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  1. Ashe and Yuri have a convo ch 1. You figure out who's parent is Yuri's
  2. The outfits look like re-used Claude / Petra / maid outfit with out color. Then made everyone just a lighter shade for their overall color schemes.
  3. BL - I may be just reiterating a bunch of posts, I think Ashe and Annette rather than Ingrid. And there seem to be a huge emphasis on Ch 13, even though it is honestly the easiest on BL with Dimitri having a breaker + personal for +35 avo without considering a bush. I think Ashe is great to do it, he is not a spectacular unit and you need to bench people to put on Seteth, and maybe Shamir and Catherine. Ashe falls off hard, and I think making him a dancer would be usable if you really want someone in Ch. 13 to help out to clear it quicker. Annette can do the same but better, since she starts off with Mercie and you prob want to physics multiple times. Disregarding her as WL cause I found Rally early game was better of an investment of experience than feeding her kills. Personally I used Annette as a rally bot then a battalion bot as a commoner for 1turn boss maps better than her as a dancer cause of the boon in authority and bench her on route maps. But excluding that, authority boon on a dancer is amazing since some battalions are better for a situation than the vanilla dance. Such as the dancer battalion /retribution. Ingrid, I think although can easily be Str screwed, she can help out early game as a flyer for mage killing and paralogues and that precious Maddening experience would be a waste on a dancer if she was flying around prior. And later she becomes a dodge tank against swords if go with B lance in either Falcon or Wyvern, for Ch 13 which is littered with Assassins and thieves. Assuming youre also choosing Wyvern Sylv and Sniper Felix in Ch 13 top right corner will be easy with a dodge tank too. And dodge tank in any other situation that isnt against a breaker since its much easier to tutor her in flying for that A+ quicker than others. I think Annette > Ashe > Ingrid. Flayn isnt bad either if you dont consider Ch. 13, which makes sense why its being emphasized in this thread.
  4. Rng abusing to get level up stats starts breaking tier lists if everyone is just going to be good. When I am talking Rng abuse, it is to re-set the number that was your hit / crit by burning it through a different action that uses that number. I haven't really seen people talking about RNG abuse for leveling cause that require to complete I believe 1 full turn of the chapter, then reset your game To change the level up. I agree with the above statements that resetting the game is abuse. I think Divine Pulse as a resource for a crit / hit, you get like 8-10? Divine pulses depending on the statues and the sothis paralogue. I think of that as <8-10 guaranteed crits/hits at needed times (boss killing or strong enemies) Example for hit Dark spike Lys w/ 60% hit - miss. Divine Pulse. Curved Shot Ignatz w/ 100% hit - hits a barracade. Then Dark Spike Lys 60% again - hit. Used the first number and objective complete without resetting the game. Example for crit - works same way Smash & killer + Petra w/ 80% hit & 55% crit - miss. Divine Pulse. Curved shot Bernie w/ 100% hit - hit. Petra attempts to crit again, but just regular hit and no crit. Divine pulse. Bernie re-hits. Ferdie attacks to burn second number anything. Petra attempts to crit and gets the 55% crit roll.
  5. Sylvain -> Wyvern Lord with Swift Strike
  6. I have a question following this idea of grinding. I never do aux battles / quest battles ( i view them as the same in grinding) / mass fishing. But I always explored and whenever I had too many points (very often past the time skip since I chose EO on most runs) I would spend them all on gaining money. Would people count arena usage this as grinding? I did not care for the weapons / seals which I sold anyways, but it allowed efficiency playthroughs because forging killer + and silver + weapons allowed 1rounding enemies. And when you have enough money from this, the game is trivialized because of combat arts with extra crit / battalions / divine pulse rng resets. The extra money also allows purchasing everything from Anna for stat boosters/ items and forging even better weapons like Levin + / so many Wo Dao+ for Byleth. Theres no need of fishing at this point because you can make so much food from buying ingredients and you can afford greenhouse seeds / soil. Would spending left over points count in arena/combat hall count as grinding?
  7. If maddening, Ferdie > due to personal working very well with WL Dodge tanking. Do not recruit him late though, train him to get death blow. Those two will wreck the game flying around.
