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  1. Chapter 4 is now complete! This is where the novel finally starts getting into the events of the game!
  2. Chapter 3 is now complete! It serves as a prologue for the events that lead up to where the game starts, detailing what happens in Grannvale and Isaach after the attack on Darna.
  3. Chapter 2 is now complete! Read the details of Arvis' backstory in this chapter. Progress has slowed due to my return to the US after 5 years and job hunting, but this translation is still coming along well!
  4. Chapter 1 is now complete! Enjoy, everyone! I didn't know there were novelizations for the longest time either! Enjoy! And if you think you have a crush on Edain now, just wait until she shows up in the actual text... I've read ahead quite a bit, and she gets introduced strong right off the bat. Yup, you're right - there's someone who translated a good chunk of the short stories. They look to be awesome translations, though I only skimmed them because I want to make my own translations some day. Jugdral is my love and I want to provide my own translation to all the FE novels I can, even if there's some overlap. Enjoy! There much in-depth goodness to be enjoyed, and even plenty of pre-game plot events detailed in full! I mean, the information is nothing new, but I think it's the first time these events have been provided in full storytelling detail and are quite a treat.
  5. -------------------------------------- Link to translation on tumblr Link to translation Google Doc - Images and Art -------------------------------------- EVEN IF YOU HAVE PLAYED THE GAMES AND DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS ENTIRE THING: I still highly recommend reading from the prologue, to Chapter 3. These early parts address backstory that was not fully fleshed out in the games, including: 1) Loptous' meeting with Galle, 2) the story of the 12 Crusaders, 3) Arvis' childhood, and 4) the attack on Darna. Follow me on tumblr, or twitter, for new translations the moment I finish them! I also do FE game localization vs. Japanese translations and analysis posts, so follow if you are interested in those as well! -------------------------------------- Links to FE5 novel translation, for those who haven't found it yet: Book 1 - Book 2 - Images and Art -------------------------------------- Howdy, everyone! Now that I have finished my translation of one of the FE5 novels (aside from minor edits, like updating to fit the new Project Exile naming standards), and the results of my "which should I translate next" poll are out, I have started work on one of the FE4 novels! It claimed 1/4 of the votes, even with other FE4 book options on the poll! Whoa! We as a fandom are really into Jugdral right now! FE4 is my favorite video game of all time, and I could not be more excited to translate this novel and share this retelling of the story with you all. I've currently translated up to Chapter 1 Part 1. Be sure to follow me at the links above for immediate updates! Of course I'll post here as well, but I mostly use tumblr and twitter, so those will get updated first.
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