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  1. that look like 40k hammer game
  2. Imagining shazam say "teehee" instead of "shazam" when he transform
  3. actually, im pretty interesting about Fire Emblem Classes topic. especially people share their ideas to create new classes. Also, this is an interesting topic 🙂
  4. wow good taste 🙂 I used to watch my older sister play this game. Blue Mario shoot infinite fireball. Pretty fun though. Also thank to lightcosmo avatar. I discovered this song. And is that mickey mouse in the video ??????????????????? Wth is he doing there ?
  5. hell no I wouldn't let Nah go, she's so adorable ^^, she has to be in my team. It is just my opinion about weird pairing Now I think about it again, it is just a game. I will pretend Nowi aged normally like others. She's legal. But the thing I try to say is ; Have pregnant in a small body like Nowi would be difficult
  6. Sound like good ideas although I don't understand some parts. ( I'm bad in English ) 1, U mean like choose between Eiraka or Ephiam route, right ? 2. Pre timeskip period team vs post timeskip period ? Sound like heisei riders vs showa riders xD ^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I'm think about it. How about every player only control 1 unit ( their avatar ) ,and find a rom 10 vs 10 ( or more ), to make a online duel. Not just a simple duel. The player choose side they want to join ( red, blue, yellow v...v.... ), every duel is every battle with other countries. They're still level up normally. Though time, some good players can be promote to Marshals, v...v.... They have more control in that war.
  7. Yes.. He knows how to protect indirect combat units . He's good 🙂
  8. just accept it, and find your own way to make it more fun. With me, I try to edit, use code to the game. FE:Awakening , change theirs classes, skills, growths, v....v....... FE8: randomizer, add classes(currently Idk about this, currently i'm searching online), add more green and red unit in every maps, every map is a battlefield of blue+green vs red units. I find it really fun to play So I think you should find your own way to make your gameplay more interesting
  10. Hope it have pair up system, dual strike, v..v.... The enemies could pair-up, rally, dual guard v..v... just like player units
  11. maybe she do cause she want to make them become her allies ? XD I really don't know any fire emblem girl have sweet tooth like Gaius. Rinkah ? Also, gaius wears headband like Cecil. So yeah Gaius x Cecil this gaius dude is freaking hot.
  12. no no no no . Screw Caeda . The prince is mine xD Also : Your waifu is Mrs krabs. We got a krab, we got a "shrimp"eror oh.. krabimp . perfect match XD I love this topic 🙂
  13. I Like You Cause U Got That Snicker That I Need In My Life So GIve It To Me
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