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  1. @Some Jerk Very impressive Silvia clear! Surprising how powerful she becomes with that extra damage from Flashing Blade 4, looks like a really fun set on her! @Diovani Bressan Cool clears, Merric with the Sweep skills seems really powerful. Robin couldn't fell Grima here, but at least he took down Corrin! @mcsilas Very nice! A fitting theme for this BHB. Seeing Laslow's refine work out perfectly with both supporting and triggering his own effects is so cool. The thumbnail for the video looks really good too! @Maaka Nice one turn as always! Brash Assault and Desperation you don't see every day, but if you first tank Ignis with one HP why not make use of it, eh? Itsuki soloed this map without help. A BHB with two dragon units sounded like something he should be able to handle, and indeed he did!
  2. Nagi has been confirmed to appear on this banner via the official Twitter/Facebook account.
  3. Yeah, I had a lot of grails and knew I wanted to build him once I saw him. He's serving me well, both in AR and Arena. As for the four Summer Lyn, that was a result of a very lucky session on the double special banner with her. If I can get 3 copies on her rerun this summer I will merge her to +10, but for now I'm having some fun doing clears like this. Hopefully I don't get too attached to it so I have to get 6 more Lyn instead. Yes, I meant Midori, sorry about that. I blame posting late at night and having Mamori in the Itsuki video. Thanks though, I wish you luck too! Yeah, Itsuki is super useful. I wanted to +10 a unit from TMS, so I'm happy they made the free unit good. He has absolutely been worth the grails!
  4. @Maaka Nice! Bartre brute forcing through the weapon triangle as usual, great clear! @Diovani Bressan Cool! This new Merric looks like he could cheese a lot of content with that Windsweep strat. It was already pretty good on Byleth, but on a ranged unit it will be even more powerful. @NSSKG151 That bow fits Anna perfectly, haha! I really want to make an archer with a set like that someday, hopefully Midori graces me with her presence. Nice clear! I found that Itsuki was able to completely solo this map on his own with zero support, so that I did. I also did a clear with four Summer Lyn. They handled this pretty well, the highlight is at the end where Distant Guard makes Sakura feel robbed because she can't do damage. @daisy jane @mampfoid @Landmaster @mcsilas @Zeo
  5. I will wait until stats are out to jusdge, but I'm really hoping Caeda's attack is not too high to sort of balance that weapon. Effectiveness against over half the cast sounds like a bad idea to me. But hey, so does lots of stuff they have done in the past as well I guess. Funnily enough, Caeda's weapon kind of sounds like it was designed by a child, just adding new rules as it fits them lol "You are weak to bows." "Bows are weak to me." "You have a disadvantage against lances." "But actually, lances are also weak to me..." As for the banner in general, I really like the art and look of the units. It's a bit jarring how all these characters supposedly grow up to be complete losers compared to how good their child selves are, though I guess that was unavoidable. I really like the whitewing sisters, so I think I'll be going for them. I might summon red as well until I get a Marth though, and a Caeda would be welcome as well. Believe me, I thought this as well haha. Sadly I don't have that kind of money, but I'll try getting one copy at least. As long as I don't get -atk this unit will be stronger than any of my +10 Whitewings anyway... And since they are a duo unit they will allow me to use the Duo's Hinderance structure to make life a bit harder for the Duo Hector/Kronya combo which is the most common thing that beats this team.
  6. This newest version update added a feature where you can now see your score in the Edit Defense Team menu for Mjölnir's Strike, but it doesn't seem to be working right. When you enter the screen it will display the current score of your team, then if you change the skills of your units so that your score becomes lower or higher it will keep showing the score you had before the change. If you go back to the main MS menu screen the score will be updated to what it actually is, meaning that this newly added feature is essentially useless since you still need to go back one screen to see your score as before. I was super confused for a second as to how I was only able to score 816 no matter what skills I equipped, until I went back one screen and saw what my actual score was. I'll be sending some feedback, would maybe be good if others did the same. As for Eliwood, he looks pretty good. Getting one at 5-star will probably make me build him finally. I feel a bit sad for Brave Roy who is kind of outclassed completely now, but good for Eliwood fans. He's really one of the most incredible zero to hero stories of this game, all because of his son being popular enough to win CYL 1 and get a really crazy version of his dad's sword haha
  7. This is sad... I was supposed to study in Japan for some time soon as well, so I had been looking forward to catching their events at Comiket and such. It's also surprising, I had the impression it was relatively popular for a TCG. I'll be looking forward to that last set at least, let's hope they go out on a good note! I have seen some Cipher fans completely blaming Heroes for the game ending, but I didn't get the impression that was the biggest reason from the live stream. I'm a fan of both games, so I hope this doesn't mean Heroes will be hated in every community where Cipher is discussed in the future...
