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  1. I like the character choices and the look of this banner. Sothis is the one I want the most, but I think I'll be able to skip this and hope I get her when she comes back. Marth and Elice would be nice as well as my Halloween Jakob is -Atk. The temptation to summon on green and colorless is great as I want Echidna and Ross from green and Tethys, Norne, Chad and Tanya from colorless... But I'll stick to only opening all green and colorless on the first circle and then continue saving. I like that young Zephiel is here, but I wish they didn't make him a sword unit again... and didn't give him such an unimpressive skillset as well. Why do they always feel the need to make an obvious "demote" unit on the seasonal banners when they'll be just as rare as the other units on the banner? I don't really like Daring Fighter, as that means armors have access to mini Null Follow-Up and another skill can just ignore Breaker skills. It's probably not as good as Null Follow-Up itself as it doesn't prevent guaranteed doubles from opponents, but it's just a bit annoying having to deal with even more units nullifying the skills which have literally no other purpose besides countering them, especially not on another Bow unit. Exited to get Jaffar for free, though based on his regular version I doubt he'll have the Atk stat to replace +Atk Halloween Kagero as my main green dagger armor. But hopefully there will be some other job he can do, I like his art.
  2. They spent most of the Feh channel talking about this mode, yet it's super confusing. The Strike phase is especially poorly explained. The game prompted me to "attack now!" on the Home screen, but it also tells me I'll get more score if I wait until an hour where we are "weaker" (like the Voting Gauntlet)? So should I wait then, and spend all three Counter Arrows when we are weaker? Or will that even happen? Askr's score is several times larger than Narcian's right now. I'm getting less sure about this mode by the minute, right now it kind of feels like they took the bad parts of other modes and made them into one new mode (rewarding play at specific times, the bad scoring system, competing for rewards etc.).
  3. It seems the units you have in the back of your Pair Up can affect your score in terms of the bonus stats they grant to the unit in front. I just changed around who was paired with who and my score dropped from 742 to 740. It went back to 742 once I returned the pairs to how they were before. EDIT: Never mind, I just understood that the unit that scores the highest of the pair is the one that counts. Do the usual bonus stats granted from Pair Up still apply in this mode though? Or is it only the bonuses from the slot they're in and the bonus structure stats?
  4. This was a very enjoyable Forging Bonds. I haven't played Thracia 776, but I feel like I know these characters a bit now. Mareeta fighting herself felt like it gave her some kind of closure on events that happened in her game, and the concept of having characters meet alternate versions of themselves is interesting and uses the unique setting of Heroes well. Osian's interactions with the other axe wielders were also very entertaining.
  5. Thanks! She hasn't really seen much use outside of Arena Assault lately, though I have used her some for my Tenth Stratum Infantry team. She's in a spot where she doesn't work in Arena or Allegiance Battles, and in AR I don't usually have room for a Sword Infantry (unless they're a bonus unit or have some more useful niche like Byleth), so there's really only Arena Assault and various quests left. I like her though, so I'm happy to use her when I have the chance.
  6. Only tried once earlier today, got 740 which seems to rank decently for now. Legendary Leif and Galeforce Palla in the front line removed most enemies before they could do anything. I didn't realize that the paired up units didn't count for scoring though, I'll try changing some things and see if I can get a better score. I haven't built anything exept the bonus structure yet, is there any concencus on which structures are good to invest in?
  7. I got Mercie too!! what are the odds. (though I'd love it if mercie would come with a i dunno +atk, +spd IV, thanks? she keeps coming +def/+res/+hp). I. Need. You. To. Be. Able. To. Kill. Stuff. Thanks! The Mercedes I got was +Spd actually... And the one I had before was +Atk, so now I have to decide between them. Hope you get one with nice IVs soon! I have gotten one Brady, but he didn't have good IVs. He does sound like a good merge project though, hopefully you get him sometime! I picked the only red stone for my free summon today, and got Mia! Just after she got her new refine she gets another merge as well, she's looking pretty nice now.
