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  1. I hope nintendo fixes it, by Ch 17, you gotta sacrifice a explore day to get just in case you want to fill up on Arcane crystals I guess.
  2. Has anyone encountered a glitch where you can't talk to Hubert in CF when he's in the small room next to the main command room where Rhea usually stands pretime skip? I cannot recall which chapter, I believe 15. But he has quests to accept but I literally could not click on him to access them, even after restarting the software, finishing the several weeks.
  3. Are these leaked DLC contents enough for you to restart the game after playing the 4 routes? There's expected a few new characters and paralogues and silly things like sauna. Is anyone saving a certain route for the DLC ? I finished Maddening CF in past few days, Maddening BL was completed. I did not cross house recruit besides Caspar for the gem to make the game a little bit more difficult with less paralogues and underleveled units. I have finished the 4 routes on hard before maddening. And now I don't think I can muster the energy to do SS or GD Maddening.
  4. If considering Maddening, I personally found some absurd while others trivial with warp. It really depends when you do them, I do them the end of the month of that month instead of waiting. Haven't done GD yet so early game warp or dancer cheese haven't been experienced yet. I find some hard because I have to reset a few times or banking on shaky hit rates to go through. Seteth/flayn is easy with turtling. Manuela/hanneman hard even with a flyer cause of that SM. I guess it can be easier with a warp but haven't done with GD. Experience gem would be hard to get 1 turn. Alois/Shamir: medium Ashe/Catherine: hard, assassin's everywhere with flying Pegasus nukes Dedue medium I believe you can get the rewards with dead npcs Edel one is easy via warp flying Dimitri easy via warp flying Sylvain medium Felix super hard, villagers killed themselves but worse is his dad always killing himself. Couldn't get the sheild Ingrid/ dorthea hard, relying on RNGesus sometime Hubert hard because some mages just kill themselves on the monsters. But I believe you can get the spear with a few mages alive Mercie / Caspar & Petra Bernie are medium cause you have to know about reinforcements Sothis medium as long as you have bows Rhea easy with retribution
  5. Are not all battalions after the time skip unlocked? Such as B and A rankings
  6. I feel like all routes can be trivialized if you decide to just take aux battles/quests. Sure you cant grind to your heart content compared to Normal, would you say just quest and aux battle every week not grinding on Maddening? All the routes can do them and I feel like their more of a failsafe for people who need the levelings. If you grind enough with quests and aux battles, I think all routes can be comparable ease with high level characters. I can attest that a good part of AM mid to end game and dimitri paralogue can be 1 turned with stride /goddess dance/ 2x warp with a flyer (swift strike horseslayer/brave axe) + pumping str boosters and magic boosters into Manuela. I used Byleth as a goddess dancer with A authority / A+ ride and march ring. But then not everyone playing the same method. The thread never said about LTC / grinding / paralogues / efficiently. I would be guessing we are all assuming no grind. It only said cross recruit is legal.
  7. Did all 4 routes on Hard NG prior. I have yet to do GD or SS, Ch 15 on CF and finished BL for Maddening NG. So this is just my thoughts. I agree with you for Byleth, but only overrated as a flyer. You get so many options already, I think EO Byleth is being slept on. This is my 6th playthrough and I did SM, then WL then just EO the rest with proficiency in swords, Rhea/Cath/Manuala/Seteth can boost this up really quickly to S pretime skip with ensuring everyone is fed. There are so many other flyer options that can fill out that role. Byleth at least gets authority compared to Felix/Catherine. Got him to A midgame for any battalion. And the extremely situation if you really wanna waste a turn Heal/Recov. Byleth can just stand in a bush and use the a killer/levin/cursed/wo dao (+ too) and let vantage kick in. Its not many people going to be using swords anyways. Felix can use bows and if you want to take him Bk, sure. GIve byleths even more crit swords. 