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  1. As a Korean learner I think I can share some experience here. First of all, since Korean is not teached where I live I had to found some way to learn it online, lucky for me I found enough resources to get a basic level. I usually find people having trouble memorizing kanjis and other japanese symbols, what I can say is try to practice every week all the content you know, you will memorize it in no time before you notice, of course you can always try some online tools like Memrise Sometimes when I look for some translation I use both, Google Translate and Naver Papago to check the differences, Naver Papago is more accurate with Korean and I think it is the same for the rest of oriental languages like Japanese and Chinese, I suggest you to take a look at both ^^ Some pictures about my Korean studies~
  2. I think I prefer yet the original Ninendo Switch, but Lite doesn't look bad at all. I'm not aiming for a Switch though.
  3. Kuina

    Weight loss thread

    Yes, until the last year I had a worrying overweight until the point it started to affect my health. I didn't have any diet, I had depression and the work in the office didn't allow me to do any kind of exercise, so I got 205,03 lbs. After my doctor warned me I tried to change my diet in every way possible, trying to eat all the nutrients I can but not eating much (specially in the dinner, if I have to stay hungry for a few hours, welcome) and avoiding junk or packed food, even today it's not an easy task, I try to eat at least 4 times everyday but in little quantities. Since I'm working at the office and studying at the same time, it's hard for me to exercise often, so I need weekends for this. The most remarkable change I noticed at first was the fact that I lost a lot of weight by changing only my diet. Right now I keep losing weight but slowly, and that surprised me because I exercise often and try to eat healthy, then "how come I lost so much weight by only changing my diet, but I'm slower now when I'm even exercising", and the doctor told me it was better slower than fast. I reached the conclusion that losing weight is changing completely your lifestyle. Good luck with that!
  4. Few months ago I bought the Pocophone F1 because I wanted a big screen, buying another phone with a smaller screen was like buying the same phone for me. I don't have any complaints, it's a very good one indeed!
  5. Hello everyone, glad to meet you all ^^ First of all I would like to talk about myself, I'm from Spain and I'm 25, my liking for Fire Emblem started since I played Awakening years ago in my 3DS, I also played Fates and I thought Conquest was my favourite game until I played Shadows of Valentia, the game I'm currently playing. Everytime I needed some help with the games I came to these forums, but never took the initiative to sign up and make a presentation, I hope we all will get along. Take care~
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