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  1. haha =)) same thoght. I think we have a same taste to make the game more enjoyable to us. Yes. I watched Faerghast FE:Awakening Randomized Walkthroughs till end. I think the same. I think it is good, though. ๐Ÿ™‚ .I think it like "Pick My Edit" or also called "PME" walkthoughs which Mangs usually posted.
  2. Hi! I want to add new battle bow animation to Lord class. Hope you take a little time to check where I was wrong : 1) I press "Extented list" -> change "Total number of new data allocate" to 3 -> press "Reallocate data and repoint" : 2) The new weapon type slot battle animation appear, I changed it to "3" which is for bow type battle animation -> write to rom : 3) I press "Import battle animation" then choose a bow animation I dowloaded : Then the error begin, it change both bow type animation I've just created and original Eliwood sword battle animation to the new bow battle animation that just be imported : The same error go with any class. A class like Fighter which have hand axe type animation , is changed to a new battle animation that would be imported, too. Also, is there a site that after we upload a image, we can edit, resize it ? But still able to image copy that link to paste somewhere else. I'm using imgur.
  3. Sorry for delete all ur texts in your quote. I understand now ๐Ÿ™‚ . Nah. It's good though. It is what I usually do in Excel. Hlookup,vlookup.random v...v.... :=)) Manual way to randomize Fire Emblem Awakening. Cause I haven't find FE:Awakening Radomizer yet.
  4. Ty. I still don't know how to randomize the rom. I know how to randomize FE:Fate via messing RomFS. I read all information from the link above which you gave. Could u guide me a little more ?
  5. this patch is quite completed, not much error. Last time I check him on feuniverse, he was working on another project
  6. could u please change their skills abit. Like change their personal skill and class skills. This is the 3rd time I play Eiraka with charm skill and so on with other charaters.... @@
  7. I think u can play fe4 on computer using "zsnesw" Then u just need to find fe4 rom with .smc
  8. my avatar unit when I play randomized rom . She doesn't gain def at all, from cavalier class When promoted and still she maxed out luk stat, she only have 9 def
  9. Battle of cuteness . kirby vs pikachu =)) . Anyway , like everyone else. I'm play FE7 remake.. It's kinda boring . But I really like charater designs in the game. They are beautiful.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/user/marlonx26 U may want to check this guy. He put almost all charaters to FE8 after searching around in his channel, I think this is his lastest patch : https://www.dropbox.com/s/yf45g041kju6ego/Brave Hector.ups?dl=0 I still waiting for his final patch
  11. Hi ! Do u guys know how to show all weapon ranks instead of four ?
  12. FE7:blazing blade is the first FE you played
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