5 slots for Vantage/Faire/Crit/Prowess/anything. Windsweep (+10 crit) have saved me so many times with killing Death Knight and weakening for others to kill without getting hit back. I think hes still S rank as a character. I think Ferdie does way better dodge tanking as a wyvern than physical tanking as a fortress/Great cause his personal adds to Alert. I think Dedue by far outclasses Ferdie in that regard with def/strength. Ferdie can easily get A+ flying if you start off with teaching him that with Axe. I think Great knight isnt that great as a class. Lower Def than a fortress knight, investments into sure proficiency for Ferdie, but gets wasted in that class. I agree with Ingrid statement, her only use for me was dodge tanking magic. Just incase a magic attack hit, she can still take another. Her magic and strength were almost equal at 21 at endgame ~LV33. But she was useful for earlier dodge tanking than any other BL with flying and affinity for flying. Had 3 WL already so kept a falcon and so A+ was easy not needing to focus on some skill she does not excel at. Someone do explain to me why Petra would be below Edel besides for Edel 1.2 exp. Both have death blow and darting blow. They are both WL for me rn on CF and petra outclasses her with speed and Edel does have a str boost. I found Shamir way more useful than Bernie and I have only a few chapters left. Shamir comes with A, and I got her to S cause I use her solely to hunter volley with killer +. Maybe Bernie was Str screwed (11 str at lv 20 before sniper made it to 17 base) but I still find her damage lack luster with even her personal on and Deadeye +6 mt. Shamire comes already with bow range + 1 with sniper bases at chapter 6? can easily help out from the get go with no investment and get hunter volley way earlier than bernie. Bernie has to get damaged or pray for a HP lvl just to match Shamr's faire. And by the time Bernie is a sniper with faire, she isnt volleying. Brave bow does help, but sometimes you really want to get a little more damage with a silver volley (+4*3 x2) on fliers. Are you not able to go from mage to dark bishop? Remire village death knight is really easy by that time to Dark Spikes since A is obtainable. I have killed Death knight on Ch 4 and that warp tile chapter also, and that took a lot more gambit surrounding/windsweeping
  8. Just finished pretime skip CF, yeah I think youre right. I was just concerned everyone was getting their supports started except Byleth and Edel in th first few chapters. B unlocks I think right after you choose her side
  9. I am curious, did you grind on aux/quests? Looking at your pics your lowest level character is as high as my Byleth who had the exp gem on the entire time.
  10. I agree the last ch was hella hard I have beatened Maddening Mode BL and didn't grind or lose anyone. It took me around 40-50 turns. Also around ~lv 35. But took a few tries to figure out a good strategy. My strat was there are two retribution uses, one for that long range dark magic and the reinforcements. 4 flyers (slyv/Ingrid/cyril/seteth) with alert stance +. Dedue and Ingrid 15 turn broke the two physical/mage ballista. Dodge tank the two meteor mages with ingrid (2 turns) And for the reinforcement, evasion ring/retrib/ sylvain with killer + axe can kill those seige mages with alert stance + by baiting them on the top platform. Then block off the dark knights with ingrid Dodge tanking on left (hilarious when all 4 waves of reinforcements run out of spells) and Cyril Dodge tanking on the right against the brawlers. Felix/Dimitri/dedue/byleth/sylvain vs Edel. Mercie and Flayn healing duties. Catherine and Shamir just standing there next to Cyril. Didn't know if their support B/A helped.
  11. I am curious after investing so much time into Hubert as a mage instead of dark mage for Fiendish blow, but cannot equip it as a Dark Bishop since it has its innate Fiendish Blow. Are there other skills that cannot be stacked? I think Faire skills for S+ can stack with Advance/Master Faire skills. Maybe this might be the only one? Maybe Hero vantage + vantage?
  12. I am doing BE early game rn. On Ch 10. Going for CF so easier early game since I get to train Edel and Hubert without regrets. But it honestly is not that hard. Peg!Edel & Peg!Petra is far better than flying Ingrid by far. I thought I was going to miss Dedue, but byleth can soak up a little bit of damage too. And Ferdie can soak up damage as long as he can dodge a few times a chapter. I havent completed all 4 routes to provide experience, but I would assume Silver Snow would be really hard, because you get Seteth on Ch 13 and shouldnt be training Edel and Hubert as much. Who can soak up damage/fly or chip hard with 3 range magic. Thats excluding Ch 21, which i found the hardest of all final maps. By far.
  13. I play this style and I enjoy it. I like seeing the main characters fight each other on the field rather than cross recruit and bench. It gives me more story feel and emotional impact just staying with the house I chose and seeing the familiar faces on the battle field. And their unique quotes. It also depends on which difficultly you're playing on. Maddening mode, it's good to cross recruit between houses with some characters but you can just replace unleveled characters with professors/some of the church depending on route. I would recommend though looking up what paralogues you haven't played yet because some require cross recruit. If you already played those, I just skip them.
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