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  1. Halloween 2020 starts the 8th... TT banner starts 6th... FEH channel is probably gonna happen soon, too, as per October's tradition My call: October 3rd or 4th - FEH Channel 5th - Halloween 2020 standalone trailer 6th - TT banner 7th - Update 8th - Halloween 2020 banner
  2. +Atk-HP Emo Azura after 100 orbs or so~ completed this banner as well!
  3. I don’t think I have ever shared one of my best boys, Batman himself, Gerome in here:
  4. Astrid will get Astrid's Double Bow, of course!
  5. Jill's wig lol Anyway, Ilyana meeting Spooky Ilyana is already Top 5 Forging Bonds moments EVER. I loved it so much!
  6. I used Odin+10 (double links, Fury4, DG+CG), Ophelia+2 (budget/base kit), L Azura and Pirate Xander Duo w/ base kit for this one! Ophelia did her usual thing, and it was her father's buffs that allowed her to clear house. Pirate Xander was there to tank everything while Ophelia and Odin took turns sniping, and Azura arranges folks accordingly. Overall, pretty easy~
  7. Woo! I sparked on the New Heroes banner to great success. With my third ticket, I got a +Def -HP Shinnon which is pretty nice, considering how mixed phase he is. About 20 summons in, I got me a +Def -HP Gatrie as well! I always find it interesting how some circles always give out the same/inverted boon/bane combinations.... anyway, that was nice! I sparked for Jill and I am currently at a 3.75% after containing to pull only focus colors. I wound up with 3 4* Ilyana's, which is nice. I kept a -Def +Res copy, though I am looking for a better +Spd copy instead... maybe... she has high Res so I might just keep this one as is. Happy to have her as a demote, will enjoy seeing her often. All done here - might go for a Midori next or try for Axe Azura in a few...
  8. Very interesting to see the “popular” characters left. I do hope that the next step FEH takes is to bring in more alt-locked characters in. They make for easy slots.
  9. Lif solos Julia and Seliph’s map for me. I brought along B Veronica, OG Guunthra, NY Alfonse but Lif is just such a powerhouse on his own! Shoutout to Alf for tanking that 20 dmg whip lash like a pro! The day before, Duo Alm, Dancing Berkut, B Celica and L Alm cleared Gharnef. Easy peasy! Celica galeforced a bit, Alm sniped and Valentine Alm was my tank/ shield, while Berkut danced him into place accordingly.
  10. Gaius always gets name dropped in various content... Gaius-dev putting in work! Good for them!
  11. I love Shinon’s voice. All of the voice work here is great, actually. I wonder who will voice Petrine.
  12. OMG. Jill and Shinon finally added! Petrine a GHB! Ilyana is her vanilla form AND the demote! Pretty exciting. Shinon is a MUST have, will spark and hopefully get Jill too
  13. Interesting. I don’t quite know what I’m doing, but it’s great to see everyone learning at the same time, and especially from one another. I have been spreading my forces wide, and I was confused as to why Elincia kept getting so much support yet still succeeding. I got a like super victory or whatever with Cain once, so there’s that.
  14. Very easy. OG Julia with her CC refine makes everything easy, L Leif was initially there to snipe, but he did nothing. OG Quan was a rally bot, Mareeta was there to help pick a few stragglers on the side.
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