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  1. Sorry for coming so late into this but naturally I should wipe my save data since it's originally coming from Nightly correct? Just want to make sure before I do so because the DLC isn't working on the already existing save data.
  2. Thank you all for the feedback (I couldn’t quote them because I’m bad at the forums system right now). Yeah I kind of rushed through it after my first draft got deleted. I’ll try again next time. I read all of yours. I don’t have much criticism to give than what’s already been given though. I liked them all.
  3. I finally had time to participate in one of these. I wanted to get it done as soon as possible because I may not have time in the future. My goal was to get it done by the 8th anyway for no real reason besides that it’s my birthday. But yeah. This was way heavier than intended. By the time I noticed there was no turning back. I didn’t mean for it to have this much weight nor was this originally going to be based off Fates so uh...keep that in mind. Criticism always welcome.
  4. Same. Mine ended up being way heavier then I originally intended it to be.
  5. Oh that’s what that’s from? I keep seeing that image of the ladybug girl everywhere
  6. I wouldn’t say surprising but, Robbie Daymond as Tobin, Hubert, Akechi, Zest and Spiderman. Billy Kametz as both Ferdinand and the male announcer in Mario and Sonic (somehow I immediately recognized him) a few others
  7. I’ve never had any problems. I forgot how I killed him but I think I killed him with Byleth in BE but I don’t remember who I killed him with in BL. He is tough though.
  8. Definitely. It gives me more motivation and even ideas. Probably not a good idea though.
  9. I get Fire Emblem’d out pretty easy so I have tons of games to back me up. I either replay a series or play a new game that I found somewhere. Right now I’m just playing Shadow Resonance Refrain. I did play a lot of Persona at some point though.
  10. I only heard her in Flame Emperors voice after finding out it was Edelgard.
  11. If I wasn’t in such a big writer’s block I’d do one of these. I dunno maybe I’ll try my hand at this one anyway if I have time.
  12. Every character in this thread is someone I’d like in. Especially Holst.
  13. There are plenty of characters I wish were in the game as playable characters. So who do you want? And in which route? No limit to how many characters you can choose. I’d want Rhea to be playable in Silver Snow, Judith and Nader in Verdant Wind and Randolph, Ladislava and Fleche in Crimson Flower. Those are the main ones I want but it’d be cool if few other of the characters were in.
  14. Thanks! I hope to see you around
  15. I’ve been here a while but I just realized that this was here. I’m Orca. I’m a writer and a memer. I’ve been writing for a couple years but started taking it more seriously last year. I have a lot of favorite characters but two of my top characters happen to come from Fates (Nina and Takumi). My favorite game is Awakening with Sacred Stones at 2nd or 3rd but I haven’t finished Three Houses yet so that can easily change. I’ve been told multiple times that I have bad taste. That’s pretty much it.
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