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  1. tomorrow I will post a vid here to guide you(Im not certain due to my work. But I will try my best to help u soon) . hope it would help
  2. I have this problem before. I think u should patch the original rom again. Then played that new patched rom. The problem will solve.
  3. Hi! I start learning FEBuilder. but still cant solve something: 1. how to add enemies in map and make them come toward me in their turn ? 2 how to make boss come toward me ? hope u guys would help, thanks.
  4. No you cant !. you cheat on the internet to change her to another mage class.
  5. I would go with sue. Everytime look at her, she remind me of Lyn
  6. Flux is 1-3 range. this is madness. I would spam dark mage alot
  7. easy ! you just need to dow FEbuilder to do those things. Just have the original fe6 rom and fe 6 module. And u can mess around to make what u like. I really simple though. I have dow it a week ago, and easily understand it without any tutorial
  8. Qewe

    FE 7 Mag Str split

    With me, it help a lot. Example : I cheat fighter can use staff .He have 9 STR. So if I dont do MAG/STR split, he will heal allies plus 9 point (STR stat) . That would be very broken. Cause we all know fighter grow rate always higher than other class. So if I do MAG/STR split, he should have 9 STR, 2 MAG. So he will heal other plus 2 point (MAG stat). That make him wont OP anymore. Both. It is my taste, i found it interesting. I know it sound like make my charaters OP. So I just need to buff the enemy with Universal FE Randomizer and it would be ok agan . My English is not good. Hope it not hard for u to understand what I mean. Sorry
  9. Not sure where I found it. But I want to share it cause it is really hard to find it online 😰 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QJUmNCKXhN4risFjuwHqUdpxPOXAd4VY It is easy. Just use Event Assembler , then choose FE7 original rom and "FE7- Str Mag Master EA Files.txt I include Event Assembler in it. Many thanks to whoever make those.
  10. ^^ I have MAG/STR split for fe7... if u dont mind, please take a look.. hope u figure out something and add it to FE8 . please take a look at this patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QJUmNCKXhN4risFjuwHqUdpxPOXAd4VY It is easy. Just use Event Assembler , then choose FE7 original rom and "FE7- Str Mag Master EA Files.txt please take a look at this patch https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/81571-fe8-self-randomizing-rom-v13/ . I think it include what u would do but add this interesting thing " - Skill Scrolls (learn a random skill) added to drop list and prep screen shop - Amnesia Scrolls (forget a learned skill) also added" would u add those two items to your patch ? please delete some unnessary skill : nice thigh ???, skill for thief that unlock everything, canto , v.v..... basically it waste a skill slot. please randomize the enemies skills, too. The allies, enemies in the same walkthrough have different randomized skills, although they have a same class 4. Affinity is not very much useful. Is there a way to make it more useful ? Like charaters with the same Affinity in 3 radius add bonus stat together????? Like Thunder add crit, Dark add Mag, Water add Hp, ...v.v..... ---------- .. Im curious that If I start another save ( or patch another time), everything would randomize again(ally skills, enemy skills,....) . That would be awesome, give another walkthrough(new game) look like a fresh new. I think if you could add MAG/STR split to this patch https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/81571-fe8-self-randomizing-rom-v13/ . And randomized allies, enemies skills. Do something with Affinity. That would be awesome. I found this, I hope it will help u do the patch, it is a rebalanced and add skills to FE: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/86929-fe8-the-sacred-trilogy-reskin-and-rebalance-~reborn~/&tab=comments It is the kind of the gameplay I want to play with....Sorry if I ask u too much... Anything you would do with the patch. I'm very glad. I definitely would love to it many times
  11. ^^ good to see you agan. thank you. I will try FE builder. Also, where is the "mark solved" button ?
  12. hi! I really love for patch. But could u please add MAG/STR split to it ..
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