  8. Is there a fire emblem site that can provide information on reinforcements triggering / turn and enemy stats? I haven't seen it on Serenesforest. Are 3H enemy stats completely static or is at a decimal value allowing chapter re-rolls. How much exp is needed per level? After finishing the routes on maddening now, I am thinking of playing the game better but first got to plan it out (kind of like how DD151 planned his entire FE runs beforehand and calculated each WEXP needed for bench marks). But I have never done this before and can't find a few answers I need to plan it out. How is WEXP calculated per battle? (Factoring in Mastermind or knowledge) How to calculate how much exp do you get per battle? How much skill exp is needed for class? And is it one exp per battle / heal? For monastery, how much weapon exp should I expect to average per week (maddening) on tutoring without needing to save scum? And for cross recruiting, I remember someone posting that they gain wexp based on weeks * a number. Does anyone know how cross recruited wexp and lv are calculated?
  9. Okay, yes her physic does help her gain exp. I just finished GD Maddening, and think getting to lv 40 on marriane is still absurd. The speed to go at that the constant physic every turn is turtling or luring for a 4 move 1 range attack is rare outside of early game. I found my self at most using Marriane to physic rather than attack in almost every situation and never got to lv 30 to make up for her movement. GD gives you the best character to trivialize Ch 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20 and 21. And even a less going so fast rate, I can see combat units reaching lv 40 but not her. Where would you say this combat art would compared to others? More useful and pertinents than Hexblade since vs. Dorthea (pre-Anna release) but compared let's say frozen lance or encloser. With DK and Anna release, I wonder if they make specific arts (soulblade Anna since she comes early) or (glowing ember DK) better.
  10. Okay I don't see how a utility character such as marriane, your healer, can achieve 35-40 unless you're choosing to not finish the only objective early. I don't think a combat art should be viewed in a setting that isn't realistic. Sure a lv 40 vengaence Dedue can be high tier due to damage but how are you getting a 4 move character to lv 40
  11. Oh thats such an interesting combination. I never thought of making Dorthea or Marriane a MS for magic sword art. I often give magic boosters to warpers for utility of longer warp range. I bet it can do a lot of damage silver + x2 dmg on grounder and 3x dmg rapier. I would guess then these two characters are going monk > mage > SM ?
  12. For magical arts, i dont think anyone is speccing into Soulblade/hexblade Marriane / Ingrid / Dorthea since sword wouldnt go to any of their classes. Hex is A sword on Ingrid, but also gets frozen lance at A. Doesnt even have swordfaire as falcon if she went that way. Frozen lance, I can see people using it to hit in that higher damage in needed situations since Marriane / Hubert can be heading into lance based master classes if chosen into. I cant see it being heavily used compared to tempest, and even more situational of an occasion due to 4 move on both units. Makes sense when theyre competing against 4 / 5 units. I did move it up though since it makes sense to use it on them. Annette can be viewed the same, except her rallys often is the choice per turn. stat scaling theoretically seems amazing, but lance jab learned by 3 units who can use bow. two of them learn point blank, which can out damage. glowing ember, seems great too but only two people learn and Dimitri has atrocity if youre in that situation dire enough, but how many times can you say glowing ember vs tempest get that kill. and if its so necessary, atrocity. Yes itll burn into the usage of a relic, but thats the point of relics, dire situations. Finesse blade for catherine or felix, yes can give small extra damage but theyre pretty fast as units. Felix also would need to be staying in assassin if he wants to spec into A rank art. Gilbert can make use of Glowing ember. Dedue can make use of armored strike. I cant see a use of axe arts after early game, when making killer axe + can give you a crit. I see the use in them, but by the time you get these arts (besides catherine starting with A) or minor factoring in the arts with the unit since its not viewed in a vacuum takes away the value of choosing that art.
  13. Woah I hope its M!Byleth romantic. Honestly I would restart a CF Maddening to marry Death Knight
  14. Was looking through the replies and changed a few of the combat arts based on them. Especially Frozen Lance as @shadow mir brought up, gambits are often not accurate unless you have high charm (Byleth / lords). Encloser adds +15 hit plus can use iron + and stack with battalion / skills. Yeah, I can see Break shot going down from how often youre using it compared to tempest lance really. @dark holy elf where do you see their placement in the list when including their uses for offensive / defensive tactics (rather than just LTC)? I have only used Draw Back a few times because I didnt want to waste a Divine pulse and miscalculated.
  15. Does Jeritza have his own paralogue too?
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