  8. Don't worry, I wanted to use her for Fury 4 on Celica myself! Your Roy looks fantastic with it though, he should have very little trouble entering Desperation range now! Yeah, Shiro needs it pretty bad. I have one myself, but the only use he ever sees is sometimes when he's a good fit for Arena Assault. Shouldn't be too long until he gets a refine though, considering they gave one to Kanna. I might make Mercedes +10 eventually, yes. She's up to +3 now, I've just been merging her as I get her. I wanted to invest a bit in a Three Houses unit, and I haven't made any +10 Staff units yet either, so she seemed like a good fit.
  9. @lightcosmo Both of the fastest units in the game, that's awesome! Congrats! @Zeo Hope you get CC fodder eventually this week. Fingers crossed! @mampfoid Wow, you had some amazing luck with the tickets and orbs! I'm pretty jealous of that Female Byleth. Your Shiro is looking really strong as well. I got nothing from the tickets and some of the story orbs, just 3,50% pity rate. But on the revival banner today I had four colorless stones, so I decided to open all of them. The first one was another Mercedes, and the second was Takumi! I've been needing Close Counter fodder, so getting that easily is amazing. Another merge for Mercedes is just the cherry on top! I regret opening the two last colorless stones though, they were just Gordin and 3-star Kagero, so that's 8 orbs wasted, but I can't complain when Takumi was in the same circle.
  10. Yeah, I checked and the skill sets feature was added in version 2.8.0, over a year ago at this point. Until now you had to access it via the Change Equipment menu or the one of the green buttons before entering a battle, so if you usually just autopiloted through those menus I can see how it would be possible to miss. It's definitely more noticable now that it's on the stat screen.
  11. Tana keeps her mouth closed and also seems to be aiming slightly low, pretty good. Her Summer version doesn't fare as well, having her mouth open, but she doesn't open it all that wide and seems to be leaning slightly away while getting some cover from her tome, so she should avoid the worst of it. She's also got a huge bathtowel that could absorb some blood.
  12. Hasn't this been in the game for a long time though? The only new part is that you can now access it from a unit's statscreen. Gah, I misclicked and made my dancer wait instead of dance on the final map of Squad Assault, so I had to do the whole thing again. And it had to be the one with all the "defend for x turns" maps as well...
  13. @Zeo Really cool clears! Makes me want Legendary Eliwood, he looks like an amazing support, especially in combination with Legendary Azura. Why couldn't he have been in the Black Friday pack instead of his son? Oh well. Hopefully you can find a way to make Morgan once Yune returns!
  14. The new art for the Book 4 characters is really pretty, I'm happy to see Yoshiku doing more art for this game. It's also fun to see them do a Fire Emblem take on another aspect of Norse mythology, this time the Ljósálfr ("Lysalver" in Norwegian, "Light Elves" in English). I wonder if we'll see a prominent character named Frey or Freyr in reference to the god of fertility who was the leader of the elves in Norse mythology. I'm also hoping to see some more characterization for Sharena this time around, after Alfonse got quite a lot in Book 3. I thought of something when I saw Alfonse at the end of the trailer; In Norway, "Alf" is a decently common male given name that I'm fairly certain is derived from "alfr", the norse word for elf used here. It is also coincidentially similar to the shortened version of the name Alfonse. I don't think Alfonse as a name is actually related to this Alf though (Alfonse being a German name meaning "brave", I believe), but it's a funny coincidence that if they wanted to they could thematically connect Alfonse's name to the elves, though I doubt they'll do it.
  15. It's surprising that it took them this long to do something about Arena. When they implemented the bonus kill system I got the impression that almost nobody wanted it or liked it, so I would think the feedback must have been pretty harsh. That change was implemented without warning and made the Arena essentially a completely different mode to what it had been up until that point, so as expected it would be controversial, yet they haven't touched the mode at all until now for some reason.
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