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  1. Fe8. have you played FE8 randomized ? check it out. I think it's cool.
  2. Afterschool I go to the parking to pick up my bike and go home. But I accidently pick the wrong bike that have the same color at my bike. I decide to take it and drive out the parking. Drive for a while, I think this is wrong thing. If my bike is stolen by someone else, I would upset too.So I decide to return it to the parking. And wait for a while, then I take my bike and go home
  3. For me is Lyn, the first Swordmaster Lord. Her animation is so cool too
  4. FE Three Houses is least favorite game
  5. Hi, have you figure out how to unlock outrealm item yet ? Actually there are 5 Special and DLC skill items : All Stats +2 Manual.Paragon Manual,Iote's Shield,Limit Break Manual. and 1 more Outrealm Item that Idk what it is yet. ( I think it is Silver Card ) ** To unlock them, you need to go to those Outrealm Battle Maps , press Start battle then restart, The items will change from Outrealm Item to the name it should be. Those maps are : Champions of Yore 3, Lost Bloodlines 3, Smash Brethren 3, Rogues & Redeemers 3.
  6. my avatar is not from Dungeons & Dragons
  7. Wait! you're talking about the old version. Sorry for my stupid. I thought you're talking about the NDS one. Which name is FE shadow dragon too
  8. I think it is all cool. But I think the least is FE6. The map is a little big. Im tired to move every unit every turn
  9. Hello. I tested, It worked. I dont know which part go wrong. But let start from the beginning to end. Please following : 1: Dowload the Game and DLCv2 from this site : https://www.ziperto.com/fire-emblem-awakening-dlc/ 2. Open the game with Citra-qt ( Canary version ) , play few chapters till you can save, select "Install CIA" and select the dowloaded DLCv2 file (.cia) . Save. Restart. Outrealm chapters will unlock at chapter 5 *** i'm using Canary Citra 1644 version and it worked. I think u have the problem save as me before is using Nighty version. So I think the version of Citra is the main problem that we cant install DLC
  10. If you play a game the first time, select the second hardest difficulty
  11. I mean in every game. But I guess you have already played other FE games before. Just choose the hardest difficulty. Merciless. (U can dowload save that unlocked this difficulty) Try to think your stragegy first, then if you still dont make it out, check guide.
  12. Have you found it ? Cause I didnt see u add ur signature.
  13. If you play a game the first time, select the second hardest difficulty. So i recommend play on Maniac Classic
  14. Would u do Mag/Str split for fe 6,7,8 ? and add skills to those games ?
  15. I'm playing an old game named "Gta San Andreas" . Just roaming around with K-Rose music. This game is so popular in other countries. but not in my country
  16. Severa and Sapphire, who do you love more ?
  17. Wow, i never thought about these couple. It really sound good. Cynthia and Owain I think is good for each other too, they're both very active. That's also make sense. I remember in 1 of Inigo conversation. He has birthmark in the eye ( same as Lucina ). Chrom's other children with other females don't say that. I think you should try Lucina x Gerome. The mask Lucina wear is Gerome's. And i think Gerome have a feeling for her from the beginning too.
  18. check out this thread : https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/93311-second-generation-ship-fire-emblem-awakening/https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/93311-second-generation-ship-fire-emblem-awakening/ I think Tiki x MRobin is a must. Tiki is so sad T_T. But she has no conversation with others except robin, I often think FRobin x Yen'fay ( same reason as above ). But FRobin X Frederick is so cute too 🙂
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