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  1. @GuiltyLove Nice to see Myrrh come out to play. Ninja Shamir landed a really heavy hit on Vigarde, good way to deal with him. Valentine Faye is a unit I don't have, but kinda wish I did. Yours looks really nice as a Far Saver. @Yggi I'm no expert, but I think this might be due to the AI sometimes using the team's slot order as a tie breaker if every other factor is equal. I know this frequently comes up when building defense teams for Aether Raids at least. Nice clear as well, Shannan definitely enjoys those HoF skills. @Diovani Bressan Nice clear by the Marths, Florid Cane is a pretty cool weapon option for the infantry ones. It was useful here despite the Canto Control on the map. I was definitely not ready for another Tana to release right now. Summoning has been terrible, went 400 orbs without pulling a focus unit at all, so sadly the new Tana doesn't feature in this clear. She unfortunately can't Galeforce either, so I'm still kind of stuck with too many ranged units for a one turn team, but hopefully I'll find some opportunities to get her in there someday. The map itself was trying pretty hard to be annoying between Bulwark, Canto Control and Save, but it wasn't too bad once I managed to break past that Axe Armor.
  2. @XenomataNice clear! Nah got so good after that refine. Nice to see New Year Fjorm in use, I kinda wish I had her, if only for collection purposes. @Yggi It certainly took quite a bit of dancing around to set up for the kill on Robin at the end there, that looked tricky. At least Jamke hit him with the overkill in the end to make up for it. Nice clear! Certainly a much easier map than last month's. Unlike in that one the enemies are all clumped together here, so it's just a matter of taking them out. Which is easier said than done of course, them sticking a 99 HP Near Save in front was kind of annoying. They've been giving them Guard effect more often lately too which is giving my Tanas a bit of trouble since they can't get Tempo. At least it wasn't an Axe Armor this time so it wasn't completely impossible to break through, and after that it went pretty smoothly. Used Pulse Smoke to get around Robin's cheat Ignis, that skill keeps proving useful frequently.
  3. @GuiltyLove That looked nice and easy. The dragons might not have been bothered to come out, but Nowi did regardless. She was not even needed to beat Leif though, even though the rest of the team was all green. Very easy, as BHBs tend to be. This one also had an enemy within starting range meaning the dance button wasn't needed. That random Canto Control was a little annoying though since it prevented me from opening with Summer Tana like I initially wanted to. Still, opening with Young Tana was probably the easiest way regardless.
  4. Fallen Edelgard soloed this map despite it being seemingly engineered to deal with her by having multiple instances of Fatal Smoke and Guard status infliction. Hitting auto didn't quite work this time, but with some piloting for smart movement she still pulls it off. I know for a fact I did it a different way the first time, since I'm sure I didn't abuse the AI's Canto usage originally, but I forgot how I did that solution.
  5. @GuiltyLoveCatria became Young Tana! I never expected her to get the warping in her refine, since I don't think the Astra Blade ever did anything similar in the other games, but it certainly makes her a lot of fun to use. The Macedon gang took care of the map nicely as always! Putting Near Save and Guard on Ludveck instantly makes the map a lot harder to one-turn, and especially for Tana who has only blue Galeforce options. Had to let normal Tana be the target of the dance button for a change since there's no way to get Tempo on her to charge through the Guard effect. Besides Ludveck everything was super squishy of course, so much so that Young Tana needed to nerf her Atk with a seal in order to get the Galeforce off.
  6. @GuiltyLoveNice clear! Unity is definitely a nice skill to have, I've used it a lot on Summer Tana myself. Selkie really took a bite out of Lilith at the end, but then Lilith bit back! Fairly easy map as BHBs tend to be. The difference between this and the recent Mythic map was absurd. I must have been sleepy when I made this clear because I have no idea why I didn't just use Odd Tempest to initiate. Wouldn't have needed to use the dance button if I did, which would have made me feel better lol. But oh well, not like it makes a big difference in difficulty, and more warping is cool, right?
