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  1. Fire Emblem Three Houses Extra Drama CD ~An Officer's Academy Sleuthing Story~ Click here to read on Google Docs Nearly 1.5 years after I bought the CD, my translation is complete! It was a wild, challenging ride (since I'm used to translating text, spoken recordings are always a curveball for me), but now it is finally here for everyone to enjoy! It is a particularly goofy and fanservice-y little story, so I particularly loved it, and think anyone who gets a kick out of that sort of plot will love it too.
  2. Thank you, that specifically is some feedback into something I was curious about! I mean, I figured all the little shots would be one of the best ideas for presentation, but I wondered if they were too big. 47 Google Doc pages seems like a lot to end up with for a 10 page interview.
  3. TRANSLATION IS NOT POSTED DIRECTLY TO THE FORUMS, BUT TO MY GOOGLE DRIVE. CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW: Google Doc with full translation Google Drive folder with files of magazine scans & Google Doc *wipes sweat off forehead* IT IS DONE!! Welcome to one of the greatest Fire Emblem-related treasures I’ve ever just so happened to find in the wild: a TEN page interview from Nindori (Nintendo Dream) magazine with none other than Claude’s Japanese voice actor, Mr. Toshiyuki Toyonaga!! What I thought would be a quick, fun little project before I got to my big goal of translating the FE3H drama CD, ended up being an epic journey that spanned 9 months. Being a translator is wild. You NEVER know what project will end up being the one that tests your limits. Turns out this one was mine. It just so happened to use language that was very complicated for me. As a result, this is one of the translations I’m most proud of yet, so please enjoy it extra hard! =3 If you read my original page-by-page tumblr posts, then there really isn’t any reason to re-read this final Google Doc version if you don’t want to. Nothing changed aside from some super minor typos and formatting issues. Full story: last November, I put in a big order of things I wanted off Amazon Japan, so I could justify the DHL shipping price to the US. The big ticket items were the new FE Drama CDs for Three Houses and Awakening, but among the other things I ordered was an issue of Nindori. I used to buy Japanese magazines while I was in Japan for the bonus item, and then I’d end up ignoring the actual magazine because I had no time to read it... Well this time, I couldn’t do that. I soon found a treasure worth way more than just the Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity poster I originally wanted: a TEN page interview from Claude’s Japanese VA. I immediately dropped everything to translate it... but it turned out to just so happen to be a VERY difficult translation for me, and I have only just now polished off the final draft for all to read. Please enjoy, FE:3H fans!!!!
  4. -------------------------------------- Link to translation on Google Docs (Links to the folder with the translation, plus folders with high quality files of the image and art scans.) Link to translation on tumblr (Includes links to my other FE novel translations as well.) Update: This project is now 100% complete! 🥳 Please look forward to next year's projects, the completion of the FE4 short story translations, and the beginning of the FE7 novel translation! -------------------------------------- Follow me on tumblr for new translations the moment I finish them! I also have twitter, but since it is secondary in my brain to my tumblr and Google Drive, I tend to update it really late. I also do FE game localization vs. Japanese translations and analysis posts, so follow if you are interested in those as well! FE8 was the second most popular option on my poll, so translating this novel set is my major project for 2021! Its 2 books are the longest of any of any FE novel series not divided into 3~4 books, so it's an ambitious project to do in just a year, but I'm determined! Enjoy. 🙂
  5. Sigurd's story is now 100% complete! Enjoy, and a little late, but still in good timing to celebrate Seliph's new alt nonetheless, Seliph's story will begin on July 18th!
  6. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️ Reading all I've translated is a pretty big goal all on its own. I hope you enjoy, and if you want, you can always send me a request for a translation! If you don't use tumblr, you can send a message on here or something, whatever works. Tumblr is the only account I check super regularly, but I check all my messages across the internet eventually.
  7. Heya, I'm the translator! XD Fortunately, I have plans to get that far one day, unfortunately for Archanea, when I did a massive poll for which novels everyone would like to see translated first, FE 1/3 were at the bottom of the list. But fortunately and unfortunately, there's no novels after FE8, so I'll get to Archanea a little sooner rather than later. My order is FE5 (complete) -> FE4 (in progress) -> FE8 -> FE7 -> FE2 -> FE6 -> FE1 -> FE3. So just keep up to date with where I am! I'm determined to get us there one day! The least I can do now, is make a note to prioritize Takayashiki Hideo's novelization over the other, as there's two.
  8. Thanks so much for saying this, I appreciate it! The novel is a straightforward breeze excluding some technical war-related vocab, I'll casually type out huge chunks on my phone while relaxing on the couch, but this manga will leave me going ??????? for pages, and I have to put down the chapter and come back in a few days when my subconscious has figured out what it all means. Even a mere year ago I probably would have given up on it. I've only cracked down really hard on getting to full Japanese fluency in the past year, when I had a huge wake up call, and realized that even being an advanced speaker doesn't cut it if you want get picked for a Eng/Jap bilingual job over the competition. Also, about the gen 2 ages, there's a Q&A section at the end of vol. 12 which I have translated a bit of (though it probably won't be finalized until we've finished the manga itself first), and someone asks Oosawa about some of the character ages not adding up, to which her response is basically "Uuuuhhhhh... there's a bit of leeway here and there, but the rest... yeah..." So yeah, everyone is well aware that details are a bit fuzzy in places.
  9. Hey, I'm the new translator! The Oosawa manga has been pretty challenging for me, it actually has lots of high level Japanese vocab and can get pretty complex. I can translate most of the FE4 novels without a dictionary, and then I'll get hung up on a couple manga pages for the exact same story for days. How did that happen? XD As a result, I haven't managed to produce translations for the manga as fast as I have for the novels, but I'm still determined to chug along to see this project through to completion, so keep checking in to see our progress! 😄
  10. Yeah, I've really enjoyed both the novels I've translated so far - FE4 and FE5 - as stories to read, and not just more FE content to share with the world. I've read some short reviews from Japanese readers that some of the other novels aren't as good. The big issue seems to be space... even 2-3 giant honking books aren't enough to fully do these stories justice, and a lot of fine details, like character development, gets cut. But I haven't read any of the other novels personally yet to confirm. And I can be inconsistent with leaving translator notes, so just let me know if you think there's ever some things I could comment more on, or have other suggestions, or whatever. XD
  11. The first chapter of book 2 is now complete! I'll be posting a part a week, with 1 week break between each chapter, until the book is completed in June. Seliph's tale will begin in July. 🙂
  12. Howdy ya'll! This time, I come bringing not a novel translation, but a drama CD translation! Linked below is a full translation for the FE7 drama CD released this past April - Roland's Inheritors! It's based on chapter 28 of Eliwood's story. Click here for the translation!
  13. Book 1 is now complete! I'll be working on a couple of the FE4 short stories next, then return for book 2 in January. Thank you so much, and perfect timing! Hope you enjoy the read. 🙂 I hadn't heard of them either for the longest time... Discovering them was one of the most magical moments of my life. Ha ha. Thanks and enjoy the read! 🙂
  14. Chapter 4 is now complete! This is where the novel finally starts getting into the events of the game!
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