is Tap Battle gone forever? Anyway, nothing too crazy. The Special Heroes banner is interesting... what if it’s not a dancer banner and it’s something new entirely? I’m curious to find out... Glad that CYL will be in the second half of August. I will need all the extra time to save up for my spark! Moonbow banner... Lysithea?
  8. Team Rebecca all the way. Let's get rid of those eyes ASAP please
  9. Yes! I’m saving up some good fodder just in case he comes sooner rather than later...
  10. As far as the next New Heroes would go, if it IS TH themed, I supposed I wouldn’t mind if it WERE the 4 introduced last night. Instead I would be in greater danger if it’s filled with DIFFERENT units that I want. Sylvain is nice because he was an ideal summer seasonal for me (even if his base form takes forever to come, this summer version is right up his alley anyway) but I have bigger priorities when it comes to the rest of the TH cast. Ashe and Caspar for example are my #1 most wanted. I have high hopes they will be the respective demotes, and I am thrilled. But there’s the chance the latter might not... Felix is another one, but I’m 100% sure he will be 5* so that’s a spark waiting to happen~ I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the next NH banner is TH themed... it just... makes sense they’ll threaten our wallets in a quick succession 😬😬😬 The Sothis banner in August... yikes, idk what to expect. Lysithea and Sothis color sharing? A time’s pulse dream lol
  11. Rather than show -6, followed up by a +7, it’s a cleaner aesthetic to just show +1. My fave is Fury 3+Mystic Boost, because rather than show -6 by fury followed by the +6 from the mystic boost, it shows a CLINK! Followed by a 0 lol.
  12. Hmm yeah! I kinda ignored the form skill, but I’ll probably have more use giving it to someone than straight away merging her... we’ll see! She will chill for now. I’d like to use her more than I currently do in modes like AA, but I have so many red swords who can do her job and better by this point lol Ahh I hope our luck turns around! I would give you my blues if I could! I keep getting entirely blue and colorless circles, or one red and no greens, or one green and no reds. Petra is nice unit, but I’m sorry about Tharja lite and Swordhardt... 😕 Halfway there! At least Atk is more than good enough of a backup too. TT starts tonight, best of luck to both of us! (although I also wanna save up for the Duo Ephraim revival on the 11th... RIP)
  13. I spent... 350 orbs? Not the most impressed... I hardly got ANY greens or reds, and I really want to +10 Sylvain while shooting for one copy of the Duo. I have a +3 Sylvain by the end of it, one of them was a 5*, but I did get a +Spd boon at that. I also walked away with my first OG Mareeta and Nagi, as well as a dupe Lysithea, Fallen Lyon and Eyvel. Pity breaker wise, I never mind new units. Mareeta came at +HP -Res which isn’t the worst, but Nagi was sadly +Res -Atk... meh. They’re new so I’m not too upset, could be a lot worse... Rhajat anyone? The Lysithea AND F Lyon are both +Atk -Def... except both of my first copies have perfect IVs as it is! LOL I think Lysithea is +Atk -Res? And Lyon is +Atk -Spd. I will probably merge them both because I adore both of their characters. Eyvel... well... lol. She came in at -Atk +Spd and I already have a +Spd -HP one so... who event wants Guard Sword?? I’m not opposed to merging, just feel indifferent. The only meh thing that came out of this session, but im still kinda upset I HARDLY got any greens... and the few reds I DID get were off focus 5*s I just stuck to blue for the most part
  14. Not sure how I want to build Sylvain. I would ideally love to keep his weapon intact. For fodder, I have SS3 and Atk Spd Solo 3 readily available. I also have more good stuff, but I cannot seem to decide what to do with his A slot first lol. I really would love to make him as premium as possible.
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