  8. It's easy Wow, that is a grand achievement! I shall remember that whenever I feel awful having lost in AR; at least I make nice theme clears! Thanks for the praise! Yeah, Flame Emperor was just too obsessed with moving people around with Reposition, and that sealed his fate... And what an unfortunate fate it was, I mean what are the odds that four identical women wielding armor effective weapons would waltz into this map looking for the beach? You just can't plan ahead for stuff like that. The same can be said for your Elise, you're never ready for an armor piercing carrot. +10 Elise is looking fantastic, and so is your new Annette in the BL clear! Very nice how Mercedes turned out to be the solution helping Annette as well. Great clears!
  9. I pulled a lot of Summer Lyn on the recent Double Special banner. She seems to be a merge project for me now, but before I merge them all I wanted to try this: Four Summer Lyn is a surprisingly effective team, mainly due to Reposition being part of her default kit. Only my original Lyn from her debut banner here has had any skills inherited, the rest from the recent banner are just levelled up with crystals and using default skills. They actually rock all the units on this map, the only problem was the green mage which none of them could touch without being one shot back. The solution came from Lyn having Distant Guard in her default skillset; stack enough of that and she can barely survive. This was a pretty fun clear to do! I also did a one turn clear: Female Byleth is the mvp here, barely taking down the Emperor and making the map crack. I'm very content with having given her Galeforce. Ross was also great as a faster alternative to Cherche, which let him beat the Close Call lance fighter. Tana is awesome as well, of course. @mampfoid @daisy jane @Maaka @mcsilas @Zeo @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan
  10. Amazing, congrats! That's some awesome luck on pulling the last copies as well, what a great way to finish her off! I checked out her skill catalogue from the friend list, and it's impressively huge. Good luck with any of her alts you try for in the future!
  11. Thanks! I'm using him with Brave Lucina. She uses Shove and gives him Link skill buffs and puts him in range of the enemies, then I hit end turn lol. Due to Null C-Disrupt he can take on staff units and Firesweep cavalry as well. He isn't the ideal strat for every map of course, so I do get plenty of use out of my other teams, but I have come across a surprising amount of maps that completely crumble when faced with this guy.
  12. @mcsilas Congrats on Summer Laegjarn! She's a great unit, and you didn't get bad IVs either. Too bad about Nephenee not showing up, but I'm jealous of the Tethys since I'm merging her, hehe. And wow, that's a lot of Chrom. As for me, the double special banner has been very good to me. I got to pick up Dancer Nephenee like I wanted, +Spd -Def even which is great. I also wanted to try getting a better IV for Summer Laegjarn since I use her a lot, and since the Three Houses banner looks skippable to me I decided to go all in. I got a lot of Lyn instead. In the beginning they were looking like Sturdy Impact fodder, but now she's looking a lot more like a +10 project. In all I got seven Lyn merges from this banner, so I'm very exited to try getting the last three once the rerun of her banner comes around.
  13. Ow, yeah the powercreep stings a bit... I'm sure Chrom is going to be worth it in the end though, he has access to some pretty good personal weapons at least. And he does have the advantage of not costing 2700 Grails like Itsuki. Looking forward to seeing him when he's done!
  14. Very nice! Ross the boss indeed! Galeforce is cool on him, I use that myself. I can also recommend some tanky enemy/mixed phase sets with Rearguard/Slaying Axe/Wo Gún, I have gotten a lot of use out of that. Congrats on completing him! Nice Palla, I approve! She's my favourite Whitewing sister too. Congrats on finishing her! Congrats to everyone else who completed projects recently as well! Itsuki is now available to buy for Grails, and that means it's time for me to spend 2700 of the things! Very happy with him, he's a great tank for AR and other modes. Having a +10 unit from Tokyo Mirage Sessions feels good. His high BST and Mirage Falchion means he'll help me score higher in modes that use the Arena scoring system as well, so Grails well spent! @daisy jane @mampfoid @Landmaster @Zeo @Maaka @DarkAlf @Alkaid @Diovani Bressan
  15. @Zeo Really nice clears, and a lot of them as well! Really nice Ross you got there, Wo Gun seems really great on him. I want to outfit my own with a few more axes once I get more feathers, and he's definitely getting this one! I really liked the last clear as well, and what you said about everyone's FEH being different. It's really cool to think about how these four characters in particular would interact and fight together. This clear reminded me of one of the coolest aspects of FEH!
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