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  1. @XRay I want to make a team from my current favourite units and use them in AR-O. At least reach ter 27 in their season
  2. Yes I have Plumeria & Naga in astra too. Please look at my previous question, I show it below for you:
  3. I have Dagr,Mila & Reginn. Which is now I can use 6 slots total in lights & maybe in Astra too I think. 2 mythics in Light & 2 mythics in Astra.
  4. I want to use a full fliers team & stay in tier 27 with this team(AR-O), need help with the last flier slot: About the last slot I don't who I should choose. Here is my current flier units: Sigrun Plegian Dorothea Brave Camilla Aversa Lilith Altina Hel Masquerade Eldigan Sword Catria Naga Erinys Melady Masquerade Lachesis Masquerade Ethlyn Cherche Altena Fiora Annand Halloween Nowi Batman Beruka Flayn And other 3*,4* fliers like Caeda, Palla, Florina v...v.... About mythic units, I will summon them. I put Brave Veronica in defense team. I think she fit belong there more.
  5. Hi. I want to make an AR-O team which include Veronica(staff cavalry) and camilla(axe) in the team. I don't know which units in that team should be, their skills builds, stragegy to run that team. Eager to hear your suggestions
  6. It's odd. I can use FEAT.exe to convert ".bin.lz" file to ".bin" . But I can't convert back from ".bin" to ".bin.lz" file. I tried FEAT v1.0, v1.3, V1.4 . I tried "Run this program with win 7,8" . "Run as Admin" but the result is the same. * crying in win 10 *
  7. He already told u " DO NOT CLICK " =))
  8. thuốc để dưới lưỡi
  9. How about : two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda Why the person above me ask dumb questions ?
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