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  1. Why are you closed my thread?

    1. Integrity
    2. IkaMusumeYiyaRoxie


      Oops, sorry, I didn't make my mistake. Now, pardon?

    3. Integrity


      no harm no foul friend, we're just trying to keep the byleth chatter in one place


  2. Ok, I respect your opinion, but I'm not really good for this. Because, I just want Edelgard to be a fighter, but, not anymore.
  3. Yeah, I saw this video, but, I was sad for this Smash Direct, and Edelgard was disconfirmed to be a Fighter, only appears as a cameo in the Stage: Garreg Mach Monastery and Spirit. And you, what do you think about this fighter?
  4. I've noticied in Know Your Meme, a fan made sprite was posted in Fire Emblem: Three Houses entry, Is Edelgard von Hsresvelg's GBA sprite in Full body. Is made by BuskHusker, just like the style of The Blazing Blade artist, because, Three Houses has another character designer, Is Kurahana Chinatsu, the person who designed the characters from Uta no Prince-sama, instead to the Awakening and Fates artist. And I found an another one from this latest installment, but in a Fake animated gameplay: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76939541. Is Dimitri, and is made by sameduma from Pixiv. Well, I guess this rom hack is going to be planned, but Im not sure if this rom hack is going from The Sacred Stones or The Blazing Blade? I thinks The Sacred Stones ROM Hack it's a better Idea for me...... Meh.....
  5. Oh, thanks for the hint! I got the game for now, and now, I'm playing for the first time as well...
  6. Well, I didn't bought the game yet, but, I'm headlanding the game at some store, and contiuing paying to complete the headland to get the game. But at least, I'm not sure, if the game it's able or unable to change the English voices to Japaneses?, and for me, Edelgard haves a cute voice in Japanese.
  7. Ok...... I want to make a Edelgard plush doll, but, I don't know how to make a human plush..... Any questions?
  8. Ok, I'm gonna to talk seriously.................. Well, many Fire Emblem fans are shipping Robin Boy with Lucina as a love couple, and I don't want to be canon. To be honest, It's canon this love shipping? Because, the FE Awakening and Smash Bros. fans are liking this couple, I don't know Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are going to confirm is canon this couple?
  9. I also urgently look for one, but, I was creating my Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Soundfont, but, I don't know which instrument corresponds to this sample? And I'm so lazy for creating my latest soundfont.
  10. I was drawn my first Fire Emblem fan art since 6 months ago, and here's Female Robin from Awakening wearing in a swimsuit while is swimming on the ocean. So, do you think about my drawing, eh? I want to share with you My Deviantart Link of my drawing My Deviantart Page Check it out about my Gallery on Deviantart And also, I posted on my Booru
  11. Hi everyone! My Name is Tristan, I'm a Mele, I have 20 years old, My Birthday is October 12th and I'm from Mexico. I love playing Fire Emblem games, after playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate......... I have Fire Emblem heroes app and GBA, SNES and DS games. Nice to meet you
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