  7. @Some JerkInclredibly impressive as always, but perhaps even more this time considering the map. I actually got an extra Rearmed Líf on the associated banner, so I've been a bit tempted to replicate your Olivia. @GuiltyLoveVery nice clear, bringing Petra was definitely a good choice for getting past Fomortiis. Bride Catria made short work of Gotoh as well! @YggiThat looked rough, but it was really cool to see the two bosses remain at the end. Pulse Smoke was a really great skill for handling Fomortiis, and Jamke's Deadeye was the perfect thing to use against them both. Nice work! @LandmasterAmazing job by the Elise brigade this time, having your emblem team be all ranged units and then having to deal with Gotoh is not the sort of thing you like to see. Very impressive job finding a way through this! @SasoriNice clear, these New Year units are incredibly strong! Good job playing around Nightmare at the end. I'm sad to say that I don't think this map is possible to one-turn with my usual Tana team. Not only did they place the enemies further apart than ever before, but they're also pretty much the bulkiest bosses we've ever had in a map and there's two of them. I did clear it in one turn using other units, and I was going to record that but I forgot. I basically remembered while on a train, 10 minutes before reset, and decided it wasn't worth stressing over since Gotoh is back pretty soon regardless. Pretty sad the Tanas weren't able to do it for the first time ever, but it had to happen eventually. I just didn't expect it to be like this, I always thought it would happen when we got a boss with permanent Warp Bubble or they made a full barricade of breakable walls or something. On another note, I'm not very fond of this map in general. Usually when we get a final boss in the game they do a really cool recreation of the final map from their respective game, complete with music, but just because giving us two maps at once would be too many rewards they drop that completely here and give us whatever this map is... Guess Sacred Stones will never get its final map recreated in Heroes. And they used music that was already in the game too, and despite it being kind of related to Gotoh it's not really a fitting choice for this map. Disappointed all around.
  8. @GuiltyLove Nice clears! And nice Amelia! Amelia's Prf isn't really worth the dew, sadly, unless you were going to use a Slaying Axe anyway. Mine has been doing really well since she got her new scythe though. And while you may not have the dew to spend on her, I think she deserves some refining stones for her fish. @Some JerkIncredible solo, you have a lot of patience for working this one out. I imagine it must have been really satisfying once it was finally done. Godlike Reflexes fits Olivia really well for some reason, it looks cool! @Diovani Bressan Nice clear, and nice 3 unit flex on Ótr. The amount of buffs on that team is quite a sight, they power each other up a ton. I was thinking of one turning the Abyssal maps this time but then Engage stole all the time. I did remember to record a Tana solo of the Surtr and Múspell BHB to test her new Arcane weapon though, it's definitely a very handy boost for her!
  9. Yep, though I had planned to skip this banner until that lance came up... But at least I had some pretty good luck on the banner and managed to get both an Alfred and three Chloé before reaching the spark, so Tana got some very nice fodder. Been testing her out as a bonus tank in Chaos season in AR this week, and she actually works quite nicely!
  10. @Diovani BressanNice clear! Winter Marth cleaning up the range with Save is very helpful. @GuiltyLoveThis is a neat little team, nicely invested Nino! Female Shez is a fun unit to use, I got her to +10 recently thanks to summoning a ton of green for Flame Tana. The Special charge effect in her weapon makes her a fun Galeforcer. This map wasn't very hard, but Tana got to show off her new Arcane lance at least!
