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  1. For Your kind info. By how long i mean How long chapter wise As for the fact I asked Blademaster Who the hell are you to warn me in any manner Next Time dont even bother replying On My post got that street hero
  2. Well i spent my whole day playing this hack i completed it upto ch18 and i was really impressed with the storyline it was amazing thats why i cant wait for next patch as for guilding rings i used only 3 on evan artrmis and sakura as geomancers have grt criticals and was. Really helpful And i have left up with one spare so my guess is either there are 4 aur mabe i have missed one or two
  3. Also i cant find any second tier evolution item for magic users also in case of artemis She was a shaman She was supposed To promote into mage fighter but she became a druid instead
  4. Man what a amazing story line blademaster Cant wait to find out whats gonna happen next Its a request that plz release the next patch soon Or the suspense of story is gonna give me a headache
  5. Atleast give a date for when its gonna come out
  6. Is lvl 30 enough For having all max stats for 3 teir promoting classes i played this patch before its awesome but stats doesnt get To max for any Character
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