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  1. I like Dagger so far, hopefully Knot is similarly entertaining. Poor Alfonse though, even Sharena was having fun at his expense.
  2. Something Zelda please, but FE would be cool too. Leave Pokemon for next week.
  3. I like this idea. Special G-max forms for the creation trio and Arceus is way cooler than Primal Reversion. Heck I wouldn't even mind if they were raid boss exclusive like Eternamax (who by the way, is a lot more powerful and thus feels significantly more legendary compared to everything before it).
  4. I wonder why people think this? Hoenn's backstory was retconned to include Mega Evolution, so it's likely GF will do the same for Sinnoh to include Dynamaxing. It's would be really strange for two sets of games in the same generation to have compatibility but use completely different mechanics.
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/TempleofMarianne/comments/lftpki/generated_over_7000_votes_for_marianne_taking/ Apparently this Reddit user claims to have botted votes for Marianne. Edit: A lot of people are calling BS, so take it with a grain of salt.
  6. I got Spooky Dheg. Absolutely could have been worse.
  7. Voted for Alfonse all seven days. I'd like for him to move into the top 10, but I won't hold my breath.
  8. What's with these lame villains being stupid arrogant/evil and being like "I'm the strongest" but using dumb invincibility gimmicks? It was bad with BK and Ashnard, it was even worse with Surtr, and it's still dumb now with Fafnir.
  9. Surprised because I'd like it? Sanaki, Seth, Starlight!Linde, Greil Surprised because I wouldn't like it? Sothe, the Fates royals (not including Xander), EO!Byleth (should be a Mythic instead)
  10. Pity breakers are no longer a thing thankfully. And I'm digging Book 5's aesthetic. Hopefully it's characters are good too. Edit: well they're less of a thing at least. Oh well.
  11. B!Veronica and B!Camilla are just fun to troll the AI with. Nobody runs Null C Disrupt because the B-slot has so many busted options.
  12. I don't think this will be the start of Book 5, most likely it'll be another Xenologue. I'm fine with any game as long as the banner doesn't have a dancer. Did no one else have an annoying question mark for the longest time because they never saw a Lalum?
  13. Obviously Alfonse isn't dead, but I hope he stays missing for this last chapter, and for some time into Book 5. Maybe he can do some background stuff, like learn more about Alfador or the Jotunn (since they're probably next on our chopping block). Since Sharena should be over her mid-teen-life crisis by the end of the chapter, I'd like for her to really get into the protagonist role.
  14. Was really hoping they'd drop the "only 13 chapters per book" thing. At least they used chapter parts better this time around. Also looking forward to Book 5's legendary/mythic starring in some December banner.
  15. Well I failed to get anything at all from this banner 😞 As long as November isn't Lehran and December isn't Micaiah, I'm good with whatever they throw out. I just need to save for January. Most likely the feature OC for Book 5 will appear in the December banner. Hopefully they're legendary instead of mythic or "new type of bonus unit for new mode".
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