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  1. I've been messing around in the level editor for a while, and right after a created my second unit, I tried to run the Lion Throne.exe, and now it won't open. The level editor won't open anymore either. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have no experience with coding, so don't be mean if it's a simple fix.
  2. What patch are you using for FE5?. If you're using Project Exile, you need an unmodified Japanese ROM, with checksum values of File MD5 C3FD1CAD754256D7A013864D917F47FA File SHA-1 75B504921D08E313FF58150E40121AC701884517 and File CRC32 FC519952. You can use this tool (https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1002/) to check the checksum of your original rom.
  3. Prologue, Part 3- Jungby--->Evans Last time, we were introduced to many more units, including 2 more mages than I wanted to see. We also took back castle Jungby. Let's pick up right where we left off. Growths- 50% HP, 15% strength, 10% magic, 10% skill, 15% speed, 25% defense, 50% resistance, 23% luck Another part, another mage. There's not much to say here that hasn't already been said, except that he has stinky growth rates. I don't know why it happened, but a lot of my units just havve bad growth rates. Everyone was banged up after taking Jungby, so I take a few turns to have everyone go to church. Here's Arvis. I'm really not looking forward to chapter 10 now. That strength, skill, speed, and defense are all really scary, and critical is just the icing on the cake. Hopefully I'll have a juggernaut like base game Ares or Shannan by that point in the game though. Somehow, I completely forgot to take any screenshots while fighting the Evans army. It doesn't matter too much, since the fight was really boring, but I promise to not forget to take screenshots again. Sigurd one-rounds the boss, and with that, the chapter is over. Now to answer some questions: Yes, it does. I used the Yune randomizer on this, which, along with other things, patches the game so that sword skills function on all units. I'm also not going to look up the data on the child units. I'm going to do some pairings that I haven't done before, like Ayra X Holyn and Sylvia X Lewyn, so I can see the Chapter 5 conversations, since stats don't really matter when I don't know what the kids will be.
  4. Prologue, Part 2-Chalphy--->Jungby I'm back with part 2. In this part, I'll be defeating DiMaggio and taking back Jungby. Thanks for all the feedback, it was very helpful. I;m not very good at introductions, so let's just get right into the action. I forgot to take a screenshot here, but I sent Sigurd and Arden south, and Alec and Noish north to save the village. Thank you for tuning in to the annual ass-kicking of Midir. He's also a mage, which I really love to see. Growths- 80% HP, 10% strength, 40% magic, 20% skill, 24% speed, 15% defense, 20% resistance, 30% luck Oh boy, another 5 move, foot-locked mage. It does look like he's a lot better than Alec and Noish though. His magic, skill, speed, and HP bases are all pretty good, and he has a nice skill set. However, his growth's aren't that great, and his defenses leave a lot to be desired. Depending on how good my other units are, he might be a candidate for the leg ring. Growths- 90% HP, 25% strength, 20% magic, 60% skill, 20% speed, 24% defense, 15% resistance, 16% luck Another member of the mounted gang. Overall, he seems very mediocre, kind of like Beowulf in the normal game. His strength is on the low side, he has OK defense, and pursuit. The only real interesting thing about him is his holy blood. He could become a god if he got his hands on the Balmung, but he will probably never get it, since he gets no rewards for any of his talks. Growths- 92% HP, 15% strength, 20% magic, 100% skill, 15% speed, 20% defense, 25% resistance, 25% luck Quan looks like a killing machine. His strength and speed bases are both very good, and he has pursuit now, unlike in the base game. It looks like he'll be like a mounted Holyn. As well, he will most likely get the Balmung at the end of Chapter 3, and I think the randomizer I used, which is Yune, patches the rom to allow holy weapons to be bought and sold, which means that Azel can get the Balmung. His growths are a little yucky, but it 99% won't matter with his bases. Growths- 70% HP, 25% strength, 20% magic, 10% skill, 60% speed, 35% defense, 30% resistance, 30% luck I think this speaks for itself. Growths- 60% HP, 5% strength, 20% magic, 5% skill, 75% speed, 15% defense, 20% resistance, 15% luck Ethlyn looks just OK. Her strength base is incredible, but everything else is mediocre to bad. She has no skills, which means her good speed base and growth is pretty much useless. Her growths are also so bad that that will actually start to drag down her performance by Chapter 1 and 2. However, I think she will be a decent unit for the first 3 chapters. Now that we have the units out of the way, let's get to the actual gameplay. The whole Lenster gang heads south to help out sigurd and Arden. I have no healer for this part, so I'll have to use a lot of Sigurd's thunder and Quan's javelin. Alec and Noish took care of the village. Alec actually one-rounds the weaker bandits, which is really nice. To the north, Azel and Lex fight off the barbarians. Oops. I should probably remember that Quan only has 29 HP. After loading my previous save, I realized that I accidentally dropped Sigurd's steel sword at some point. This really sucks, since he one-rounded weaker bandits with it. I fogot to take a screenshot of him, but DiMaggio also has 10 resistance and a lot of magic, so fighting him will be really hard now. These are what DiMaggio's battle stats look like. The 20% growths are already starting to kick in. DiMaggio 2-hits Sigurd, so I send Quan up the the church to get healed. I forgot that Sigurd has wrath, so he does a nice chunk of damage to DiMaggio. I don't want to risk missing 52% hit, so I'm just gonna wait for Quan to come back. Quan gets him down to 8 health on player phase. Quan finishes him off on enemy phase. I'm gonna end this part here. Next time, we'll take EVans and finish the prologue. Thanks for reading!
  5. Prologue, Part 1 Today I'm going to be starting my first ever randomized FE. I chose FE4 because it's my favorite game in the series. Honestly, I'm a little scared, because if I have bad luck and get a lot of foot units, the game will become a torturous slog. As well, I increased the enemy's growths by 20%, which means i could be really screwed if my luck is extra bad. Now that we have the introduction out of the way, let's just jump right into it. Growths (With Holy Blood bonuses)- 95% HP, 30% strength, 35% Magic, 30% skill, 35% speed, 45% defense, 25% resistance, and 35% luck Overall, this Sigurd is amazing. He has great bases, the best class in the game, pursuit, wrath, and decent growths. However, the next 2 units aren't nearly as great as him. Growths- 70 HP, 5 strength, 40 magic, 60 skill, 30 speed, 15 defense, 44 res, and 10 luck This is just what I was afraid of. After the amazing unit that is my Sigurd, the randomizer barfed out this mess. I'm gonna have nightmares about this paper thin, pursuitless, 5 move abomination. He does promote into a dark bishop, which is kinda cool though. Growths- 85 HP, 15 strength, 15 magic, 15 skill, 60 speed, 30 defense, 47 resistance, 20 luck More of the same. I feel like he is a little better than Noish though(which isn't saying much). Although his magic kinda sucks, he has a nice speed growth and pursuit which means he'll be delaing about the same damage as Noish. He also has charm, which will be nice for fighting bosses. Growths- 85 HP, 65 strength, 30 magic, 70 skill, 35 speed, 40 defense, 30 resistance, 40 luck Finally, another good unit. Actually, a really good unit. His bases are decent, and his growths are very good for a new game, let alone a Kaga game. His holy blood is very good, and it would be awesome if he ever got the Tyrfing. He also has an oddly high magic stat, which means he could be pretty good with a wind or thunder sword. I don't want this first part to drag on for very long, so I'm gonna cut it off here. This is my very first lets play, so comment any suggestions you have for me Thanks for reading!
  6. jack__

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Whenever I try to run FE4map, I get 3 system errors that say "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR71.dll was not found", twice, and then "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP71.dll was not found". Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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