  11. @Sasori Nice Arcane weapons! Bold opener by Caspar, taking that Assault Troop armor on, but he made it through and got the ball rolling. Nice clear! @GuiltyLove Lots of Canto abuse by the Macedons, and very cool offensive opening by the Grimas and Liliths! Nice clears! I had half expected to see Forma Halloween Grima in your next clear, but I guess she wasn't the right choice here. Did you end up getting her though? @SatsumaFSoysoy Love seeing Celica instantly wreck Shez like that. One less problem to deal with. Dual schythe weilding Hana has a really powerful aura about her, someone on my friend list has one too and I always notice immediately whenever she walks in. Nice clear! @Landmaster Good job by the Elises as always, gradually picking off the enemies and letting Shez slowly advance. Summer Elise especially cleaned up well at the end. Nice clear! @Some Jerk Really impressive clear by the dancers again! Legendary Ninian is a really powerful addition to the dancer arsenal, she's both offensively powerful and can do that clutch galeforce dance. I see Phina already got a Rearmed Ophelia to eat, that set looks incredibly fun! Def/Res Smoke 3 is a skill I wish I had access to as well. I promptly forgot about doing this clear for a while since I wanted to wait until I had done my summons for Flame Tana, and then it slipped my mind once she was done. It was kind of a struggle to say the least, and I am now the unintentional owner of a +9 Flame Lyn (about to be +10 once we get a free one later this month) and a +11 Summer Dimitri (Pulled 9 copies of this poophead while Tana was at +9, so he'll be in jail for a bit until I can stand his face again lol), but most importantly I got Tana done. So here is my first clear where all four Tanas are +10! It wasn't too hard as far as Abyssal one turns go, since the enemies weren't in any weird positions. Flame Tana got to take out the boss to test out the +10 powers.
  12. @GuiltyLove Nice clears! Being fliers is definitely a nice bonus on this map. @Diovani Bressan Nice one-turn! Should have just stopped after Young Marth did his thing though, he slotted so nicely into their formation. I know I'm late, but here's my one turn anyway. Not much to say here as BHBs rarely bring much of a challenge, but Abel's special at least packed a bit of punch (which made for easy Wings of Mercy).
  13. @GuiltyLove Lots of book 1 units in the Macedon team today! It's nice to see Michalis in action. The Grimas and Liliths did great too, Fallen Lilith destroying Hans is definitely a sight to behold. Nice clears! This map wasn't too hard for the Tanas, but it's definitely got a lot more one turn stumpers than usual for a GHB, such as flying enemies surrounded by terrain only accessible to fliers and that Staff cav providing Guard to multiple allies that it's hiding behind. Possibly the most challenging GHB to one turn this year that I can remember, although my Tanas had the tools to deal with it so they didn't really notice.
  14. @GuiltyLove This looks very annoying to play against, but at least Embla can't shut down the whitewings' brave hits! Hapi was a good help for the Lilith gang. Nice clears! @Some Jerk Wow, it's amazing what these dancers are able to tank! Got worried seeing the numbers that bat was getting on Ninian, but everyone pulled through again and again. Godlike Reflexes Olivia and Lethality Mirabilis are so cool! Great work! @Diovani Bressan Nice one turn! Female Marth coming in clutch as always, opening up the option of that nice Reposition play in the middle. Clever! @Landmaster The Elise team is looking amazing with the IVs! Really impressive they could double some of these crazy fast units. Great work! @SatsumaFSoysoy Remixed L!Eliwood is so stupid, but definitely a great way to deal with this map since it's not something Embla can shut down. Good showcase of some incredibly strong units, nice clear! Definitely a kind of tricky map to one turn given the immense Spd and bulk on some of these units. I hate that useless blue mage a lot, so weak they can't put anyone in WoM range and so squishy they easily die in one hit and don't get a counterattack off at all... With some tweaking and help from the Fury dagger it worked out in the end, but I had to remove Summoner Support to get less HP. Pulse Smoke came in handy again though, these cheating pre charged specials can be annoying. Also, when there's no enemy within starting range the Tana team has to push the dance button to have enough actions for a one turn, but I usually try to make sure I don't hit it too early if the stats gained from Resonance: Blades will matter. Here they definitely do matter though, but I think it's fair since Flame Tana had to drop her Prf lol
  15. It's not actually, I've had this username online since long before Awakening released xD I believe I was trying to find a username somewhere where almost everything I could think of was already taken, and then my dad just suggested the latin name of a random fish he saw in a book he had just bought... and it sounded kinda cool so I went with it haha. I certainly noticed that they used the same word when I played Awakening some years later though! I believe it means something like "ferocious" in Latin (which I did not know when I made my username, I don't consider myself very ferocious lol. It fits the people of Regna Ferox quite well though!). And Halloween Grima in HoF would be great, fingers crossed!
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