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  1. Actually I think Sylvain and Ingrid fit the Christmas Knight trope very well besides being different classes (but both start as lance soldiers). Sylvain has a red colour theme and Ingrid is green. They are childhood friends and fit the stat grwoths too. One more bulky the other one faster. And characterwise they fit too.,
  2. The capitalize issue is still from other forums in my past where I couldn't use bolds and italics. Sorry about that. And the video doesn't make any sense. No company is your friend. They all want money. That's nothing bad or evil. DLCs are not necessary bad. Without DLCs the content would never be in the game. With DLC the content is in the game and they cann also add free content by the way. Without DLC we wouldn't have any updates at all. DLCs cost money because they are additional work and additonal work costs money for the devs. The content is not cut from the game and reselled later to make money. Also Three Houses is absolutelly not bareboned. Just because you don't like a game doesn't mean it was intentionally released bareboned to release DLC later.
  3. Give me ANY source that they leave out content on PURPOSE. That's stupid, you know? The content is obviously not finished yet and it's just like addons or expansion packs in the pack. ADDITIONAL work they do to the game after release. Based that Three Houses already WAS delayed I'm pretty sure it's not already finished and content isn't leave out on purpose. It's additional content which needs additonal work. And work has to be paid.
  4. We at least now that Chevalier was most likely on Seiros side. The church has a golem called 'Chevalier'... And another golem called 'Wilhelm' like the emperor who allied with Seiros and created the Empire.
  5. Actually it does make sense to give BE a free unit and the other houses don't. BE has the fewest possible characters to recrut. They are missing Claude, Hilda, Dimitri, Dedue, Catherine, Gilbert, Seteth, Flayn... it would make them more equal by numbers.
  6. Exactly. So why do people here are paniking about 'It's only harder difficulty and we don't get new story except paralogues'?
  7. Do people REALLY think that they only mean 'Harder Difficulty' with new Story? People, that makes no sense. Of course it will be a new story.
  8. Actually they do it very well. Many of them are quiet fitting except if you only look at the tropes of the characters.
  9. There isn't only one right way to beat a chapter. You can have multible solutions and noone is forcing you to make everyone a wyvern lord. You can use every class you want and still beat the game, do different solutions. I don't understand what you mean with this sentence.
  10. When does the game ask you? I don't have this when starting a new game...
  11. Because the spirits didn't indicated anything which happens at all, while the new scenes are supposed to represent what happens.
  12. Eh... are you sure? Or are you just confusing it with the question 'do you want to use a ENDGAME file for a NG+?'?
  13. I like how every one here completelly ignores the profiles which means technically we have more than 5 slots... even if it was already mentioned. We have 5 slots per player/profil. In Fates we had 9 safe slots for everyone who uses the cartridge. So if you have a sibling or wife/husband everyone will only have 4,5 safe slots. If you have two other people everyone will only have three slots.
  14. Remember it's not their own name. So it's not an 'actual name for an organized group'. Theself simply use 'Agathean'
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