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  1. I see 🙂 Hollow Knight and Dark Souls, I gonna write it down to my list
  2. I read a lot. But the most interesting book to me are Sutras
  3. I would play all of them. Those types is my favourite. Please keep the list go on. Thank to all of you 🙂 . I'm sorry for deleting yout texts in my quotes. I think it would make it easier for you to read
  4. thank you for remind me ^^. I just add some texts to it
  5. I just listened "Ain't Got No, I Got Life - Nina Simone" u posted. I pretty like it 🙂 . I think you really like jazz music
  6. Hi! I'm Nhi. I'd like to ask you guys about some similar game suggestions If you know or find any similar kind of games like those below. Please let me know. Thank you. 1. Female charaters with feminine battle animations. Like Azura/Aqua from FE:Fates. To me, Her attack animations are so beautiful. It look like she's dancing while she's attacking. Battle animations that are a little feminine are still good too. Like Paine from final fantasy X-2. Online games too, I don't mind 2. Games with a lot of mysteries or stuff to discover. Needing a lot of investigating to understand. I only know Fatal Frame and Bioshock:Infinite. Where I have to collect audio tapes, read some texts in it to understand the story. But even then, I am still confused and have to read online to understand @@. 3. Hide and seek horror games or survival zombie games. These games scare me a bit... But I don't know... I want to try them.
  7. But it have it make sense. They can't just throw randomize mode at us. Like multi universe, perhaps ? I get the idea from multi robins in awakening
  8. These artists are fast. Lol FE3H style, too :
  9. Hi ! I really like Eirika too. Her look is stunning, She seem to be a good person too. First I think eiraka x Lyon. But now I think about it : More like ephraim x lyon
  10. The thing I would like to change : I hope there is a new way about recruitment. Like I really like this charater from FE6, but only can recruit her near the end of the game . So I can only enjoy her in few story chapters than end the game... Like randomizer ? So she would have a chance to be recruited earlier.
  11. Wow this song sound really dark and sad.
  12. You just activated my trap card . Mirrow Force ! Switch the target to user below
  13. I would go for speed. High speed can deny both Str and Mag attacks of the enemies. So high spd can save your unit from both both Def and Res growths. Cause that unit dodges like ninja, few can hit him/her.
  14. wow Blazing Sword is my first FE , three. about 2 things . I think : 1) Game systems likes FE:Awakening ( pair-up, split mag-str, skills,lunatic mode v...v.. ) but still keep affinity of charaters. 2) Mark charater creation ( can choose class like Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu )
  15. I can't wait to play Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Remake
  16. I don't know how to get them either. But i think I can use nightmare.exe to replace other charater with Fernand.
  17. WOW erina - a pegasus knight with 40% def growth. even higher than sissy ( the cavalier ). I'll pick her. She's also the only fly unit in your list
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