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  1. Who makes the better Wyvern Lord and why? I am currently doing a Black Eagles playthrough and I am recruiting Sylvain and I wonder between Ferdinand and Sylvain, who makes the better Wyvern Lord.
  2. Has anyone else had the game die for you when you save the game during the preparations screen of Dimitri's paralogue?
  3. How much fun are non recruitment runs? I thought about making my first run that. So basically no one from the other houses, but Cyril, Hanneman, Manuela, and the others are okay.
  4. Currently playing the Black Eagles route and I can't decide between Edelgard, Dorothea, or Petra. I like all 3 girls equally though.
  5. I haven't played Fire Emblem Fates in almost 3 years. So I decided to play it again before the game that comes out on the switch. It's going to be on Hard Classic. I'm also not going to focus on getting all the kids. I'm only going to be getting Kana, Forrest, Siegbert, Velouria, Ophelia, Soliel, Nina, Shigure, Midori, and Percy. Here are the pairings: Corrin (+Strength/-Defense) x Velouria Camilla x Keaton Xander x Charlotte Kaze x Azura Odin x Elise Niles x Nyx Leo x Felicia Arthur x Effie Laslow x Peri
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