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  1. Claude's route also has that map.
  2. Overall she's a well written character. I don't like her one bit though. I don't like neither her personality nor her methods. She thinks she's better than Rhea/Church, but she's actually the same, if not downright worse.
  3. Archery is her one true calling and it's also her canon class if you pay attention to her support convos, but you can obviously make her into anything you want. Ignatz isn't bad, he's just worse than Leonie. He works fine as an archer if you need one and has a decent personal ability for archery. I made my Lorenz a Dark Knight(dark mage->dark bishop->dark knight) and he was pretty good. Bulky enough to withstand quite a bit of punishment and decent mag/spd to ORKO the majority of enemies and replenish his hp with lifetaker. Maybe mine got RNG blessed tho, because his def stat was very respectable, like 30 or something by endgame if I remember correctly.
  4. You need two seals. One for dark mage and one for dark bishop. You can't promote a unit to dark bishop if he hasn't unlocked the dark mage class before. Best archer in my opinion if we are excluding Claude is definitely Leonie. She turned out better than Bernadetta and Ignatz in both my playthroughs. She is very easy to promote to Bow Knight(bows, lances and ridings are her strengths) and get that sweet 1 mile range too. In short, that's the only archer you need.
  5. Since I've gone through the trouble of confirming these stuff just now and posted them on gamefaqs too, I might aswell post them here too. Completing Battles/Quest Battles/Paralogues, basically any battle that costs battle points, rewards you renown regardless of who is MVP. MVP, be it Byleth or a student, having full motivation or not, doesn't affect jack crap when it comes to renown. You get the same exact amount of renown no matter what. Also, the battles on normal that cost no battle points indeed give you zero renown no matter what. Completing Monthly Missions with Byleth being MVP doesn't reward you extra renown. I tested and soloed first few missions with Byleth and I got nothing. To recap, you either get renown or you don't. Who is the MVP, be it Byleth or a student, doesn't matter at all. Any battle that costs battle points in Sundays, be it paralogue, quest battle or just an auxiliary battle, will award you renown. So if you want to maximize your renown gains, you only do battles on sundays and of course complete all the monastery quests. MVP only affects motivation. Byleth being MVP gives 25 motivation to everyone. A student being MVP increases their motivation to max(100).
  6. In NG+ and subsequent playthroughs, you can use the journal to buy any crest item you want(1000 renown per crest item). If you want you can buy them all. However, you are given some for free depending on the route you completed. If you let's say completed BE route, you are given all the crest items associated with BE members plus all the crest items "lost in time"(these are crest items not related to any characters and are given to you for free regardless of the route you completed). So you will be granted around 9-10 crest items for free each playthrough. These crest items don't carry over to subsequent playthroughs, whether you bought them or not. Each new subsequent playthrough you will be given for free only the crests related to the route you followed on your last playthrough(let's say you finished BE in NG, then GD in NG+, in your NG++ you'll only get for free the crests related to the peole of GD, and any crests you may have bought in NG+ for renown, you'll have to rebuy again for renown).
  7. I did Church and GD route, and the GD route explains all the mysteries WAY better than the Church route. Honestly I don't think there is something that is mentioned in the Church route that isn't mentioned in the GD route, except maybe a small bit of info about Byleth's parentage and birth circumstances. If you want some heavy plot spoilers here they are:
  8. So I am on NG++ and I don't know if anyone else already mentioned it but here is some info. Any renown spent on the journal in NG+ isn't refunded when you start NG++. Crest items you were given for free in the start of NG+ depending on the route you followed in NG, don't transfer to NG++. However, you get the crest items of the route you followed in NG+. Skills/supports for characters unlocked in NG and NG+ seem to stack for NG++. So let's say you A/B supported all BE characters in NG and all GD characters in NG+, then all those supports are available to unlock in NG++ using the journal. Also, skills unlocked for characters seem to stack for NG++ too. Let's say you raised Felix's sword to S rank in NG and then raised his brawl skill to S rank in NG+, you can unlock both skills up to rank S for Felix in NG++ using the journal. Kinda of a bummer the renown spent on journal doesn't get refunded and you can't obtain all crest items for free if you do all three routes, but oh well...
  9. By endgame master classes are definitely better. I mean Mortal Savant Felix can target both def and res(and his budding talent is +10 crit with black magic), has better movement and can attack from range. The game is very generous when it comes to stats, the loss of a couple of stats won't make any difference compared to being able to use efficiently a second weapon, have more movement etc. The only problem is if you really can/want to invest in increasing secondary skills. It's always easier to just increase sword and leave it at that, than sword and reason.
  10. Sword of Moralta? In my BE playthrough, when I recruited Felix, I unlocked a paralogue where he got the Aegis shield not Sword of Moralta.
  11. Can someone summarize to me what happens to Byleth, Rhea, Sothis and Edelgard in each of the Black Eagles route?
  12. Looks to me an outfit similar to what Rhea is wearing.
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