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  1. Ahh!! I want to +10 Caspar and get at least one copy of Ashe and Hilda!!! The art is so good!!!
  2. Ooh, this gets me thinking... Which seasonals or alts in general have a character's original hair style distorted or messed up? I feel like nearly all units retain their hair which makes silhouettes easy to spot. I can only think of TS Edelgard's buns coming apart and maybe Bathtub Elise's up-do.
  3. I see Ashe on the left! He might be wearing a little coat or life vest. But the hair has the same design. It would make sense if the bromance of Ashe and Caspar went to the beach together and got into all sorts of mischief. But yes, Caspar on the right and I am SO excited!
  4. Adding to the Shota discourse lol, we have had a popular male twink archer in the summer banners every year now: Gaius, Takumi, Wolt, Joshua... I wouldn't surprised if we did get Summer Ashe this year.
  5. Summer banner JP VA association theory:
  6. My thoughts egarding the summer TT banner potential dateline "leak" of sorts: Anyway, looks like I have more time to save for summer then I thought! I hope we get a FEH channel soon so I can know whether or not I can spend on the double special heroes banner or not.
  7. Free Summon: Male Byleth +HP, -Res Second Ticket: Nott +Def, -Spd Fourth Ticket: my first Silque +Res, -Atk ~20th pull or so: dupe Helbindi +HP, -Res 40th pull: Zeke +Spd, -Atk and 2 4* Luthiers along the way, 1 +Spd -Def which I will keep Spark: Palla! For collector's sake
  8. I have been so busy I couldn’t share my pulls! but as of late time I shared, I managed to +10 Baby Lyon and get 1 of each of the other babies. My Tana is +2, with 3 manuals resting. Overall, around 400 orbs for my +10, on par with Summer Sylvain. Tbh, it could’ve been less but I was spending so much trying to get L’arachel and Eirika as well. - Anyway, I got a bride Juno pretty early on. 200 orbs for a -Atk +Res Duo Catria and a +Atk -Def Groom Saul. Time to save for the next new heroes since I probably won’t care for the mythic!
  9. I like Saul, will try for him. The duo is welcome and so is 1 copy of Juno. dont really need Shanna, though I appreciate getting a red bow in something other than infantry! We shall see. Mythic trailer Saturday PST and it might not be an OC, will see how that goes to determine my spending
  10. Imagine if it IS awakening again lol, and it is also a midpoint banner with an OC. I would say Noire and Laurent would get demote treatment while Severa and Inigo headline. Though it might be a bit rushed after the bunny banner. Anyway, my true prediction lies with Echoes. OC Lance Palla Tatiana or Deen Demote Luthier Instant Quest Demote Kamui GHB Fernand
  11. Yeah, they could pull an Altina/Sanaki and make a lame “harmonic” unit that isn’t too far fetched. Anymore Tellius couples that could headline? Ike, Soren? Lol 😛 Anyway, I am not the hugest Echoes fan by any means, but I am shocked that they have held off on Valentia content for this long... Mae and Boey alts when??
  12. Not sure if I reported this on here, but I got Lyon to +10!! Well I need the feathers, but I have enough copies AND I got all the other 3 focus units.
  13. I got Brave Roy Fiora Brave Celica 4* Mia and Elincia
  14. F Kris to have all female avatars be in a swimsuit
  15. I honestly wish they would do away with these banners. That said, I just want good art!
  16. Baby Lyon is now +8, and I have gotten Tana to +4 now. I only wanted 1 copy of Tana, really, in order to +10 Lyon, so now I'm like... hmmm... can I get one more Tana before I finish off Lyon?? Lol I finally got a baby larachel too! +HP, -Spd. Baby Twins came at -Def +Res too. Pretty good so far, hope to finish off Lyon by the end of the month
  17. Getting Lyon to +3 as of now! 2 Tana’s. Let’s see what TT orbs bring...
  18. I wonder if a proper Formotiis unit will be a colorless beast? That's something!! - I can't wait to pull! Again, I want them all... just a month after last year's perfect spring banner 🙂
  19. Young Magvel would be a lot of fun! I really would want it to be one-game focused rather than multiple game, though.
  20. Pretty lucky on the NH banner so far: I was unsure of whether to spark or not, but it seems as if the game is pushing me to do it! First circle, F Morgan Merge, +Spd Second Circle: +Spd, -Def Louise Third Circle: +Spd, -Atk Farina Well, well... I really like Pent, so I might commit!
  21. It's a lot of fun and there are a lot of ways to build up units so no one can really "suck" in this day and age.
  22. Yes, very sad about the lack of Sain and Kent as well
  23. Glad to see Pent is the star! How exciting! I want to pull for him... anyway, Lousie’s art is a bit... off? But I am happy for her, too. Farina’s weapon is funny, and if I weren’t building Knoll, I would love to +10 Erk. Between Knoll, M Morgan, Henry and my semi built Lyon, I am red maged out for a bit. Sonia is nice. Holding out for Limstella! I love them.
  24. If do wonder if they will have another April’s Fools video!
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