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  1. Sparked on the latest new heroes banner! Free pulled a 4* OG Azura, +Def -Spd, making her +3 Then, I got a dupe Duessel (+Spd -Def), Julian (neutral) about one-third and two-thirds of the way in. I also got a +Def -Atk 4* Orochi. Last circle, I got BOTH Charlotte and and Nifl!! Charlotte is neutral, Nifl is +Atk -Res. Thus, I sparked for Nyx 🙂
  2. I am shocked they put Orochi in over Dwyer. Orochi was voted dead last in the Official Fates popularity poll. I understand Dwyer might be saved for the next banner, but it’s still odd to see this treatment
  3. More thoughts: I already strongly dislike everything about Nifl, so I am very peeved at her inclusion. However, Dwyer, Caeldori, Kiragi and Mitama is ideal for the next Fates banner and I would be very happy to wait for that.
  4. Awww... no Dwyer 😞 Happy Charlotte is in though!
  5. I NEED to know if Dwyer is on it...
  6. Yeah in retrospect I am surprised no one called out that Ogma’s VA voiced Orson. Maybe because no one really cares for Ogma unlike the entire fan base quickly noting that M Byleth, Mercie and Ashe’s VAs booked a NEW character lol. I also think with the JP VA thing, it’s important to note that Orson didn’t have a voice before. So when they casted him, it was probably easy for them to just tell Ogma’s VA to do it because they were gonna book him for the summer alt in the studio that day anyway. Knock 2 birds out. With M Morgan, though, the VA has voiced him since the beginning. Regardless of what the future held, if IS wanted to do a M Morgan alt, they HAD to call his VA in, even if he didn’t provide his voice to Yashiro. There’s a commitment there to the voice that someone like Orson didn’t have, which made it possible to just double dip with VAs.
  7. Caeda and Plumeria both possess the powers of seduction of course. Whenever I think Caeda, I think sex, just like Plum! Anyway… lol. Freyr is a NEED. He looks amazing! Will try for a copy of Ogma as well, his new VA sounds great! 🙂 a newcomer, I believe. The duo… err, that art. That art… looks very… unfinished? Or just not that good. I am not sure how I feel about it… maybe the bright orange on Caeda is kinda unappealing too… but their faces… yeah, idk… Freja looks like a WHOLE snack lmao. Good for her!
  8. I really hope they finally knock out Freyr. How long did it take for Hel to be released following Book 3's end? Was it last July as well? This might be tradition at this point to hold out on a character from the last book this long lol. I would not be surprised if Eitri? is not released until next summer at this point. Anyway, I agree Pent and Louise are back. The third green is indeed probably someone old like B Edelgard. There's a red and green spot in August for the fallen Morgans. Marianne and Ingrid alike can share on August's blue, while Fallen Edelgard and the new Legendary will be in colorless. Excited for a potential Freyr and for next month!
  9. Gerome!!! FINALLY!!! I hope he gets... i don't know lol. I am so open to anything at this point. I have a gut feeling he will get Canto...
  10. ht?I like Merric, he looks super cool! I am happy for him, I will glad budget build him. Anyway, next refines... we should be expecting Gerome, Ares and Spring Catria, correct? Gerome and Catria are the next Grail and seasonal units respectively, and Ares is the last 4*-with-a-PRF that has yet to receive a refine (which means an update for Eldigan, too?). After that... well, L Robin is getting her remix in July, huh? I wonder if they will bite the bullet and just refine Expiration on Fallen M Robin as well. That could leave... Maribelle as our last unit and we would have a nice New Power banner with one of each color. Plus, she is one of the last 4* Special Focus units without a PRF or refine, right? Just give her a fancier Trilemma and built in Wrathful and we are good to go! Just in time for CYL3 in August...
  11. Caspar is +10!!!! Well, almost. I just need feathers, as is always the case lol
  12. 120 orbs or so: 7 Caspar’s, so he is at +6 now! 4 more to go. Amazing so far, he is by far faster to get than Baby Marth, Sylvain and Baby Lyon we’re for me! 1 5* at around 3%. I also got -Atk +Spd Ashe at 3.25%, as well as a Duo Hilda at 3% shortly after. Amazing!! I wanted both of them too, so now I can just snipe green. Sorry, Merice, I like ya but I don’t need ya. Then I got these units, all dupes: Amelia 4* special Fallen Julia Helbindi (bleh, can he demote?!)
  13. Ahh!! I want to +10 Caspar and get at least one copy of Ashe and Hilda!!! The art is so good!!!
  14. Ooh, this gets me thinking... Which seasonals or alts in general have a character's original hair style distorted or messed up? I feel like nearly all units retain their hair which makes silhouettes easy to spot. I can only think of TS Edelgard's buns coming apart and maybe Bathtub Elise's up-do.
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