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  1. Wait, I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do weapons work in this game? Are they completely unrestricted from the classes now? Cause if so then that whole list might just get changed.
  2. Oh man, I really feel this one, In a Silver Garden With You is just so sad with or without the context, and Fire Emblem's had a good share of sad songs.
  3. Oh no, tracks are welcome, I honestly didn't realize that there was a difference between the two for some people!
  4. This is definitely a good response. I really feel like Three Houses class options right now are kind of limited (at least compared to the latest non-remake games) so it would be really great if they brought in some more high-tier classes via DLC (Malig Knight and Bow Knight come to mind). It's very unlikely, but free DLC/patches for this kind of stuff seems very plausible and kinda cool!
  5. Fire Emblem has a lot of really great music. So much so that I don't think I've heard the majority of the music from even my favorite games! So, I figured it would be fun to have everybody post their favorite tracks in one big topic! For an example, here's my current favorite: Have fun!
  6. I'm not quite sure how to link from it here, but someone in the thread where this card was announced already said that it's not necessarily de-confirmed yet due to the wording of the translation. It also doesn't mean they won't do anything like the Ebon Wing or Dread Scroll in Fates, where it was just a free* item available in-game. * - You did have to buy the other two routes on one cart to get these but I just consider it to be an in-game deal.
  7. Hey, guess this means I was thinking right when I made my DLC classes topic, hopefully! Clothes will also be cool to see depending on how they take it (maybe that will help the people who really dislike Byleth's current outfit options). I also wonder if this means we'll eventually get a Sothis or Byleth amiibo. Seems unlikely seeing as Nintendo's significantly slowed down the amiibo hype train, but I'd love a Sothis one personally. I also hope this means we get challenge maps like in Fates, where we can go up against the older characters that got amiibos, cause that was my favorite part of those!
  8. With the whole concept of time travel seemingly being involved in Three Houses plot I actually can see this being a possibility for a class. While I'm typically against bringing firearms into fantasy settings, it would be very interesting if they made it a one unit situation.
  9. I brought it up in another thread recently, but who else is expecting some DLC classes out of Three Houses, and if so, what classes do you think will appear? Of course it wouldn't just be restricted to previous DLC classes I'd imagine, so go wild I guess! Personally, I'm expecting to see things like the Witch and Ballastician make a return due to the simple fun nature of both classes. Dread Fighter and Bride also have very high potential to return too I'd imagine. I'm also interested to see if they'd pull off the Echoes styled DLC classes again (a new tier of the base-game classes sold individually).
  10. Speaking from a writer's perspective, I'd say it all depends on a third outside factor: how seriously the plot takes itself or how the audience should receive the plot. If, say, you're writing a child's story, your plot structure can vary wildly but your theme should be rather strong and apparent as that's what children expect and can understand. However, for more mature audiences you need a coherent plot structure more than anything as I see it, because for the most part a mature audience can already create their own theme for your plot if they really want to but if there are plot holes and such they will pull your story apart, much like Fates. That's not to say that a good theme isn't needed at all though, cause if there's no theme at all then you're probably just writing nonsense at that point or your story will fall limp. Thinking of it as a graph, a good theme can raise the story's baseline enjoyment up while a coherent plot can raise the total enjoyment of the story up even more. But that's just my way of thinking of it.
  11. 31,249 Only about 25.69 more times of the way there!
  12. Took this style from LSM above because it appealed to me, hope you don't mind. I also don't know much about the characters or how weapons to classes work in this game so apologies if this seems kinda odd. Byleth: Myrmidon > Thief/Mercenary > Hero or Swordmaster Black Eagles Edelgard: Fighter > Brigand (Low chance for Lord cause I want her using axes) > Warrior or Wyvern Rider Hubert: Monk > Dark Mage > Warlock Dorothea: Monk > Priest > Bishop Ferdinand: Soldier > Knight > Fortress Bernadetta: Fighter > Archer > Sniper Caspar: Fighter > Brawler > Grappler Petra: Myrmidon > Pegasus Knight > Wyvern Rider (I guess no Falcon Knight this time?) Linhardt: Monk > Mage > Bishop (Unless if he has a hidden talent with riding or lances! Then he's going down the Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin route!) Blue Lions Dimitri: Soldier > Lord/Cavalier > Paladin Dedue: Soldier > Knight > Fortress Felix: Myrmidon > Thief/Myrmidon > Swordmaster/Assassin (Heavily depends on how good each class' skills are) Mercedes: Monk > Priest > Bishop Ashe: Soldier/Fighter, but I can't really say here without knowing if he has any movement proficiencies. Annette: Monk > Mage > Bishop Sylvain: Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin (Gotta get my red cavalier) Ingrid: Soldier > Pegasus Knight > Wyvern Rider Golden Deer Claude: Fighter > Thief/Archer (Probably no Lord due to no bow use) > Assassin/Sniper Lorenz: Soldier > Cavalier > Paladin Hilda: Soldier but without knowing any movement talents I can't say much more Raphael: Fighter > Brawler > Grappler Lysithea: Monk > Mage > Bishop (With her skill though I might just do whatever I want, really) Ignatz: Fighter > Thief/Archer > Assassin/Sniper Marianne: Monk > Priest > Bishop (Unless if we get Falcon Knights, which I hope we do) Leonie: Fighter > Archer > Sniper > Hopefully Bow Knight of some form Still don't know enough about a lot of character's talents and the actual class skills, so this is very much a temporary list. Really hope there's more fighting talented characters because I always want more fist-fighters in games!
