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  1. Hi ! I tried but I still can't find these charater face IDs. Hope u guys would help THANK YOU, I JUST FOUND IT IN FEBUILDER....
  2. FE7:blazing blade is the first FE you played
  3. thank you .I guess this game is really good/ This kind of game is intersting to me. thank you ::)
  4. I never know this game before. I definitely will play that. thanks 🙂
  5. I see 🙂 Hollow Knight and Dark Souls, I gonna write it down to my list
  6. I read a lot. But the most interesting book to me are Sutras
  7. I would play all of them. Those types is my favourite. Please keep the list go on. Thank to all of you 🙂 . I'm sorry for deleting yout texts in my quotes. I think it would make it easier for you to read
  8. thank you for remind me ^^. I just add some texts to it
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