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  1. It would be awesome if someone did a let's play on this cool hack and post videos in YouTube.
  2. I'm actually enjoying playing this hack. I think that it's a great improvement compared to the vanilla version of the game. Now concerning the 2 extra arenas I sorta did what you suggested. I trained them till they were able to double attack (between level 8-12) but I did not arena abuse at all. The game so far it's still a challenge but manageable thanks to those 2 extra arenas. I do agree with Mavi about Bors. His stats and growth rates need a little fix. Perhaps you could make Bors like Oswin, base Bors with Oswin's growth rates. Other than that I'm having fun with this hack.
  3. Rufus from VP 2 Silmeria would definitely dominate in a Fire Emblem version of VP.
  4. hahahah... You are right! Arngrim is badass in every way imaginable.
  5. That's great to know that other members are helping you and stuff. I'm watching your new FE6 Extreme YouTube videos now. It looks like you have Ch. 8 split into 2 separate videos. You did good!
  6. Attacks seem translatable to Fire Emblem standards.
  7. Thank you for that eclipse. I appreciate it, however I find the FE Universe moderators friendlier, and less strict about things. It feels more relaxed there in my opinion. But regardless, I enjoy being here anyway 🙂
  8. Thanks for all your comments and feedback. Another fact to note is that Valkyrie profile Lenneth is broken down into periods which can translate into FE style chapters. P.S. In each period Lenneth recruits another einherjar. Therefore in an FE version of Valkyrie Profile she can recruit 1 or a few einherjars each chapter.
  9. Is it possible to make Valkyrie Lenneth, Hrist, and Silmeria sprites, portraits, and battle animations? I don’t think that anyone has attempted to make a Valkyrie profile game using FE6, FE7, or FE8 as engine. I think that FE8 as the engine fits since FE8 has creatures, monsters, and dragons. Valkyrie profile games has all sorts of monsters so it fits. If you consider Valkyrie profile characters, you’ll see that their classes are easily translatable to FE classes. For instance, Arngrim = mercenary, Jelanda = mage, Jun myrmidon, Lawfer = soldier, Lezard Valeth = shaman, Llewelyn = archer, Lucian = cavalier or knight, etcetera… You get the idea. Is there a Valkyrie Profile fan in here that could make this concept into a project?
  10. That's a cool touch on Roy's alternate Sword of Seals animation on your part. I found out about it in one of your FE Universe posts https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-the-binding-blade-extreme/5722 I gotta get that Sword of Seals man. I'm definitely having fun with this hack. I've tried others but this one is very unique in it's own way. Good job _Legault_!
  11. You didn't? Well I don't know how far you are in his hack but If I were you I'd download his current patch which is updated and start from the beginning. Your save file has data from the previous patch, you'll not be able to fully enjoy this patch. Legault did say that he has perfected and polished his hack (which doesn't need any more updates). Thus far I haven't seen any errors and glitches. I guess that he took all of you guys ideas and implemented them in his hack along with a few of his own.
  12. Hey there _Legault_ Here's my general feedback on your hack: Your hack is definitely a challenge. Now I understand why you included the Heal/Mend staves in chapter 2 and an arena in chapter 3 & 5. To be honest I had to restart a few chapters, however your hack isn't impossible to beat. It's a good challenge. You've managed to create a new difficulty, a difficulty which is in between normal and hard mode. I think that's awesome. I like the fact that in the hack/game there are weapons that from FE7 that unfortunately were not included in FE6. Weapons like the Heavy Spear, Longsword, Dragon Axe, Wind Sword, and the FE8 weapon the Dragonspear. I beat Legance with Bors, their dialogue was rather interesting and more intense in my opinion. Paladin Erik caught me by surprise, that was a good call in your part by the way. Erik in FE7 is a cavalier and in FE6 he is a cavalier despite the fact that he's the Marquess of Laus. In conclusion I'm having a blast with your hack, I've only played the vanilla version of FE6 once and coming back to replay a re-imagined version is great. Thanks!
  13. Your FE6 Extreme hack is awesome! I'm definitely having fun with this. I appreciate the challenge and I find It very engaging indeed.  

    Thanks for posting it here.


  14. Awesome! This definitely seems like a fantastic hack. I'll go ahead and download the patch to patch my Japanese rom. I'm actually exited to give this hack a go. After reading most comments and the actual post, I'm convinced that I will have fun playing this hack. Thank you for creating it and posting it _Legault_
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