  13. Not so much a "class I'm expecting to see" but I wonder if the DLC classes will return in this game (Bride, Witch, Rigain, etc.) While I wasn't huge on the Echoes DLC classes (basically pay2win) the Fates and Awakening styled DLC classes would be pretty cool to see return. I also really want to see a Dark Knight style class and Beast-like classes return. Dark Knight is just cool because magic and weapons combined are a yes for me, and we just haven't see any beast characters yet (or any chapter recruits really) so it'd be really cool to see them. Mechanist and its bizarre style would also be fun to see again in an actually difficult game.
  14. Aaa, so scary! Just kidding! That aside, its really cool to meet you, and welcome (sorta)! Man, I wish I got into the series young enough to be able to say this sorta stuff. Beating a game twenty times over is nothing to scoff at! This sorta stuff has always been a dream of mine, so it's super cool to hear that somebody has actually pulled off turning FE into a live fiasco ala Dungeons and Dragons. I personally run a DND session with a few of my friends with a heavy basis on Fire Emblem lore as well, but the outdoor/grids aspect of this is a whole different level! Glad to see somebody who couldn't get into Awakening and its successors not just immediately dump on it for once. I've always wanted to learn Japanese too in order to really get into other Japanese games, but I figure its gotta be hard. At least Three Houses will still include Japanese dialogue too! Anyways, it was nice to meet you!
  15. Welcome! I joined only two days ago and for pretty much the same reason as you and with almost the same experience so its cool to meet you! I'm sure you'll like Path of Radiance when you get around to it too. Have a fun time on the forums!
  16. Lucina and Chrom are possibly the most bland lord characters in the entire franchise so far. (Also restricting an entire version of a scene to only having Lucina as your daughter/wife was bs) Chrom and Robin as a pairing is like slamming two boards together, there's no personality between either of them. Edelgard seems to be a massive hypocrite and probably a very unsympathetic and uninteresting lord character. (Could change when Three Houses comes out but we'll see) Casual mode is just a general quality of life improvement because I know I'd just reload to bring the character back anyways. (I understand the appeal of Classic, but I just don't like having my characters die unless if the plot warrants it.) EDIT: The characters in newer games shouldn't just all be bisexual, it really ruins the character of them, it should go for a more Dragon Age style with specific characters having different sexual preferences. (Not just two characters that are Avatarsexual tho please)
  17. Persona (Never played the first two, but 3 and 4 are two of my favorite games ever) Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga Drakengard/Nier (if that counts?) Mother Dragon Quest Digimon Bravely Default Rune Factory
  18. Heroes and Swordmasters have always been a favorite because I just love seeing how much damage I can get them to dish out and take later in the game. Also Archers in Echoes because RANGE GAME TOO STRONG.
  19. Always going to be Knights and any of their non-mounted promotes for me. I want a lot of movement capability in my army so knights are the antithesis to my strats. EDIT: Can't forget Dark Mages and Sorcerers either, something about the way they play just always felt wrong to me with the gimmicky magic and abilities.
  20. Switch>Gamecube>N64>Wii>Wii U Never really got to use NES or SNES so I can't say in those regards But I feel like SNES would go between GC and 64 and NES would go at the bottom.
  21. Minecraft. I know it's sort of a meme game at this point, but I know a lot of people that are genuinely obsessed with it. I've just never really found the point to it whatsoever and it just feels like such an empty game honestly. It might be better with friends but idk. also totally not cause I like Terraria more Also Stardew Valley. I came from playing Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Rune Factory games but for some reason this game also just has the same empty feeling as Minecraft, none of the characters feel "real" enough to me and I never feel like I'm progressing.
  22. Fates. The game is just a mess story and tone wise, and the story is my favorite part of all FE games. Shadow Dragon (DS) is an extremely close second though just because it's so dull/antiquated gameplay wise.
  23. Glad to hear that! I've always been interested in playing the Jugdral games myself (especially with all the praise I hear for Genealogy) but I just haven't gotten around to it. Looking forward to the day I get to though! Thank you for the welcome! I'm really glad somebody got the reference with my name too!
  24. I'm Henri, and I've been lurking about on Serene's Forest for a while now, but decided to make an account after Three Houses finally got me excited again! I've never really formally posted on forums like this, so I hope I can find somewhere to fit in eventually. I'm really interested in actually joining the community now though, and it'd be awesome if I could find a way to put myself to work on new projects and the like. I've played Fire Emblem Awakening, Fates, Echoes, and I'm currently working on beating Path of Radiance. I know my member card places me as the type to have actually beaten a Tellius game, but I just already feel like I enjoy Tellius more than any of the other series I've played. After PoR I'm looking to play through Radiant Dawn as well. (after beating digital devil saga as well though lol)
  25. Really glad to see (at least in the in-game images) that Anna still looks like herself! The initial portrait release for her gave me a heart attack from how bright they made her colors, so this is a real lifesaver. (Also Cronje kinda looks like S-rank material even if she's definitely evil ngl)
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