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  1. Talis needs an another chance to be playable, and Sonic series needs more characters, because, Sonic is alone without his friends.
  2. Don't make me feeling sad and/or crying again, and I don't know how to speak fluently.. Because, I'm not a normal boy, I have Asperger Syndrome. I know you're angry with me, because, I'm doing my mistakes from this forum again.... Nobody can't help me, only I can help by myself. Why I'm did returned from this site? I promised for NOT return in this site until I can fix the problems from my mistakes of I did, but, I didn't comply, because, It slipeed my mind.
  3. Pardon me from my retirement, and I will only return to this site once. But well, I know some many Fire Emblem fans are wanted a new dlc for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, even me. It's about swimwear, because, the only thing of we need. Unlike Summer of Bonds from Fire Emblem Awakening, and Beach Brawl from Fire Emblem Fates. Will Three Houses Chracters in their summer alter egos from Fire Emblem Heroes from the past year are predict a new wave dlc for Three Houses? Is this a coincidence? I guess this is a coincidence...... And We know Edelgard can't swim in the water and she is so scared. Her parents Ionius IX and Patricia were never teached to her daughter how to learn to swim, while Edelgard was a little child. She needs to have help with her teacher Byleth and her friends from the Monastery too for learn to swim, and overcome to her fear to be stronger. I was saw in a forum thread in GameFAQs about the swimsuit DLC since 7 months ago, and some fan arts from Pixiv and Twitter. They are made rumors about the swimsuit dlc, and ther version 1.2.0. from this game are keeping stable, and the developers weren't continued working, due from the COVID-19 pandemic or something else, and they weren't made a new DLC for this game in the past year. We need a new update from this game to launch a new wave DLC to avoid to be obsolete the stable version of I mentioned. So do you think about my prediction? I'm not good making predictions, because, I'm so nervious. Thanks for reading my post and have a nice day.
  4. The water is not to blame for hurting this young girl, if his mother Patricia wasn't dead, I wish she had taught her daughter how to swim. And I don't want Chinatsu Kurahana confirm this....
  5. Well, I'm going to get out from this forum, beacuse, I was tired to explore here, and for my fault, I trolled in the community, and for my behavior. I didn't handle my adventures well in this forum, because, I was swearing about my mistakes. I don't want to go back, until I solve the things I've made a mess of this. Farewell, and I will miss you.
  6. I'm sorry everyone, I did my big and worst mistake in my adventures from this forum...... I was sad, and Everyone of rounding on the web, everybody hates me and ignores me. I was posted my bad threads on the past months: There are the three latest worst threads of I made about Dimigard, Edelgard in Swimsuit, and Byleth for Smash..... I was wrote very rude, and the moderators closed my threads so that I learn not to make mistakes. And I don't know how to handle my moderation in this forum, and I am not taking care of my vocabulary when typing on the keyboard ... Pardon me?
  7. I'm really sad for this, why are not loving at me? Are you angry with me? Why anybody are visiting on my profile, please don't ignore me.....
  8. I'll start: Blue and Pink are my favorite colors, because, the blue and pink merges much cuteness
  9. Oh, I know, and I hope if Sora developers are going to make the DLC soon in the next year, after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
  10. Instead to the latest installments, Radiant Dawn was dubbed in Spanish, French, German and Italian for the first time, instead to English and Japanese. But, the later installments hasn't continued dubbing in 4 European Languages. And I hope in a future, I wish if Fire Emblem: Three Houses is going to be dubbed in Latin Spanish. As I'm from Mexico, and my native language is in Spanish, but I speak English too, and I'm learning to speak Japanese. And I wanted from my proposal idea for the Latin Spanish dub for Three Houses
  11. No Smash Bros DLC reveral? I hope the developers are going to make the Summer DLC for Fire Embelm: Three Houses soon
  12. Well, in my personal options, I prefer to listen the Japanese voices from the characters from the series, but, I don't care about their english voices, because, I don't like to listen that, just for my opinion. And you, which voiceover language do you want to listen for any Fire Emblem game?
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