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  1. im so sorry. i only know how to do on PC ( using Citra Emulator to play ) . I think u should send private messege to some members that hack in 3ds like you
  2. Nice song. Its melody struck in my head
  3. Thank for remind me.. I wish I could say sorry . I can't play FE:Heroes from my country. Maybe due to country-restrict ? T_T So I don't know much about this game
  4. (sorry I wrote in wrong forum) pls don't mind me...
  5. What do u guys think ?
  6. OHAYOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. this is a good topic. thank you for make it. 🙂 I hope everyone would feel better.
  8. It's a good idea. But i think it should be something in the game like " Rain will begin after 3 turns " so the player could prepare "
  9. I think Roy just shout out Eliwood name cause he honors his father
  10. I think lyon battle animation from FE8 is good for Armor mage class
  11. not that guy. The guy just joined Avengers: Sasuke-kun Shippuden
  12. though you should also consider units that are very good and naturally they get more exp because they fight more,
  13. No problem ^^. Actually you can click on the signature to test your class would be. "eclipse" have a samething in her signature , too. Nice 🙂 Move growth rate also in FE 5 , i guess ? I like the idea that lower Growth Rates but increase promotion bonus
  14. In his time, Paganini was accused of having sold his souls to the devil to acquire his virtuosity.
  15. Hong Nhi

    My own class

    hell yeah ! Now I'm thinking of Female Doctor class =))
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