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  1. any typos done during gameplay are done in the heat of the moment my friend. And hey, listen, I'd rather not live in a world where that continuity stands.
  2. Read chapter 6.1: https://imgur.com/gallery/99aCL1R Every high has a chilling low. I get...very nervous when I post these. I hope you all enjoy this chapter.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I'm glad you have been enjoying the series. Sometimes it takes some time to upload the parts to imgur. I checked it now and it should work I recomend you replace the gallery in the URL with "a", that'll bring you to the album. Let me know when or if you see this- that chapter was a rather fun one.
  4. Read chapter 6: https://imgur.com/gallery/jCHOKdG I remember playing this chapter at 12 PM, and it was growing into late AMs for me. This whole chapter done in one go. All tears were real, all joys were made. What a wonderfully themed chapter. The gameplay in this game is ...truly something else. Going at this slower pace helps me appreciate just how solid this gameplay really is. Pre war building material FE12 is. I can't wait to play the other games in the series - and what motivates me to keep going with this project. This game's worth it. See you all in the next one, perhaps two weeks from now.
  5. Read chapter 5.5: https://imgur.com/gallery/KOxr0ow The virus really messed up with everything didn't it? Here I thought I'd be pumping out parts, but rather just trying to manage anything. Regardless here's another chapter. I plan on uploading another chapter by the end of the Month. I look forward to seeing you all then!
  6. Yes, I did dedicate a whole chapter to a game mechanic that takes only about 1 to 5 minutes to cover because I am that extra. I really do hope you all enjoy it! Read chapter 5.4 here! https://imgur.com/gallery/dqkaPIE
  7. Chapter 5.1 and 5.2 click here to read: https://imgur.com/gallery/gjXDggA Chapter 5.3 click here to read: https://imgur.com/gallery/kf0Fb2j Would write more but keyboard is broken Enjoy this reworked Sirius support convo.
  8. Chapter 5 click here to read: https://imgur.com/gallery/L3tmQxI Due to all the things that I want to put in this rewrite, and timeline wise, I had to move this conversation that typically happens at the start of chapter 10 happen much much sooner, in chapter 5. Let this be a precursor to all the chaos that will come b4 chapter 10 then. Custom music were made by myself so I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Back at it again with another chapter. Today we watch how the fall of Altea Castle affects everyone in Marth's army. Click here to read Chapter 4.1: https://imgur.com/gallery/U1UP6gS
  10. Oyy! Sorry for the delay. The next chapter is here! Mostly gameplay but I made due You can read the next chapter, Chapter 4, here! : https://imgur.com/gallery/f7DprHc
  11. Bit of a big dump, but given that this is jut a lot of units interacting that leads into the extra chapter, I felt it was justice to put it all into one part. Anyways Thank you all for reading. Also here's some behind the scenes trivia, If you don't want spoilers just read the part b4 scrolling down more past the image: You can read Chapter 3x here! You can read Chapter 3x.1 here! You can read Chapter 3x.2 here!
  12. In this thrilling chapter, we see the conclusion of Chapter 3, full of death threats, mourning, Sibling level of arguing, and two old people taking a swing at a rapist. Am I making up this catchline just to make you read the chapter? You have only one way to find out – read it yourself! You can read Chapter 3.2 here! I now have a friend who is aiding me in curating covers by providing some basic thumbnail sketches which I take and run with. I never thought it’d be helpful to have an extra set of hands in curating art of all things, but I’m already working on the next chapter cover now while they move on in prepping the next chapter. Next update will have two chapters in an update; 3x and 3x.1. Anticipate seeing it at the end of this month or early next feb! Thank you all for reading.
  13. These two parts were uploaded last year but due to life I didn't find the time to upload them to Reddit till now. I'm looking forward to another year of play and documenting. My future goals for 2020 is to make every cover look better – that means I'll most likely link more then 1 post at a time. Anyways, in this chapter we play the dreaded chapter 3 which happens to be my favorite map so far. This was the only map I did practice runs on and I had everything down to a science……At least I thought I did! Read to see what happens! You can read Chapter 3 here! You can read Chapter 3.1 here!  Feedback/criticism/comments/questions are welcomed in this thread, I enjoy conversations!
  14. Hello! Forgive me for the delay. This chapter is a very special one. I've been told by some beta readers that this is one of the best chapter they ever read. I've also been told that this was the worst bit of writing I ever made with Marth's character and damaged the story as a whole. I wonder what will be your reaction… maybe I'll never know. As for future updates, the job I currently hold is going into peek season now, which means less hours to work on the rewrite and 6 day work weeks. Please check my twitter, https://twitter.com/Catti21234 , every Friday~Saturday to see if there are any updates that are coming out the weekend of. I would love to pump these out every 1 to two weeks, but the covers do add a lot of additional time. Additionally, you can check the hub at the bottom of the Chapters section here I mark down when I last updated the hub. I'll be also using that as a method to keep track of what I am doing. I thank you for your understanding and patience, and I do you enjoy the read. Scroll down to enjoy the part in its entirety.  You can read Chapter 2.3 here!  Feedback/criticism/comments/questions are welcomed in this thread, I enjoy conversations!
  15. Hello! This week we continue with more custom supports and an interwoven narrative. I'll upload the next part in two weeks, that one needs some last-minute touches… You can read Chapter 2.2 here! If the link is not working, please use this one https://imgur.com/a/2pbs5Fh  Feedback/criticism/comments/questions are welcomed in this thread, I enjoy conversations!
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