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  1. Nice song. Its melody struck in my head
  2. Thank for remind me.. I wish I could say sorry . I can't play FE:Heroes from my country. Maybe due to country-restrict ? T_T So I don't know much about this game
  3. (sorry I wrote in wrong forum) pls don't mind me...
  4. What do u guys think ?
  5. OHAYOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. this is a good topic. thank you for make it. 🙂 I hope everyone would feel better.
  7. It's a good idea. But i think it should be something in the game like " Rain will begin after 3 turns " so the player could prepare "
  8. I think Roy just shout out Eliwood name cause he honors his father
  9. I think lyon battle animation from FE8 is good for Armor mage class
  10. not that guy. The guy just joined Avengers: Sasuke-kun Shippuden
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