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  1. that's weird, because isn't SS and with that the BE version of WC confirmed to have been the original route? Is there anything known, that points towards WC11 originating in another route?
  2. https://archive.org/details/fire-emblem-dark-dragon-and-the-blade-of-light-manual/mode/2up
  3. According to a data mine there is also another dialogue between them in this chapter. I that one used?
  4. I mean technically: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QlQphWkYJg starting with 6:10 he flick through the manual. EDIT: Another unboxing with a more clearer picture with however the bottom missing, at 5:48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rQouDEnBcU And another clearer picture with a hand in the way the most time starting at 3:53 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHnP0YU2liQ
  5. The original Japanese manual had over 60 pages, the physical english manual has ca. 30, though as a European with no knowledge of Japanese language, comparing the pictures in the scans of the Japanese manual I have found online with frames in an unboxing video of somebody flicking through a physical english manual, it seems to me more like the physical english manual was condensed, than that something was cut therem though I might be wrong. But yeah, the digital version then is 16 pages, cutting weapon and movement stats, as well descriptions of characters.
  6. the original japanese manual had weapon stats, so does the physical english manual, that comes with the special edition, why the digital version doesn't, eludes me.
  7. I've looked in a datamine, and i can't find this quote or anything similar to this, anywhere, though I might have missed it. Especially not in chapter 10, all there is is an old man who can't believe Jeralt's death, a woman, who is worried about the situation exploding and off course: the Abysskeeper. And I've double checked with a walkthrough, no other NPCs showed up in abyss in chapter 10.
  8. Your quote isn't her manifesto, which only appears in CF. It's her declaration of war in all non-CF routes. We never learn the exact content of her manifesto, but we learn, that half of the alliance wants to switch to her side, after receiving it. The highlighted part of the narration you cite, is also in CF, but there it is immediately contradicted by the Alliance still "feigning neutrality" at the end of the Timeskip and by Hubert directly stating, that there was no fighting on Alliance territory before Chapter 13.
  9. I think she also mentions other archbishops, when you look at her crown during perfect tea time, but yeah she is probably talking about her and herself
  10. In case of Seiros, there is that novel in the Shadow Library that describes her and Wilhelm as a pair, so it is possible that Rhea could be Edelgards ancestor, but that could also just be in universe fan fiction.
  11. and another change EDIT: the original line was "You shouldn't dance up there, you could fall"
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