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  1. It's definitely possible mine was RNG blessed, but the second I put Caspar on a wyvern he became one of my best units. It's possible that the wyvern classes are just busted, though.
  2. I've heard that paired endings are determined by which units have the most support points with one another by the end, not the order in which the A supports are attained. If you check the "close allies" tab on the roster page for each character, the character at the top is the one that the unit has the most points with. As long as you keep Dimitri and Ingrid beside one another in fights and keep Ashe further away, you should be able to secure their ending, especially if you're on normal and are able to make use of the free grinding maps.
  3. Does anyone know if there's a complete list of the playable characters yet?
  4. Iirc, the volcano map is from the Dorothea and Ingrid paralogue.
  5. These are some really nice designs, and its great to get soft confirmation that there are at least a few yet unseen characters. Here's hoping we get some units not affiliated with the academy.
  6. Yeah, it was definitely a bit hard for me to tell what exactly changed for each character. Not including the designs already revealed in Famitsu, the only noticeable differences are Raph's sideburns and Ignatz's growth spurt. Other than that, Marianne looks a bit taller/lankier, but I can't be certain about that.
  7. In the video attached, it is possible to see the models(but not portraits, oddly enough) of certain Golden Deer students. It seems that some changes are rather subtle, but the character models are visibly different regardless. Additionally, every character seems to be in their unique outfit instead of a class outfit. Maybe this is the result of hacking, as Lysithea can oddly enough be seen as a level one unit.
  8. I hope the reviews of each route will be coming soon(I hope they're at least a bit in depth), they should be a lot more helpful than a numerical score.
  9. If you look at footage of the Flayn and Seteth paralogue, the grave that they mention has a strong resemblance to the structures shown here, down to the glowing runes. My guess is that they're not skyscrapers, but the resting place of Seiros or the goddess.
  10. I'm actually really happy with the designs of the hero relics so far. I was worried because they all seem to be made of bone, and may therefore have slightly redundant designs. It seems like there will be good design variety even among shared weapon types.
  11. Most teachers seem to be fairly easy. ATM it looks like Shamir only needs the player to be a certain level to be recruited, but how high a level isn't known.
  12. It may be a bit early to discount romance between students after the school phase, or the possibility of certain paired endings(though those may not be as satisfying as S ranks for some).
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