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  1. @daisy jane @XRay Alright, thanks. I guess if it matters that little I just might keep the +Atk one I have because of sentimental value (I pulled her on her debut banner, and she showed up on the same circle as Mage Eirika so they are next to eachother in the barracks if I sort by obtained). Hopefully she doesn't get an Ivaldi refine in the future that really wants +Spd, haha. I have one more question. I'm considering making Mordecai +10 as well, as I have been blessed with quite a lot of copies of him. I would want to use him as a Smite user for Aether Raids, but also have him hold his own as a physical tank. What are the most optimal sets to achieve this? I have extra Brave Ikes that I can use to give him Steady Breath, so he would do huge damage with Ignis. None of my Mordecai are +Def though, which is a superboon for him. Should I bring him to +9 and then wait for the +Def copy to show up in the future, or is +Atk actually better? I guess it's essentially a choice between reaching 50 Def or reaching 60 Atk while transformed.
  2. I'm thinking of making my L'Arachel +10. I was going to do it eventually, but her being a bonus unit in Tempest Trials pushed her up in the queue. But before I spend a lot of feathers I wanted to ask what her best boon would be, and what the best set to run is. The one I have is +Atk, but I can switch to +Spd easily. Also, is Ivaldi even worth running, or is it completely outclassed by Blárblade+?
  3. No problem, would have been unfortunate to find that out after you spent the orbs. As a general rule, if a weapon has 16Mt (14 for ranged) and does not have a + behind its name, it's not inheritable.
  4. Sol Lance is not inheritable, so I'm afraid that combination won't be possible.
  5. Very nice looking banner. It gets a non-seasonal Witchy Wand into the pool, and Python looks like a great demote and finally brings Blue Tomebreaker to the summoning pool. Valbar at 3-4-star also means a really high BST mergable unit for scoring purposes. A little confused about Catria being here, but seeing how few female units were left to add from Echoes makes it more understandable. She is also the unit I want the most (I really like the Whitewings), so my tickets will be going to red stones, but I won't spend a lot of orbs here as I need to save. She's drawn by lack, who's previously drawn units like Beruka, Fallen Tiki and Hot Spring Camilla in Heroes. This Silque art is some of their best looking art yet I think.
  6. With more ingredients I decided to use the dining hall for a bit. Today's cook was Tana, and she started off by making a 5-star Tender Kebab. Then she made a complete mess out off the rare meat and made a Revolting Jumbo Steak... Followed by a Heavenly Balanced Breakfast which was so good everyone started dancing with disco lights and everything. Seems Tana's cooking skills are a bit fluctuating today. It's a shame the best ingredients got wasted, but I guess that happens sometimes. In all I got enough stars today to get all the feather rewards. That was much easier than expected, 19 days until the next cycle... The reward isn't much, but the animations are pretty great and it's fun to fill in the recipe list, so overall I really like the dining hall.
  7. @Zeo Wow, another one. Next free pull will probably be Soleil, then you'll have pulled an entire banner! @daisy jane Congrats on that nice Halloween Sakura! @Xenomata Congrats on fulfilling a long time goal! @Mercakete That's a great free pull, congrats! I tried a colorless orb myself to see if I could get Halloween Sakura, but I got 4-star Jeorge. Oh well.
  8. This season went pretty bad. I had been looking forward to using Nagi to tank on offense, but I think I had only three matches without any Thrasir, so I barely had the opportunity. It's probably just weird luck, but it feels like Brave Alm and Ophelia were almost absent this week. I also lost a lot on defense, a lot of them to the new Hector. I thought most of the units on my flier ball team running Wings of Mercy would make it at least a little tricky for some, and it did catch one person off guard, but most people just had an easy time picking off the rest of my team after nuking them twice. I might have to come up with a new setup if this keeps happening, but that takes so much effort I'll probably be putting it off for weeks. Luckily the season ended on a match that was completely tankable by Nagi, having only blue mages and ranged colorless attackers, so she got to see a little action at least.
  9. Finished Chamber 20 today. Celica got her refined weapon, Death Blow 4 and Brazen Atk/Spd Sacred Seal, making her a massive destructive force capable of beating enemies many levels above her. In combination with Mae having Reposition and her own refined weapon, not much could stand up to Celica at +6 atk and spd. I agree that it would be nice to have more Stamina for this mode, at least once you get all the rewards. Perhaps just completely remove the need for Stamina once you reach Chamber 20, so you can play what you want for fun.
  10. I think it'd be nice if they could give Rapier to some of the sword lords that are associated with it, like Eirika, Marth and Roy. None of them can match Phina's attack, and Phina is still a dancer, so it's not like she would lose her niche and not be worth pulling for anymore. It'd be a nice reference to the main series, and would give these units some new possible roles to fill, especially for those who's personal weapon refines are starting to show some age. They haven't done those 150 dew new weapon refines in some time though, so I wonder if they've stopped. At least they should give Eirika the Storm Sieglinde. It might not be that good on her, but it bothers me that Ephraim has the Flame Siegmund while Eirika doesn't have the weapon of her legendary version.
  11. @Zeo Whoa, the game seems to be apologizing for something! Siegbert might not be the most spectacular 5-star you can get anymore, but for only 4 orbs I'd also gladly take it. At least he came like this and not when you were at 6.25% on the dancer banner. @daisy jane Great, so happy you got her! Your Mia is the opposite of mine (mine is +HP -Res). No matter the stats she's incredibly useful though, I don't know what I would do without her in Røkkr Sieges. @mcsilas Congratulations on getting Niles! He's still a very unique unit a year after his release, with that high speed he could probably use Special Fighter pretty well. Speaking of Special Fighter... I went for a colorless stone on my free summon hoping for some better stats for Mia, but then... A +Atk -Res Fallen Tiki! I'll gladly take that! The one I have is already +Atk at +1 merge. I could merge her to +2 which would give her a point of speed, but I think using her for Special Fighter might be more useful. Who to give it to though, Amelia already has it... Perhaps Halloween Myrrh? Or Winter Cecilia? I'll have to think about it. Definitely very happy to have pulled her though.
  12. @Zeo Wow, that's really nice for 4 orbs! Good to see the game throwing you a bone after having been really stingy lately. Hector is a really good pull no matter what, but +Atk -Spd makes it even better. I had two green orbs in my first circle so I opened them both, they were both 3-stars. But one of them was Barst so it's not useless at least!
  13. The mode is pretty fun so far! Mae got her personal weapon with the built in Link skill and Reposition, so she's been very helpful. Boey also got his personal weapon with Close Counter, which has made him very easy to use. Alm has been falling behind for a while, but he just got Dracofalchion and Scendscale so hopefully he'll be more useful now.
  14. Wow, you just went and got him right away! Congrats, hope he's lots of fun. Now let's hope Mia doesn't give you any trouble either. Thanks! Yeah, it all went much smoother than expected. Now I'll have lots of options for bonus units in the upcoming Tempest Trial.
  15. Thanks! I wish you luck in getting Mia once her banner comes around! I'm also tempted to try getting Kronya's New Best Friend(s), and the more I look at Ilyana the more I want her too... But I think I'll wait for a while and save up orbs before I dip into this banner again, as it's going to be around for a long time (and I got the most important goals done already!).
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