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  1. I think Roy just shout out Eliwood name cause he honors his father
  2. I think lyon battle animation from FE8 is good for Armor mage class
  3. not that guy. The guy just joined Avengers: Sasuke-kun Shippuden
  4. though you should also consider units that are very good and naturally they get more exp because they fight more,
  5. No problem ^^. Actually you can click on the signature to test your class would be. "eclipse" have a samething in her signature , too. Nice 🙂 Move growth rate also in FE 5 , i guess ? I like the idea that lower Growth Rates but increase promotion bonus
  6. In his time, Paganini was accused of having sold his souls to the devil to acquire his virtuosity.
  7. Hong Nhi

    My own class

    hell yeah ! Now I'm thinking of Female Doctor class =))
  8. Hong Nhi

    My own class

    Your charater is nice !! It is all about healing. I will assume you have a warm heart 😉 . The staff is best suit for your charater. But the axe is abit off , i think ? Cause your charater sound like a beautiful shy kind-hearted maiden. So maybe shurikens,knifes suit ur charater more. After combat,when you attacked enemies with shuriken, decrease enemies stats. I think I would go full support role. I would like to recommend some more skills beside your awesome skill choices. Hope you don't laugh at my silly ideas : - Dual strike : Adds 10% to Dual Strike activation - Staff range + 1 - Demoiselle : Avoid and Critical Avoid +10 to all male allies within a 3 tile radius - Gentilhomme : ( nah my beaty can charm female charaters too ) Female allies within a 2 tile radius receive 2 less damage during battles - Charm : (talking about charm) Hit rate and Avoid +5 to all allies within a 3 tile radius - Dual Support+ : Increases the Dual Support level of a unit by 4 - Savior : Rescue without penalties - Special Dance : ( or maybe you would like a dancer can use staff too ), Strength, Magic, Defense, and Resistance +2 for one Turn for any unit who receives the user's Dance. - Solidarity : Critical and Critical Avoid +10 to adjacent allies - Voice of Peace : Enemies within a 2 tile radius deal 2 less physical damage - Seal skills (from FE:Fate) : After combat, decrease enemies stats ( stack combine with shuriken effect ) - Replicate : Grants use of Replicate command. Use once per battle to create a replica. ( more healer ) - Quick slave : User can perform another action after using a healing item - Mag + 2 - Rally Skills :.. ^-^
  9. not yesn'tn't lmao !!!! =)))))))))))
  10. Hope you can find a lot of friends with same tastes here.
  11. -Pls look at it again.... I just edit it with google translate.... Sorry if it confused you. I'm reading your texts. -Your writing is very fun and interesting. Thank you. I understand. ^^ + I know, I know, Kinshi Knight did it first, hush you, I possess a surprising lack of creativity. Or maybe Sky Fighter, and add sword usage to the mix. " - ^-^ everyone have their own tastes. But there is a lot of people live on earth.. So a lot of people have same tastes too. + Soldier : You are right. The original soldier is really bad. The only good thing about this class is Hp growth. + So Dexter is your archer pegesus member's name ? + Your armor mage(Sana) is pretty strong. I hope Dexter's CON is high so he could rescue and drop Sana in front of enemies. With Evalko, Sana with good growthrates can stand in the front line to tank and deal a big mount of magic damage to enemies.
  12. Hi ! Like the title said, please feel free to describe your own charater and your gang (crew, team, members?) look like. - Your charater name, class, skill, stat at lv1, (lv 20, lv40 ....) movement, cons, growths, Affinity, weapons v...v..... anything you like - The same with your gang (crew, team, members?) It doesn't need to be the classes, skills, etc v..v... from original Fire Emblem games. Just feel free to write your own thought like : Cyromancer class, Sword range+1 skill, etc v..v... I'm very eager to hear your thoughts, ideas!
  13. I found it, too. Thank you. You guys are big help ~^.^~
  14. that is a problem cause I can't join his discord. When I copied and pasted this link from his description :https://discord.gg/suyUsjR . It give me this error : It said something like this, I think : "The invitation is not valid This invitation may have expired, or you may not be allowed to join Continue to discord " When I pressed "Continue to discord", nothing happened
  15. I watched Mangs played Fire emblem PME 6, 7, 8 walkthoughs. I think it is interesting. But there is no dowload link in his video descriptions. Also I can't find it online though google.. It isn't in "ROM Hack and Fan Game Directory" section in this forum too. So hope you guys would share me if you have those patches or some fun patches like that... thank you...
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