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  1. Hello, anybody knows how to get enemy ranges on hard mode? I tried using this code: 04191AC8 28000003 04052C98 28000003 04067C5C 28000003 But it doesnt work for me and after a battle, the game crashes. Im not sure what version i have. Muraim has Mist description, so theres that.
  2. I would wait for Ophelia. Most combat child units like to get the lvl 20 insta promotion without having the chance to getting RNG screwed and by Chapter 19 she can go 20/2 so you dont need a Master Seal. If you plan to use Percy as a long term wyvern, then wait for him to get to lvl 20 (or around that). Early promotions are mostly for units that dont really contribute much and thats a way to make them usefull for some time, but they tend to fall off. Percy is one of the best, if not the best child unit because his class and with Effie as mother he has some good growths, so give him some levels, i think he is worth the kills.
  3. I like all of Hilda's crit quotes. They are not the best but idk, i just like them. Also, at first i didnt like the cliches professor quotes from Byleth, but "Here is something to belive in" is just such a powerfull and good line, i just love it. I have Catherine's and Felix's crit quotes melted in my brain because i heard them so often is not even funny. Those 2 are crit machines.
  4. So i remember when the review copies were out there was this rumor about GD being the hardest route and BE the easiest. Well that was a lie. After finishing all 4 routes i think that there are a lot of factors that can contribute in a route being hard or easy, mostly experience, optimization, etc. I dont think NG+ should be used when debating this for obvious reasons. Also, this game is kinda easy overall, so there is not a hardcore old school route for now. With that said, my tier would go like this: 1. Blue Lions: Hardest for me. Final map was insane. 2. Black Eagles Church: Have some peaks here and there, but it wasnt that much compared to BL in my opinion. Final map was also pretty good. 3. Tie with BE Edelgard and GD. I would say BE Edelgard is probably the easiest but it was the first one i played, so that matters, but the last 2 maps are harder than anything GD threw at me. I do think GD is really easy, not a single map was challenging for me. Even the final boss was kinda easy (really, really epic tho, probably best final battle right with BE Edelgard and the epic atmosphere) So what you guys think? This is obviously my opinion and should not be taken seriously when debating this stuff. Just would like to hear other opinions.
  5. Assassin is only better on movement, which depending on how you see it, it could be the most important attribute. Swordmaster is "better" overall, but the lack of movement hurts. Saying that Assassins are better or have "1 point" over Swordmaster for 20% Dex growth is just not true. It is way better to have 10% Str growth, even more when the best sword users really like that (Petra, Felix, etc). You dont need the 20% Dex when you have Swrd Crit +10. Locktouch is not that great in this game when you can buy/get keys like is nothing and even use the convoy mid battle. It is good to have tho, but you are better sending a flyer to a chest than your 6 mov assassin. Lethality and Assassinate are completely useless and should never be used (same with Astra to be fair). Then you have Sword Crit +10 and again, the best Sword users love that skill, cause they have high crit chance, it can also snowball with rings, high crit swords, etc, so again, in this aspect, Swordmasters are better with little debate IMO. Finally, base stats are not even a thing to look for them. Class bonuses on the other hand, Assassins have +3 Dex and +5 speed, the latter being great and Dex being not worth at all compared to +2 str, +1 dex (and +10 swrd crit which cover this anyway) and +4 speed. I fail to see how the Assassin bonuses are better than the swordmaster. Overall, Swordmasters are better, but the +6 movement and the "i dont care about terrain" for the Assassins is just so good that it might be worth over Swordmasters.
  6. So i saw a video with a white Dragon riding class, like a Wyvern Lord but the Dragon was white. Any idea which one would that be?
  7. Again, not true. What she did is called unification/conquer, like many others nation have done in the history of the world and the leader of that movement is not a dicatator. You are just filling those 2 boxes (Ruler and take by force) and saying "well, she has both, so she is a dictator" but it doesnt work like that. With that said, i do understand what your point is, she is a ruthless person, but that doesnt make her a dictator.
  8. Try to be less unclear next time. Even then, you are still evading the main point. So every king/queen in the story of anything is a dictator because they had full power over the country they ruled? No, and is not even debatable, so no, shes not a dictator. Im not defending her tho, just clarifying that calling her a dictator is not accutare, as you did.
  9. Not at all tho? Dimitri also has total power over his Kingdom, even Claude, even tho is an Alliance and you are completely ignoring the "by force" part, which neither have done.
  10. Weight -3/-5 and Movement +1 are amazing even you if you dont plan on using a mounted/armored units. Lysithea Gremorys with +1 movement and Range is a god on earth. Alert Stance is also great but mostly for Flyers, cause Master tier Flyers have +10 avoid. Give them an Avoid Ring and they are the best bait units in the entire game. Ingrid and Petra had like a 5-10 chance to get hit with that, after Alert Stance. On the topic tho, for me, i just finished BL after both BE routes (only GD missing) and never knew about the B support chance to recruit students. I thought that it only makes them easier to recruit, like now they need D in something and no C/C+. Gonna try it for my final route.
  11. So i found this post on reddit and wanted to post it here: I guess things get more interesting on Lunatic/Maddening, for the hardcore players.
  12. Just want to make a little contribution to the topic. In my experience with Annette, you cant rally if you are 3-4 tiles behing everyone else. Doesnt really matter on short maps, cause she can just move first, rally, and then everyone moves, but on the postskip maps, that are, in the most part, bigger, she is not good at rally at all. I do have to say, mounted magic users are really, really good, but they come too late and just one more thing, Huber is better than Annette just by having Dark Magic (stuff like minus defense, etc etc), more range on those spells and better (overall) speed.
  13. This is what i hoped for when i made this post. Thanks a lot! Also, i was looking like crazy on how to get the Sword of Moralta, so again, thanks for that.
  14. This is interesting. I defeated Seteth with Byleth but not Flayn tho and i was able to do the paralogue. With that said, they were alive after the battle, with the letter to Rhea and stuff. Good observation, thanks.
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